Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fashion --- Movie Review

First things first , I am not too much into Fashion nor have I ever attended a fashion show . Still as an outsider I have a perception about Fashion Industry and that perception has been developed only through what I have seen and read in movies and on television . So this review is a comparison of my personal perception of the fashion world and what Madhur has shown in his film .

There is no doubt that Madhur is amongst the best film makers in our country and he has always made some meaningful cinema , mixing facts with fiction . Now what I don't like is the fact that he sometimes fictionalizes more rather than showing the actual truth which in a way makes a very wrong impression of a certain profession on the minds of general people . He has been given a Tag of a person who makes Realistic cinema by the "media" which itself mixes fact with fiction everyday and serves it to the general people . The question is just how much is enough ? Here Madhur is somewhat different from media in general which is just overdoing the sensationalising of news . Madhur brings out a blend which is fictitious enough so that general audience pays a little heed to the point he is making . His cinema can be best called as a "Realistic cum Commercial" cinema .

He has picked some four or five incidences out of the fashion industry and made a film out of it by adding some amount of fiction to it . The problem is that the 4-5 incidences based on which he has made the film are just a one off incidences and are not a regulation in the fashion world and this is what I believe which may be wrong . The biggest thing to note here is that first of all Fashion industry in India is not big enough and nobody cares who the model is in India unless it is a bollywood celeb . The trend though is catching on fast and may be in future we might see a full fledged Industry with a higher presence . The Fashion that is there presently is just limited to Delhi and Mumbai and rest of the people don't care that much about the brands . Still , this film can serve as a great Eye Opener for all the girls that aspire to become a Model and would think twice before taking any wrong decision that could ruin their life .

The fashion industry has always been Women's forte and even this film is very Women centric . Most of the strong characters are female and men are there just playing the supporting characters . But the message that the film sends out applies to all the people , that it is not easy to earn some name and fame in any Industry . You need a lot of Mental Strength rather than the physical to reach the top is what this film shows .

It has been seen in History and also said by many people that when one person rises there is one more that falls along with his/her rise . This is the concept that Madhur has used in his film and it is Priyanka that rises and Kangana that falls . The whole process of falling down is faced by Priyanka also later and she has the mettle to balance herself and regain her position whereas Kangana never makes it again . During the entire story the various steps of any modelling career have been shown by Madhur in an accurate manner but it is the first half of the film that stands out . The first half is very tight and the story moves at a fine pace in the first the half . It is in fact so strong that viewer in a way feels that he has almost seen a film in the first half itself . This point is a positive and a negative in itself . The audience expects an another similar second half but here Madhur fails to an extent and gives a little slow and loose second half . He should have instead cut down the length of the film and made an almost perfect product .

There is a part of the film that also talks about Homosexuality in a serious tone but it also makes fun of it largely which is not so responsible on Madhur's part . But he has shown the truth , in a good or bad way , doesn't matter . All the things that are behind the glamour is what Madhur has focussed on but he has done so with a microscope and picked out something that may not be true in all situations . The stakes are not that high in present situation in Fashion industry contrary to what Madhur has shown in his film . Fashion Industry has always been restricted to a few set of people in India and it still doesn't get enough Media coverage . Though the coverage has increased over past few years it is still restricted to Half Hour specials on News Channels which focus more on Bollywood celebs and that too only in fashion weeks .

Talking of performances , Priyanka gives a fine performance as a model and she represents herself as an upcoming model quite efficiently on screen . Priyanka will feel nice considering few of her recent films were quite a dull affair . She did look like a model rather than a film star and also pulled it off quite naturally . The thing that struck me most was the way Kangna did her role , the crazy part would have been easy for her since she has done such roles earlier also but the modelling part was what surprised me . She worked quite a lot on her modelling skills and she did look like a model . Her character though was a stereotype character and didn't move me that much because everything was very much predictable of her character . In fact the whole film is pretty much predictable and Madhur hasn't shown some secret thing that might blow your mind . Any aware person would know all the things that are shown in the film and it would appeal only to a lay man more . Mugdha Godse had the third most prominent female character and she also acted very well considering it was her first time . The other characters were also played by some fine actors like Kitu Gidwani , Arbaaz and Sameer Soni who do a great job anyways . Harsh Chhaya is one of my favourite actors and he does a very small but a fabulous role as a designer .

The cinematography is good but nothing extraordinary and the art direction is also good . They have shown some of the finest ramps on screen . The extra models were also prominent ones and they also make the whole modeling scenario look quite professional . The direction and script of Madhur were good but not that good . The screenplay is quite loose of the second half and it spoils the show to an extent . Its good that the Producers UTV invested a good sum of money for this film else it would have turned out pretty bad on smaller scale . Madhur does manage to show a more fictional rather than real fashion world but he doesn't over do it which makes it watchable even for a niche audience . Some of things in the film did resemble from some of the sequences in films and TV series of west that surrounded the Fashion industry .

Overall , the film is a good enough to be watched once and a change from the usual films that we see .The second half is little slow yet watchable . Nothing in it makes it a national award wining film but it still might get a critics award in some of the other awards . I don't know what industry is left for Madhur to explore since he has done all of them except underworld which his Guru , RGV, has done so many times and probably in a much much better way . He still can make a film on Politics which is also a Industry in itself more than national service . But I've heard that Prakash Jha is making a film called "Rajniti" so probably Madhur would have to look for some other industry in the economic times . Madhur if you are reading this , I like your Direction very much and I would love to see a Murder Mystery coming out from you ..I think you might pull off a classic in that genre.

Movie Rating :
Three and Half out of Five ; for the fantastic first half and great acting performances .

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ghajini --- Teaser Trailer Review

The first teaser trailer of Aamir starrer much hyped Ghajini is out now on the Internet . The film has always been in news because of various reasons and has created some amount of Hype around it already . But , this trailer might slow down the hype to an extent. The trailer for me first of all was very "Thunda" and nothing except the music of it left me wanting for more .The first trailer of a supposedly Psychological Action Thriller shows the lead actor Dancing in some exotic locations of probably Namibia . The lead actor flaunting his six packs and the lead girl Shriya smiling her way into his heart in a fantasy land . If we leave the dancing part then there is very much less left in the trailer and that part also is very weak . We only get to see Aamir Khan throwing a punch at a person which is a typical South Indian film Punch that usually Rajnikanth throws in his flicks .

For all the guys that don't know this film is a remake of a south-Indian flick of the same name which in turn was majorly inspired by the Hollywood Psycho-Thriller "Memento" directed by Brilliant Director Christopher Nolan . You all might have seen The Dark Knight which is also directed by Nolan so you know his Brilliance . "Memento" is a very unusual film and if made in an exact manner as it is , would never work among Indian audience . It has a very non-linear Narrative style and something quite complicated for our audience that loves David Dhawan type of cinema . The story of memento is as such that there can't be any song sequence anywhere . It is an intense film with no light moments . I don't know how would the Director Murugadoss manage to break into a random song sequence in such an intense story .

I've not seen the Tamil version so can't comment on the film but I just hope that it does not turn out to be a south Indian commercial film with defiance of all logic . From the looks of the trailer it looks like the film would be more commercial in nature and would work amongst commercial cinema loving audience . The only thing that I loved about the trailer was the fantastic music by ARR and the humming by Sonu Nigam . I always expect something like Lagaan or TZP from Aamir , off beat yet entertaining . I hated Fanaa though it was a huge commercial success . Its just that I don't like to see Aamir in commercial cinema . One thing that goes against Ghajini is the fact that none of the Directors form South apart from Mani Ratnam have succeeded in Hindi film Industry . Ghajini won't have much of future in South also since they have already seen the film with their favourite actor .

In all , the trailer didn't work for me as I was expecting it to be something unusual . This turned out to be like thousands of trailers in the past and probably even worse . This trailer I am sure would be loved by Die-Hard Aamir fans since he is in a completely new look and also doing some good moves in the trailer . A very so so first trailer of a very much anticipated film of the year . I have huge expectations from this film considering the bad year this has been for films and I just hope Ghajini doesn't turn out to be a Rajni .

Check out the Trailer and Please leave your comments:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yuvvraaj --- Music Review

One of the most awaited release of the year , Yuvvraaj , is all set to release and the music is out now . The album for me is of more interest since it is probably for the first time that we might get to listen to pure western classical compositions with an ARR (A. R. Rehman) touch and without any Indian elements . ARR's last album Jaane Tu.. was an instant hit among the youth and had nothing classical in it . This album's value increases more since ARR is teaming up with Gulzar again and the duo have done nothing less than wonders in the past . The album has a total of Nine songs with 8 originals and 1 remix which is a rarity these days . We often get more remixes than the originals . Sometimes we also get 3-4 version of the same track on the same album .This album at least breaks that trend and the originals outnumber the remixes by a huge difference .

The first track on the album is an Introduction track for the lead character "Yuvvraaj" in the film . It just has Salman Khan giving an intro along with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony . Salman's dialogue delivery isn't that good and his monotonous voice mismatches completely with the Beethoven Symphony . The symphony is full of dramatics and Salman's dialogues sound like he is talking to someone on a telephone , quite casual . He has not at all modulated his voice because he can't . The music no where matches his voice . This one is a track that would be combined along with the next track on the album which makes it sound even more out of the place . The singer on the next track doesn't sound like Salman at all . This thing that I am talking about would be more clear to you when you would listen to the two tracks one after the other .

The second track on the album "Tu Meri Dost hai" is a fabulous track and is already on air . Just listen to starting violin piece in the song and it shows us the brilliance of ARR. I could just listen to the starting piece for the whole day . It has been very well sung by all the singers and especially Benny Dayal who does a fine job . He sings very well but I think his voice won't suit Salman that much . This one is a musical love story and we have seen in the west how actors themselves first learn singing and sing their songs themselves in a musical . This makes it much more entertaining and they act even through their singing . Indian musicals make very less sense as we know throughout the film that he is a singer in the film but it is actually someone else who is singing which makes it a little less believable . In any case this track is a nice one which starts off in a magnificent way .What I didn't like was that it doesn't manage to maintain the quality with which it starts . It raises the bar in the starting and then lowers it a little by the end . Shreya and Rehman also do a great job as singers .

Next one is a Disco Track and after giving a super duper hit "Pappu Can't Dance" ARR doesn't manage to repeat the magic . This one neither has those catchy lyrics nor it has the groovy tune . I don't blame Gulzaar Sir for the lyrics since it is a little out of his style . Still , he had done a fabulous job in "Fana" of Yuva . I got seriously disappointed with ARR after listening to this track . This track feels completely out of the place .

The fourth song on the album "Tu Muskura" brings back the classical mood and is also on the slower and romantic side . This track also has inputs from "Tu meri Dost hain" in between . It would be picturized on Katrina since she is the only female lead in the film . It is a nice romantic song and has a nice tune . The tune is not as great as it was in "Tu meri dost" but still is good enough to hold the song . Alka Yagnik does a good job in singing and has been very well supported by Jaaved Ali . This one interestingly has Indian classical singing inputs in between by Jaaved which sound good .

The fifth track on the album is "Mastam Mastam" which sounds more like an African composition in the starting and reminded me of the songs from Walt Disney's - Lion King . A very new sounding song that would be interesting to watch in the film . It has a good tune backing all the wild music . The song has been very well sung by Sonu as usual and he is just fabulous in whatever he sings . The track abruptly changes its tune in the middle part which in a way surprised me but not in a positive way . The lyrics have nothing much to offer . Just listen to the singing style of the various singers and how much they enjoy the song while singing . It is more of a Singer's song and Sonu , Alka , Benny and Naresh all do a great job . Without their singing the song wouldn't have came out this good . It is a nice experimental track that I am sure would be visually much more exciting than audio wise . If you have seen Disney's "Enchanted" then I am sure you remember the musical song where everybody starts singing along with the lead couple and slowly slowly a large crowd starts singing and dancing with them . I am sure they would also try to attempt something like that in this song . In all , a song that would look great in the film if shot in the right way .

The next track on the album is "zindagi" which is a slow sad song and we have seen Hariharan sing such songs in ARR's previous albums . This one though has been sung by Srinivas and he also does a good job . The whole lyrics and tune are good but nothing extraordinary and not as good as "Tu Hi Re" of Bombay .A good track but such a track is not expected from ARR since he has given much better in the past .

The Seventh track on the album "Dil Ka Rishta" is something that Subhash Ghai has tried to repeat from Taal . This one might be climax song and would feature near to the end of the film . If you remember in Taal also the second symphonic version of "Ishq Bina" was used towards the end of the film during which the story kept moving . In a similar fashion even this song would have the story moving in the background along with all the emotions of a Love Story flowing in excess . This song is very long (7:39) and is also not that good to hold the audience for its entire length . On the contrary the second symphonic version on "Ishq Bina" in Taal was not only long but also had the potential to keep the audience entertained for its length . The singers do an average job and the music is also good in bits and pieces . Some of the pieces of music are so good that they could very well be used in background for the movie .
Overall , the song is a bit long and not entertaining enough .

The last original track on the album, "Manmohini" , is a modern version of Indian Classical Songs . The song has been very well sung by Vijay Prakash who has that Classical voice and the song completely suits him . This song is not as good as "Albela Sajan" of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but isn't that bad also . A very short length track that has just some Classical renditions in it . A track that is a little different from the entire album .

Then in the end comes a remix of "Shano" which has been remixed well by Krishna Chetan but the English lyrics in it have nothing new in it and are the same old ones . This one is much smaller than the original which is nice thing since I found the original one much longer and repetitive .

Overall ,as a die hard Rehman fan this one disappointed a lot and is below the expectations . Only one track "Tu meri Dost hai" impresses and all other tracks are an average affair and are expected as it is an ARR album . Much below by the ARR standards and I expected a lot from this one since it had ARR and Gulzar both along with Subhash Ghai . It looks like history didn't repeat itself after Taal and this album stands no where as compared to that one . The whole western classical that I was expecting was also given in small doses that also adulterated with other kinds of music .The lyrics by Gulzar Sir were also not that good as compared to his other works . You can buy the album and listen it once but don't expect a "Taal" or something like that out of it .

Album Rating : Three out of Five Stars ; "Tu Meri.." and "Mastam" being good and rest being quite average stuff according to Rehman's standards.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Look --- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Here's the first look of SRK and Yashraj's most awaited film of the year , Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi . The poster has been released today in a new fashion where instead of Internet it has first hit all the major daily newspapers of India . A full page poster by Yashraj in all the leading daily's makes there intentions quite clear about the Publicity campaign that they are going to run for this film . The scale of Publicity is going to be huge and it looks like we might get to see a smaller version of last years OSO Publicity campaign once again .

The poster in itself makes a huge impression and conveys a lot about the film . The film as we all know is about a love story between a 40 year old man and 16 year old girl . This film also brings back the Blockbuster duo of Aditya and SRK together who would try to repeat the history . The poster shows SRK in a very simple avatar and behind him is hiding the lead girl in the film , Anushka . The simple shirt , pant and spectacles make SRK look completely like an average man on the street . On closely observing the poster I could also see a cheap pen in SRK's shirt pocket which illustrates the point even further . His moustache and hair style make him look even more common and the most important part being his body language . His expression and his little lose posture show the low confidence of his character in the film . He might play a shy and a very less confident average guy who falls in love with this very outgoing Punjabi girl . Behind both of them stands a scooter with "Punjab Power" written on it . The eyes of Anushka show her playful and little outgoing character .

The tag line of the film says that " There is an extraordinary love story , in every ordinary jodi " which is a nice tag line and again sums up the entire story . The poster on a whole is nice one and I would give it a Ten on Ten considering it would create a lot of interest among the audiences .For the first time probably any film is using Posters instead of trailers for its first Publicity . This might set a new trend and now on every big film would get its poster published in the newspapers . I am eagerly waiting for the trailer ...

Yuvraaj ---Trailer Review

One of the big releases of the year , the much awaited Subhash Ghai's Yuvraaj , is all set to release and the first promos have hit the cinema halls . The film as we know starrs Salman Khan and Katrina together after a long time . In "Partner" they were not opposite each other . Apart from them the film also has Subhash's favourite Anil Kapoor and Zaayed Khan . The music is by the maestro himself , A. R. Rehman and the Lyrics are by the wordsmith Gulzaar sahaab . The duo together have given musical masterpieces like Dil Se , Yuva and Guru , all being with Mani Ratnam . This time they team up with Subhash Ghai who has also given musical hit like Taal . Yuvraaj is also a film in the Taal category i.e. a Musical Love Story . Taal is one of ARR's best works and the movie is also one of the best from Subhash Ghai . Lets hope they are able to create the same magic once again after almost Ten Years .

The magic that I am expecting gives a glimpse of itself in the promos of the film . The first trailer starts off with some musical notations being shown in the light of some candles . After that starts a beautiful orchestration in the background and we see a glimpse of all the lead actors of the film one by one . First we see a little younger looking Salman and then the eternal beauty Katrina playing a Cello . After her we see Anil Kapoor with a bouquet of flowers giving his innocent smile even at this age . Then at last we see Zaayed Khan walking on the streets . Then starts a series of some very short scenes all showing the Musical environment in which all the leads are living . The huge concert halls and musical notes etc. all giving you a glimpse of the scale of the movie and its background . Then at the end a line comes which is probably the tag line of the film "Music Binds Love " . Then at the very end we see an even younger looking Salman peeping from behind a pillar into the camera .

The trailer in all gives out very few details about the story and just gives an intro of the leads . The music in the background also gives us a hint of whats in the store . The music is just fabulous as expected from ARR and this is probably the first time he will get to use the western orchestrations in a full fledged way since this film seems to be set in London which is home to the symphonies and orchestras . The music in Taal was more Indian and had a mix of Indian and Western . But in Yuvraaj we might get to see just western classical instead of Indian classical . I am more interested in the album than the film for the meantime .

The looks of the actors are also one thing to watch out in the trailer . Katrina looks like a hollywood heroine from the 50's and looks like an exotic beauty . She is the only female lead and hence the second thing that the movie will be focussing on apart from Music would be of course her . The lead actors of the film would probably fight it out for the God's Best creations , Music and Love . Then we also get to see the "Bhola" avatar of Anil Kapoor that he dawned in his first few films . Salman also looks quite younger and he might look good with Katrina in this one .

Overall , I am looking forward to both the Album and the film which will release soon .Subhash Ghai is also looking for a hit since a long time and I hope he gets that in this film and viewers get to see a complete film . The year in any case has been very bad with most of the films leaving disappointed. I also hope that my favourite Katrina acts this time which she can and not just dances to songs . Check out he trailer :

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kidnap --- Movie Review

The much awaited Imran Khan starrer Kidnap released on Thursday this week with high expectations and competition from Abhishek starrer big budget film Drona . So does Kidnap provides as expected or disappoints ? The film also has Imran in a slightly negative character , so does he act well in this new avatar ? It is also the third film from Dhoom fame Sanjay Gadhvi , so does he come up with another blockbuster ? These questions will get answered only to an extent as Kidnap is a film that is good only in Bits and pieces .

The film starts off with some Manga animation in the starting credits showing a small boy suffering the tortures of a Jail life . He suffers all the physical tortures which are both cruel and unfair . The film in this way starts with quite a unique way and the animated credits are backed by some nice background music . As soon as the credits with such serious depiction of a Juvenile criminal get over we see Minissha Lamba in a bikini and excessive skin show trying to show you the exact opposite of what life a kid in jail has . She shows her freedom and carefree nature with a wannabe Britney Spears number and shows off not only her skin but also her life . Just after the song she has an argument with her divorced mother , believe it or not Vidya Malvade , over she wanting to meet her father , Vikrant Raina who left them because of the Divorse .

Then after the argument Minissha (Soniya) leaves the home to take a swim in the sea to calm her temper but instead gets Kidnapped by Imran . Imran's introduction shot shows him quite casual making some tea and minissha getting conscious after her kidnapping . The Director probably aimed at an Intense but still casual Kidnapper but instead got only a casual looking Imran in the end . Imran had no intensity in his voice and though her eyes tried a lot to portray the intensity his voice and body language conveyed just the opposite .This is the first short coming of the film where a kidnapper as intelligent as Imran looks more casual than intense . Then after this the whole Kidnapping game starts off where Imran makes Sanjay Dutt who is a billionaire do things that he never did in his life . Imran makes Sanjay feel powerless who otherwise boasts his power and influence in front of everyone . Imran purposely leaves a trail of clues for Sanjay that would lead him to his daughter . The clues that Imran leaves for Sanjay are quite easy and do not require a excessively intelligent man to figure them out .

The whole game that Imran plays is a result of all the trials and tribulations he suffers in Jail because of Sanjay Dutt . He takes a revenge of that torture and makes him realise his mistake . He makes Sanjay realise that how easy life is for a Rich powerful person and how difficult it is for an orphan like him . The film's story is just this much where Imran makes Sanjay realise his mistakes and he does that to make his own life much easier . The film is more like a collection of scenes inspired from here and there put into one single bundle and a loose story being made out of those scenes . The characters have many flaws and some of them being unimportant . The biggest flaw that I could see pretty clear was the fact that after every action packed thrilling scene in the film there was small emotional scene that almost completely broke the momentum of the previous scene . The emotions that were required for the film should have been kept limited to very few scenes .

The problem with Sanjay Gadhvi is that instead of making a nice pacy thriller he makes a commercial film having everything from an Item Number to a Love Angle in the end between Imran and Minissha . Most of the songs were not at all required and the most unnecessary were Mausam ye Awsome and Shaadi Barbadi which are just stuffed in to make the movie long . The intensity was missing from the entire film . The action chase sequence between Imran and Sanjay also comes into the film from now where and also ends in the same way . If you have seen Casino Royale then you would find this scene just a mediocre affair . A lot of things in the film were just stuffed in to make it look much better . Minissha has been just used to show some skin and has no other purpose as such . Imran's character has been shown quite light and such a character would never ever dare to Kidnap a girl single handedly in real life . The intensity is what was lacking the most . The screenplay had many flaws and goes quite lose at many moments .

Talking of Acting , Imran doesn't deliver in the way he was supposed to and his character doesn't appear to be negative for most of the part .His character doesn't play at the Psychological level which in my view is supposed to . He looks fit and good for action but not apt for negative roles . His acting is very limited and doesn't impress much . Sanjay Dutt is good as usual and he does some justice to his character . Minissha as I said earlier is just there for some skin show and nothing much apart from that . Vidya Malvade acts as usual and has not much to do . She suits as a wife of Sanjay Dutt but does not suit at all as a mom to Minissha . Then there is also a small unnecessary role of Rahul Dev as a security specialist .

Talking of Direction , Sanjay Gadhvi makes a very average film that basically has a very short and weak story which has been lengthened . He has put in some unnecessary commercial elements in the film and did no research for his film . It looks good in some parts whereas very amateurish in others. The writer Shibani Bhatija does a below average job and writes a very predictable and simple story . Screenplay as I said earlier has many flaws in it and is very lose . The music of the film is an average commercial track that doesn't impress much . The cinematography is quite nice and even the Art Direction is good .

Overall , it is just an average film that somehow manages to entertain for its length but would leave you unsatisfied in the end . The story won't impress you much and neither will the acting . You can go out and watch the film if you have nothing else to do . Some bits and pieces are good and might keep you a little bit of Interested in the film . The biggest problem being the weak script which is the problem even with previous dhoom . The film could have been much better if the Director would have had a clear mind in terms of what he wanted , a commercial film or a good pacy thriller. He gets trapped somewhere in between and the film turns out to be an average affair .

Movie Rating : Two out of Five Stars ; the film entertains only in bits and is a weak product on a whole .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dostana --- Music Review

Its been a long time since last film of Dharma Production has released and music from them is always great , no matter how the movie is . Their last film , KANK , though didn't do well but still its music is one thing that shows one quality of Dharma Productions that they have a great taste and knowledge of music and even if the movie is below expectations sometimes , music is always at par . So they are back with Dostana which will hit the theatres soon . This time though its Karan's assistant Tarun Mansukhani in the director's chair . If we consider that Karan didn't interfere in the Direction then as a producer he at least would have definitely sat in Music seatings for the film . The music this time though has been given by Vishal Shekhar instead of SEL and Lyrics are by Anvita Dutt Guptan and Kumar . The film as we all know by now is based on story of three friends with hopefully some pleasant twist .

Lets talk of the music now . The album consists of Six Original tracks and no Remixes(Thank God!!) . The first song on the album "Jaane Kyun" though is not the title track but very well puts up the entire theme of the film . The song very well portrays the feeling of friendship and has a very nice tune attached to it . The song has been sung by Vishal Dadlani himself and has lyrics by Anvita . Anvita does a good job and has put up a nice blend of Hindi and English Lyrics . Vishal also does a nice job in singing and the duo have also composed it quite well . The tune basically is pretty much western and so is the entire feel of the song . No Indian tunes or pieces in it . Vishal has also sung it in a different fashion . Overall , the song is a nice blend of music and lyrics and backed by good singing . This song would get most popular from the entire album and hence is my Pick of the album .

The second track on the album is "Desi Girl" which is a trademark Vishal-Shekhar track which has Desi-Videsi Cocktail . I am personally not a fan of such tracks and we already got a taste of such tracks in Tashan and Bachna Ae Hasino soundtracks . Such tracks are not meant to be listened , you can just dance on them without listening them . Still , the tune is not one of those that can make anyone and everyone sway to it . The lyrics by Kumaar are an average affair and quite commercial .Shankar and Sunidhi do their usual in Singing dept. I don't know how this song will feature in Miami where the whole film is set-up . I hope they don't have a situation where every Firangi is doing a Bhangra with our leads .

Next comes a Punjabi Track (one of the Four Pillars of a Bollywood Soundtrack) , "Maa Da Ladla " . This Punjabi track has some modern Bass Beats of a Disco and no Dhol in it . A modern Punjabi track with average piece of Lyrics . The lyrics in-fact have nothing to offer and neither they are that catchy . But you never know , if "Bhootni Ke" of Singh is Kinngh can work so can "Ma Da Ladla" of Dostana . Saleem who sings the song has a nice Punjabi voice and sings it well . Overall , a track that I would prefer to listen in the movie itself . Nice pacy tune for dance lovers .

The fourth song on the soundtrack is "Shut Up and Bounce " . If you have seen the first trailer of the movie then you would probably remember the groovy music it had . Well , that was from this song . I must say that when I heard the music in the trailer I was pleasantly surprised but I was quite disappointed when I heard the song on the CD . The whole music is really good but the lyrics have nothing good to offer . I can say that a very good tune probably wasted due to improper lyrics by Anvita . One more thing to notice is that apart from the piece that was in the trailer the whole song has very average music and some basic beats only . In any case , the song is good only to an extent and probably would be liked by people at large due to the bass in it . Another disco track and has some nice singing by Sunidhi Chauhan . Overall , the track is good but could have been much better .

The next track on the album " Khabar Nahin " is a little on the slower side and also on the romantic side . The song has very nice guitaring through out by Sanjay Divecha but apart from his guitaring the tune is pretty much basic and nothing so great about it . The lyrics by Anvita are good and Vishal again does a good job singing . He has been very well supported by Shreya and Amanat Ali . The song in all is a nice one and has some nice guitaring in it . The guitar lovers would like the guitaring in it .

The last rack on the album is again a slow soulful track "Kuch Kam" . It stars off with very less music on Piano and then later slowly some basic music beats are put in it . This one again is a Romantic track which gives a hint that the movie would start off with all the fun and masti and would finally end on a Romantic Note . This song has been composed well by Vishal-Shekhar and they have kept it pretty basic . Shaan sings quite well as usual and his fans would love this track .

If you have noticed , I've repeatedly used word "Basic" in the entire review . I don't know , the tunes and lyrics made me use that word . I found the entire album pretty much basic stuff and nothing extraordinary was there in the entire album . Only the first song "Jaane Kyun" is a winner all throughout . The two slow songs in the end are good but not extra-ordinary . The other songs are good for parties etc. I was expecting a lot since it is an album from a Dharma Productions film . Well , those of you who don't know , there is a special appearance of Shilpa Shetty in some song probably . I couldn't figure out which song it would be . But one thing I couldn't understand , what is Abhishek , the flabby , doing in between all these hot people (Piggy,John and Shilpa) ? No offence Abhishek , I like your acting but dude try to look like your contemporaries . Even your seniors (Shilpa) look much younger than you.

Overall , its a nice album and can be listened to . Jaane Kyun and Khabar Nahi are the pick from the entire album . Good part is that the album won't damage the film and would give it some boost only .

Album Rating : Three out of Five , Jaane Kyun being the best and all songs being good.