Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic --- Music Review

The team that gave us the Brilliant music with Taaren Zameen Par is back with its latest offering in the form of TPTM (tHODA pYAR tHODA mAGIC ) . Well , after Tashan which is a disaster this one comes as a total different album from Yashraj Music . Though it is different from Tashan but still I think it lacks some luster and has not much to offer . Shankar-ehsan-loy and Prasoon Joshi together made a very classic album in form of Taare Zammen Par , so expectations automatically rise but they have not delivered as per the expectations . The album has Five originals and Two Remixes .

The first song on the soundtrack is Pyaar Ke Liye by Shankar Mahdevan which is probably the most balanced track on the album , considering it has a nice mix of both lyrics and music . The music , in general , is very western influenced throughout the album and same is the case with this song . The melody is very western and might sound like you've heard it before yet it will be liked by you . The music is very much influenced by the locations and situations of a movie and may be it has some situations that are usually seen in western light hearted flicks . The song is very well sung by Shankar and has some good chorus in it . It is a soft track and might go very well when it has good situation attached to it .

The second song on the track is Nihal Ho gayi which is again sung by Shankar and is a much more faster song than the first one and has some bhangra beats in it . The song has good lyrical content but lacks the newness in melody . This song sounds typical Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy track and has no new melody in it thats why it doesn't score in my books . It is an usual track for me even though it has good lyrics . Here SEL have failed to an extent .

The third track is by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar Mahadevan which is a kiddy track and meant only for kids. Recently , SEL and Prasoon made a kids track in Taare Zameen Par i.e. Bam Bam Bhole which was a great success . This is nowhere close to it and is completely different in nature . This sounds more like an english rhyme that we used to sing when we were kids . Sunidhi has sung it in her very own style and the song is OK but might not get as poular as Bam Bam Bhole did because it might not connect with adult listeners like Bam Bam Bhole did , even though it was a kiddie song .

Then comes Lazy Lamhe which is sung by Anusha Mani which is very fresh to hear since it has been sung very well by Anusha but again the music , though good , sounds very much inspired . The song has some strange lyrics and is kinda fusion track but the style with which Anusha has sung has stood out . It is a more sensual track and might feature the leading actors of the movie . Overall , the track is good but nothing that special , though it might get popular .

Beetay Kal Se is the last original track on the Album and is again meant for kids and has Teaching mode type of Lyrics with Vocals by Rani Mukerjee in between . Shreya has done her usual stuff . Again , nothing in it to become popular but might look good in the movie and may be teach a thing or two to the kids audience . Its nice to see that Directors are thinking of Indian Kids and making films for them .

Then it has two remixes , both by DJ Aqeel , of Nihaal Ho Gayi and Lazy Lamhe . The remix has been done quite well and infact the remix of Lazy Lamhe sounds better than the original and may be it would work in the public even more than the original . Good track for Discs and Pubs . DJ Aqeel though has used his tune from the "Waada Karo" remix which came last year which was quite good .

In all , the soundtrack is great as compared to yashraj's last offering Tashan . But in general it is not as good as it should be and might not be a superhit . The tracks are average and can be heard once and might even look good in the movie but nothing in it to become excessively popular . The two Tracks I liked on the album are "Pyaar Ke Liye " and The DJ Aqeel remix of Lazy Lamhe .

Music Rating :
Two and half stars out of Five . Pretty normal stuff .

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

War of the Words

First things first , I am too small a person to comment on the greats like Amitabh Bachchan , Aamir Khan and SRK , but still as a writer and a blogger I write what I feel in my heart so please excuse me if you do not agree with my opinions .

I don't know what is with both Amitabh Sir and Aamir who are nowadays more in the news for statements that they make on SRK rather than their work . Considering both have no media attention these days they have found the next gen media i.e. the Internet quite useful to convey unnecessary stuff to the people . While Amitabh Sir is Showing Graphs of his popularity compared with that of SRK on his blog , Aamir is busy telling the story of a dog whose name only has got his blog over 5000 comments so far and don't how many millions of hits .

Now what is the necessity of doing this by the league of greats ? If Aamir does it , then also its OK but if a great personality like Amitabh Bachchan is also doing it then it is just shameful . It seems to me that Amitabh Bachchan can't digest the fact that SRK's popularity is increasing day by day and his days are passing by . These acts of Amitabh sir is only going to leave a black spot on his glorious career of past few decades . Now , even I think that he should retire with Dignity , which doesn't mean he should stop working .

Interpersonal Relationships with your colleagues is a major part of any Professional person's success and that applies even to an Actor . Everybody knows that after the Big marriage of Abhishek and Aishwarya , the bachchan family has suffered a huge blow in that department . Ash as everybody knows is not that popular with her colleagues and now even Amitabh sir is not . Both Big B and Ash have had their share of success so now it doesn't matter to them if they have good or bad relations with others . But the biggest sufferer in this case is Abhishek who has not much of career and if he would not keep a healthy rapport with his colleagues I am afraid his career won't be even as good as his spouse . I couldn't spot any member of the Bachchan family at any of the award functions which are more of a big way to socialize among the friends in Bollywood . Seriously , Award ceremonies in Bollywood are just like a big party thrown by the organisers and every major person gets a small trophy as a return gift . If he/she is not nominated then he/she receives a special award so that they don't go back home unhappy . And if Amitabh Bachchan is going to talk rubbish of SRK who is quite powerful in Industry won't help any bit for Abhishek's carrier .

Coming to Aamir Khan , who was always considered media shy has suddenly turned into this candid person who shares irrelevant things on his Blog . Aamir has built up his own image of not working too much but just doing the quality work and keeping a low profile and a Dignified Silence . But from past few months he has all of a sudden decided to work more and even talk more . SRK as we all know works really hard and has made his presence felt in every sphere of life and his popularity charts are growing everyday beacuse he is considered as an Icon by the youth of today which believes in working hard and dreaming the impossible . This is what probably not going down well with Aamir probably who always thought that youth idealizes him . Earlier it was considered that Aamir speaks with his work but now its the words that come out of his mouth saying a lot about him . As they say , Chose your words Wisely before speaking and may be Aamir who has always kept a silence doesn't know how to do it . First he got into the whole no. one thing and now into his caretaker's dog name .

One can't change his/her image overnight and if Aamir and Amitabh have made an image of themselves in the public then they should try to maintain it rather than outdoing themselves and doing something that they have never done in their life . If today SRK would have made such a statement like that of Aamir (which I don't think he wold have made beacuse he is quite responsible when it comes to his sense of humour ) then SRK would have also got the same response from public because humour has a limit when it is made in public . SRK is cheasy but he doesn't offend the feelings of general people whereas Aamir has pressed the nerves of all SRK fans which I think are way more in number . He has probably lost a control on his brain along with his hair .

Anyways I just think that responsible people like Amitabh Sir and Aamir are wise enough to understand the value and effects of their words and learn to use them more carefully in future . One line from Spiderman for all of you ---- "With great power comes great responsibility " .