Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long time after , Aziz Mirza is back with Kismat Konnection and the genre is still the same , a simple love story surrounding a young couple and in that simple story he has again tried to convey a simple and short message with it . This time one major thing has changed and that's the lead actor . It was always SRK along with either Juhi or Rani but now its Shahid with Vidya . The movie is the first release for Shahid this year and second for Vidya after the not so successful Halla Bol . Vidya was always paired with more older heroes like akshay , ajay and Sanjay who are well over their 40's and in this one she has been paired with an actor of his age group . So does it work ? Yes , but only to an extent .

Lets first talk a little about the film . It surrounds a young guy Raj Malhotra played by Shahid who is from Toronto (Canada) and his tryst with his destiny . He is one of the most ambitious and successful student at his college . He is an all-rounder in his college and is very popular among the students . But his destiny takes a U-turn and his bad luck prevents him from achieving anything in Real life after the college . The once winner turns into a hardworking loser in life . All his colleagues become greats in their respective fields but Raj who is an architect by profession doesn't even get his first chance to prove himself . He along with his friend Hiten Patel played by Vishal Malhotra keep trying their bad luck expecting it to change one day . In the mean time Shahid has a very close accident with Priya (Vidya) and he meets her on road and their first meet turns into a quarrel . He keeps bumping into her afterwards and always in a bad situation which actually ends up quite well for Shahid .

Well , after getting fed up of his bad luck Shahid at last decides to consult an Oracle , Haseena Baanu Jaan played by Juhi Chawla . Haseena advices Shahid that their will be some lucky charm that will change his life , he just needs to identify that lucky charm and keep it with himself for good luck . He realises that Vidya is his lucky charm and every time she bumps into him something good happens to him . Then once again luckily Shahid meets Vidya and this time he doesn't let the opportunity go out of his hands and introduces himself to her and makes amends with her . Then they start meeting often . In the mean time Shahid gets a chance to design a mall and the builder Mr. Gill played by Om Puri gives him a chance to show his designs for the mall . Then Shahid decides that he would take Vidya with her while he shows the design to Gill so that they get approved . But Shahid comes to know that Vidya is a caretaker of a Community Center for the Old Aged and it is that same community center that is supposed to be replaced by the mall that has to be designed by Shahid . Vidya asks Shahid for his support against the builders and Shahid plays a double game with her promising her that he will design the mall in such a way that her community center doesn't get destroyed just for the sake that She comes along with him to show the actual designs at Gill's office . Then as Shahid lies to her his conscience keeps fighting with his mind and he realises that he has fallen in love with her . Then starts the whole sequence of Shahid trying to hide his lie and how in the end truth comes out and how he with his own will and Vidya's luck manages to bring back the things to their best .

Talking a little about the acting , the film surrounds completely around Shahid and has very less for the other characters . Shahid acts pretty well in the film and Vidya also does her bit quite well . The chemistry between them is at times quite good and at times a little dull . Overall , they look good on-screen together but certainly not amongst the great . I felt that Aziz could have kept one romantic kiss between them at the moment in a party when Shahid and Vidya confess their love for each other . But Aziz kept it till tight hugging only and made it a complete Family film . He is a director of the old school so probably he doesn't believe in on-screen kisses . It can also be the case that Shahid or Vidya might have denied doing the scene considering Shahid's recent break-up . But still I believe one kiss would have made a difference to the film and the actors should have taken it professionally rather than emotionally . Anyways its just my opinion and Kisses aren't compulsory for showing the chemistry between the actors .

Shahid and Vishal have great chemistry in between them and they look quite funny on screen together . They have been paired after a very long time since shahid's first film Ishq-Vishq which was a hit and it also had some quite funny sequences involving both of them . Juhi Chawla as usual does comic roles at her best and I still believe she hasn't got the Role of her life and she can do a very funny character on screen . Her portrayal of an Occult specialist is just fabulous and she has put her real life character in it . If Juhi would have been a Oracle , she would have been exactly as what we see in the film . Om Puri does his part quite well and his wife which has been played by Himani Shivpuri has a very short role but a very comic one . She also acts very well and delivers her best in the small bit .

Talking a little technically , the screenplay is a little slow and they could very well have reduced some 20-25 minutes from the film . At some points the screenplay becomes very slow and impatient people are bound to crack at those points . Women who are more patient than Men in my opinion would definitely like the film and won't have any complaints . But if the Director would have reduced the length a little , the impatient men would have also liked the film . The target audience I think were Women and it really delivers according to their expectations . The story being written by a women , Rahila Mirza , daughter of Aziz , it is really visible on screen that it has been written by a women and hence it is more for Women . Rahila has done a good job considering this was her first . But she needs a lot more hard work to become one of the best .

Apart from the little slow screenplay , the film is good and can be watched once if you have a little patience in you . Don't expect a brisk love story and you might like it . The background score is also good especially the whistling music whenever there is something wrong happening with Shahid due to his bad luck . The music of the film is quite strong and it is what keeps the audience a little entertained in between . All the songs are good apart from Soniye which wasn't necessary at all and shouldn't have been kept in the film . The cinematography is quite beautiful and Canada has been shown in a very beautiful way . Direction is also good but some of the scenes have been kept in the very old stereotypical style and could have been done better .

Overall , the film is little slow but still can be watched once . Aziz Mirza has himself admitted that it is a very simple love story so don't expect any fireworks and you won't be disappointed . Simple old story put up in same old style yet you won't get bored at any point if you got the patience .

Movie Rating : Two and Half Stars out of Five . Good for one time watch .Shahid's fans won't get disappointed

Monday, July 21, 2008

Drona --- Trailer Review

The second Superhero to hit the Bollywood scene , Drona , is all set to please the audience after the very successful Krrish . The first trailer of the film , which has been into making since a long time , is out now and the rushes look just usual . The film has been Directed by Goldie Behl who is husband of Sonali Bendre and this is his biggest project . The film starrs Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra in the lead . Priyanka probably has a thing for superheroes and she would be the only common thing between them . I hope we get to see a combined version of Krrish Vs. Drona fighting it out for Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) . lol .

Anyways the trailer starts off with a Blue Petal flying into the windows of some apartment (poor graphics there , in terms of international standards) and then there is a dark locality shown which continues in the trailer for some time . Then we get to see Abhishek getting trapped between some Demons made of sand and a line like this goes - " When the survival of mankind will hang in the balance one man will rise and realise his destiny " . There is also a dark look of the Bad Guy which is played by Kay Kay in the starting of the trailer . Then at the end of the trailer we get to see the real Drona in his outfit riding on a horse . The already fat Abhishek looks even more fat with the strangely made costume . This is supposed to be a Indian Superhero so probably he won't wear the Nylon Skin-tight Suit . Instead he will wear a loose and fat looking Cotton Costume . Abhishek also carries a Sword which has some inscriptions on it and the sword is very much similar to the sword that his Dad AB Senior holds in the trailer of Talisman (CGI loaded next film of Amitabh based on Chandrakanta) .
Then at last the name of the film comes "Drona" in a golden colour font which is similar to the Font that was used in the title of Rangeela , the only difference being the colour . You might wonder what difference does the font make , but guys it does create an impression . The name of Krrish was presented in a never used before Font on screen and it looked great . Even the first Teaser of Krrish gave me Goosebumps to a little extent in the theater , this one didn't even excite me visually .

Krrish didn't work because of the special effects but it worked on the story and direction . This is one thing that Rakesh Roshan realised as a wise Director that he cannot spend a huge sum on VFX so he worked hard on the Story and background score . The background score that features in this trailer is very much Spiderman Superman type just with strange sounding Hindi lyrics . The background score that was used in this trailer was not at all good if you ask me . The Visual Effects also didn't please me that were present in this trailer . The sand creatures have been already shown on-screen with utmost perfection in Mummy Returns and Spiderman 3. The effects that are used here are of much lower level than what was used in the hollywood flicks . So why use same sequences that require top notch VFX that any Indian film can't afford and can't produce on its own ? Do something original and which is within the reach of Indian Special effects company .

Overall , The trailer didn't excite me at all and neither did Abhishek's look . The trailer isn't sufficient to create the interest amongst the audience , they might need something more . I hope the story and Direction are better than the first trailer of the film . The film set to release on October 2 . Check out the trailer :

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam --- Music Review

The third film of Sanjay Chhel as a Director , Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam is all set for release and the music of the film is out now . The Music of the film is by Anu Malik who is kinda a second choice these days since Pritam has taken his place of Lifting tunes and making popular music out of it . The last film by Anu Malik was Love Story 2050 whose music wasn't blockbuster but still wasn't that bad either . One thing that I have noticed that Anu Malik has given his best in the movies where SRK was in lead . Otherwise his albums were average package of some hits and some flops .

This time he has been opted by Sanjay Chel for his movie who himself has been a writer on several good projects but his last two films as director didn't do well , Kya Dil Ne kaha (*ing Tushar & Esha) and Khubsurat(*ing Sanju and Urmila) . This film has the hit jodi of Rahul and Mallika who gave a hit film together (PKSE) . The lyrics of this album are also from the Director himself . Now lets talk about the soundtrack.

The album starts off with "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya" which is on air these days . The song is a good blend of the original super hit song and some new lyrics and singing style . The song has been sung well by Anushka Manchanda , Ishq Bector and Mahalaxmi Iyer . The tune didn't impress me that much but still it is not that bad either . The song has some nice DJ Beats and would sound good on a good speaker system . The lyrics aren't that impressive and it is expected in such a song .

The next track is the best track on album "Marmari Baahein" which is a nice Romantic and sensuous track by Kunal Ganjawala and Mahalaxmi Iyer . The tune again didn't impress me much and it is a typical one but the beautiful singing by Kunal and Mahalaxmi make it one track to hear again and again . The Lyrics of this song are also the best on the album . This song has a similar feeling as "Tere Bin" of Bhagam-bhag had . Anu didn't work that hard on this track as he could have since the Lyricist and Singers did more than half of the Job themselves .

The next track on album is a ghazal by Pankaj Udhas - "Ek to sharab Kum" . Pankaj Udhas has returned after after a long time with this Ghazal . The Ghazal is good but it is not one of those popular Ghazals so it won't work in the people at large . The Hardcore Ghazal lovers might love it but not general public . The tune is a typical Ghazal tune and nothing new about it with a little bit bass in it .

The next track "Ishqaiyaan" is by Sunidhi . The song can be called a "Modern Mujra" song . The song hasn't come out that well as it could have . The lyrics aren't that strong , neither is the tune . Of late Sunidhi is not getting good songs and she has been type casted even though she has sung beautiful songs like "Bhaage Re Mann" in Chameli .

Then comes a remix version of Marmari Baahein which has Anu Malik holding the mic . If its a anu malik album then one song has to have him . At least he has featured in a remixed version . The song is sort of a Lounge Mix more than a remix and sounds good .

After this comes a second part of to Ghazal "Ek to Sharab Kum" , frankly speaking , which I didn't listen to so can't say anything about it . Didn't like the first part , why would I listen to the second part .

Then there is a remix of Ishqaiyaan which is good but since the original is not that great , I didn't like this one either .

Overall , the album has only one song that's good i.e. Marmari Baahein . Both Anu Malik and Sanjay Chhel , the lyricist , have disappointed me . They didn't put their best efforts in .

Album Rating : Two out of Five Stars ; not recommended only one song is good .

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trailer Review --- Chandni Chowk To China and Fashion

The first teaser trailers of two upcoming movies of the year , Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C) and Fashion are out now and both the trailers show a glimpse of a promising film , one being pure entertainer and other being made for the classes . CC2C is Directed by Nikhil Advani who gave us films like Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam-e-Ishq , both being mega-budget entertainers and Fashion is by National Award wining director who gave powerful films like Page 3 and Chandni Bar . CC2C is one of the most awaited and mega releases of the year so we'll talk about it first .

CC2C as the name suggests is a film with two cultures and the two most rapidly growing nations China and India . The film is the first ever production of Warner Bros. in India who are one of the Biggest name in Entertainment Sector Internationally . The film Starr's Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone who are looking very different in the rushes and in a pleasing manner . The teaser starts off with two Chinese explaining something to Akshay in Chinese which he doesn't understand and gives a funny look which at once makes one thing clear that this one would be a comic entertainer with lot of jokes on Cultural Differences . Then starts off a series fast moving scenes from the film showing the rest of the cast and also some of the action sequences in the film . The teaser also features Ranvir Shorey and Mithun Chakraborty who also look very much Chinese along with deepika who is looking the best among all . Deepika is also shown doing some stunts so it won't be Akshay alone who would be doing the Martial Arts moves . The martial arts choreography is by Huan-Chiu Ku who has worked on films like Kill Bill and Lethal Weapon etc. in Hollywood . So it looks like we will get to see Akshay in his real avatar on-screen for the first time . The teaser also has a great music piece playing in the background which is a fusion of Hindi and Chinese Music which makes it sound even better . The movie is releasing around Diwali and it looks like the film will definitely have some fireworks for the audiences .

Overall , the teaser is a must watch and it has been attached with Dark Knight (which is a fabulous movie) or you can check the trailer at the official website of the film : . Watch out the trailer and leave your comments here on it .

Talking a little about the film , it has a budget of around 50 Crores so the quality of Production would definately be high . The film surrounds a cook from India which is played by Akshay who is mistaken as a re-incarnation of an ancient peasant warrior Liu Shengh by Chinese people . The story looks quite interesting and it has been written by Sridhar Raghavan who has earlier written film like Bluffmaster and Khaaki . Deepika plays a double role in the film , most probably one would be Chinese and other being Indian . She has been given a fantastic make-over which is visible in the teaser . Looking forward to a smash hit this Diwali . I hope it turns out to be full entertainer and better than Nikhil's last attempt .

Now lets talk a little about the trailer of Fashion which Starr's Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut . The trailer shows shows a glimpse into the Fashion world and the film will try to show whats behind the Glamour of the Fashion world . Madhur is known to make Women centric films and his films have Strong female characters . Fashion is Bhandarkar's most ambitious project with an estimated budget of 22 Crores .

The teaser starts off with a line which says that in Fashion World one has to give up more than one's Morals . The teaser shows Priyanka who is a wannabe Supermodel and Kangna Ranout who is already a supermodel showing their Modelling skills . Priyanka is from a modelling background so she knows a little about it so she would do some justice to her role and Kangna is a fabulous actor . Though she has no Modelling background but still she might end up acting better than Priyanka . I've seen Directors having an edge towards Darker characters and they sometimes make them even better than the Positive Characters . The film will show the fight between an established model and a rising model and the Game behind it .

The teaser has fabulous background music which is a typical Fashion Show music used brilliantly and the scenes also show the glamour of the fashion world . The teaser ends with Priyanka saying that you never know what can happen in Fashion World . The trailer definitely leaves its mark on the viewer quite strong and it does look like a promising film .

Ronnie Screwvala (UTV) is the Producer of the film and he has spend a good amount on the film . They are planning to release around 1000 prints of the film which makes it a big release of the Year . The movie looks good one and might turn out to be a surprise hit of the year like Page 3 did .

Check out the trailer at :

God Tussi Great Ho --- Music Review

The Indian version of Bruce Almighty , God Tussi Great Ho , is all set to release after a long time . Salman's last film Partner was also based on a Hollywood hit Hitch and even this one is . The Indian version has to have songs and its the songs of such film that make the film a hit . We have seen it in Partner where a mediocre (pathetic if u ask me) film did well purely because of its smash hit songs . The music of Partner was given by Saajid-Waajid who did a fabulous job over there and they are now back with God Tussi Great Ho .

The album starts off with a party song "Let's Party" which is a typical party song with nothing new about it . It starts off in the same fashion as "Dupatta Tera" of Partner did and later takes a typical party tune . The song also resembles a little with "Its the Time To Disco " of Kal Ho Na Ho . Shaan and Sunidhi sing it in same old fashion and nothing new about the song . The lyrics by Jalees Shewani are also very typical and mediocre . Nothing catchy in it . Still , this song is better compared to others on the soundtrack .

Then comes a song "Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma" which reminded me of 90's when Mumbaiyya songs were on a high . It also reminded me of Devang Patel who became a instant hit because of his funny songs . His songs apart from being quite funny also had his typical singing style which made them even more funny . This song is also quite like that but neither the tune nor lyrics impresses the listener . The tune has basic hip hop beats in it and lyrics are not that funny either . The song is sung by Waajid and Amrita Kak which makes no difference since it would have been same if it would have been sung by any other singer .

Some title of films inspire the lyricist to write great songs and some leave the lyricist no where . The best example is that of Kal Ho Na Ho which has a great title track and then you get to see a complete opposite in form of God Tussi Great Ho title track . The title track is something that again reminds me of songs from the films of Govinda that had that same repetitive tunes and lyrics which made no sense at all . This song is of the same genre and I couldn't even listen it once . We are over such songs and we don't need them any more .

I was searching for that one good song that is there in every album and I thought that "Tumko Dekha" would end my search . My search ended but the results didn't satisfy me that much . The song starts off really well but the music pieces in between break the rhythm of the song . The song is slow and simple yet there are some irritating music pieces in between which break the mood of the song . Still this song is the best that the album can offer to listeners . Niraj and Shreya add to the beauty of the song and sing it quite well .

Then comes "Lal Chunariya" which is a song similar to "Laal Dupatta" from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi . That song was a great song and it had both good rhythm and lyrics . This one is of same genre but not as good as it was and people wouldn't want to listen to this apart from once in the film . The song has typical tune and has been sung in vintage style by Udit and Alka .

Then comes a series of three remixes of "Tujhe Aksa Beach" , "Lets Party" and "God Tussi Great Ho" respectively of which only the remix of "Lets Party" is good . In fact , the remix version of Lets Party is better than the original one and it would work in the discs .

Overall , the album disappoints hugely after a hit album like Partner from Saajid-Waajid . The tunes have nothing new in them and the music is not going to work that much . Salman's movie usually has good music that gets popular but this one has nothing like that . The album is not at all recommended .

Album Rating : One out of Five Stars ; Same old music and lyrics

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mukhbir --- Music Review

Well , this is what happens ..small films which have good music , comes and goes , unnoticed just because it doesn't have enough hype surrounding it and it doesn't even get good air time from the Radio stations whose primary job is to play good music . This thing recently happened with the Music of Aamir which in my opinion was amongst the best released this year . I regret not reviewing the music of that film so I am not gonna do the same for Mukhbir .

The soundtrack of Mukhbir consists of songs composed by four different Music Directors which itself makes it a quite diverse album . The film is Directed by Mani Shankar who gave us films like 16 December and Rudraksh , music of both being quite popular . Who can forget the soulful and melodious track "Dil Mera Ek Taara" from 16 december and the rocking yet a great track "Ishq Khudaai" from Rudraksh . So one thing is clear that Mani has good music sense and we can at least expect a good soundtrack . And our expectations are not denied , it is a very nice and fresh soundtrack . It has total 11 songs out of which 5 are original and 6 are from various albums released in the past .

The first song on the album is "Tu Salaamat" by KK and Pritam . This song has rock feel to it like the songs of Metro had . Again I don't care if Pritam steals all his tunes , until and unless the track has a great music and lyrics . I can now say for sure that KK can sing any song of the Rock genre . He is shining like a new born star these days and he deserves it . The song has both , nice rhythm and lyrics . In all , its a great track and Pritam delivers once again . If any of you guys find the tunes similar to any of the tracks from west Please leave a comment ..I wanna know it and listen it . This one is a male solo and completely belongs to KK .

The second track is "Jeena" which is composed by Sandeep Chowta and sung by
Sonu Kakkar. She , yep "she" is a great singer . We already have one Sonu who is one of the all time great and now we have one more of the opposite sex , great or not we'll come to know in future soon . This song is completely different from the first one and the singing style reminds of the Shibani Kashyap's hit song "Sajna.. aa Bhi Ja" from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai --Part II . This song has a very nice tune and rhythm and is very Western in its feel . It could even suit any English lyrics and singer . Sandeep works very less but has given hits like "Sab Ganda Hai Par Dhanda Hai Ye" in Company etc.
Sonu has a bright future and a name that she has to live up to .

The third track is "Dhoonde Dil" which is composed by Sashi Pritam , who is he or she I don't know but he or she definitely has given a great track . One more track of the Rock genre with a tune which has little Mystic feel to it . This song could look even better if put in a nice place in the movie . You won't believe it first but this one has been sung by Hariharan in a never before style . I am not sure if it is that same Hariharan or some one else . I didn't knew he could sing Rock songs. The song has great Guitar Pieces in between and it also has some Couplets in between which make it even better . Whose voice it is in those Couplets is not clear , yet the sound is quite Baritone to make it sound great . Overall , Rock music lovers would love this one and it is again a very nice track .

The next track "Tere Bina" is composed by Kartik Raja and this one reminds of "Dil Mera Ek Taara" from 16 December . The song is very melodious and of the same genre as the song from 16 December was .Kartik had composed that song also quite beautifully and even this one is of same level . The track is sung by Sadhna Sargam who strangely has sung very less songs in spite of such a sweet and soulful voice . She again creates that same old magic of hers and this one would really look romantic on screen if the chemistry works amongst the leads . The song from 16 December was shot beautifully with Milind Soman and Aditi Govitrikar with very nice on screen chemistry adding to its beauty .

The last track is again by Kartik Raja and has a south Indian touch to it . The lyrics have nothing new to offer in this one but overall the song is just OK . Probably not as good as others but still OK .

After this there are Six Hit Songs from past like In Dino , Alvida and O Meri Jaan from Metro and Yeh Tanhai from KK's album and Dhaani from strings .Out of which , Oh Meri Jaan is my personal favourite . Sony has put in some good old tracks to make the soundtrack even better . If you didn't buy the soundtrack of Metro then at least buy this one , you will get Mukhbir with great songs from Metro free .

Overall , the album is a must buy and the producers who are willing to pay back the Ticket Money if you don't like the film (really) have made good efforts on the album and the album certainly is worth a buy . Its very much better than the tracks from Yash Raj movies recently , yet Tashan is the second largest selling album after Race (I don't know why , and simply can't understand why ). Go out , buy the album , listen to it and support and appreciate the producers . If you are going to download it then at least leave a comment of appreciation here , they might read it and like it .

Album Rating : Three and a Half Stars out of Five , Go get it .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jaane Tu ...Ya Jaane Na --- Film Review

The first film from Aamir Khan productions in which aamir khan is not acting has released and the film has created a lot of buzz around it since it Starr's the new Khan on the block , Imran , who as everybody knows is the nephew of Aamir Khan . So is the new Khan as talented as the other three ? The answer is - Yes , to an extent . Before I talk of him lets talk a little about the film . Jaane Tu is directed by Abbas Tyrewala who has written screenplay of Brilliant Films like Maqbool and has given dialogues like "Maamu" for Munnabhai M.B.B.S. . The Films to his credit of writing either screenplay , story or Dialogues are wide range of film like Shikhar,Asoka,Darna Mana Hai,Salaam Namaste , Welcome etc. Now such a brilliant guy who has written so much earlier writes this typical Youth oriented Love Story for launching himself as Director .

One thing that came to my mind while watching the film is that Jaane Tu ... is a wisely made film . Why I say so ? because it has all the elements any young love story has to have . I'll start off by saying one line which has been used and abused by several writers and filmmakers all around the world . That line is "Hum Sirf Dost Hai" or "We're Just Friends " . Now this line has been used a Zillion times all around the world and around a million stories are based on that same line .

In India films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Tum etc. have already shown friendships turning into love and proving the fact that Men and Women can't be just friends , which itself is a very debatable line . This concept is used at regular intervals and probably would be used in future also .All movies made on this concept have worked well and some worked really well . So Abbas also uses it adding another dozen of concepts from different Love Stories into this . So throughout the film there is no part that surprises you and you never feel that wow ! this is something new.

The film starts off with a group of friends telling the entire story of film to a third person about the lead couple . This concept has been already used in Chalte Chalte which was Aziz's last film that did quite good . Then the entire film is in flashback while the story is told to that third person . The group of friends consist of exactly six friends , three boys and three girls . All the members of the group apart from the lead couple are typical weird characters so that audience is able to Identify those characters as one of their real life friends and imagine themselves as the lead actor or the actress . Any youth film works only and only if the youth Identifies itself with the character . And Abbas has succeeded here since he has created copy book characters which always exist . Nothing exceptional and new about them .

The story is the same old one . The guy and girl are great friends , always hang-out together but don't realise that they are in Love . The people around them say to them that they are perfect for each other and they keep finding others .Then , when they do find someone the jealousy comes in way and slowly after breaking a few innocent hearts they come and express their love for each other . That's it , no twists and turns , as simple as that . And where does it end ? make a guess. Yes , at an Airport where the hero fights the Airport authority and runs away from them to confess his love for the girl who is leaving for America and he reaches just in time . This ending should be banned and I am tired of seeing the Airport authorities just giving a smile when they hear that the couple are in true love and they do nothing and don't even say a word .

The above paragraph is used in several films and even T.V. serials and just the premise of the story changes and just the characters are little different . So if the film has such a simple old story then why does it work ? The biggest reason that I can think of is the pack of brilliant actors that were the supporting cast in the film . They make the film carry on and make it bearable .The pack includes great actors like Ratna Pathak , Naseruddin Shah , Paresh Rawal , Jayant Kriplani , Rajat Kapoor , Kittu Gidwani etc. These actors have quite small roles but they are so good at it that they are the ones at the end of the film that you would remember for long . Ratna Pathak is a great actor but she has acted very less , I don't know why . She should act more . Naseer is as usual best at whatever he does . He is the most funny character in the film .

As I said that the story is the same old one just premise has changed and if the premise would include such great actors then the film has to work . The film in my opinion would have got bad feedback if these actor's would not have been there . Rajat Kapoor who is one of my favourites is just brilliant . A very small role yet he delivers it in the best possible way . I don't know how he keeps himself from the temptation of becoming a full time actor since he is so good at it . He keeps doing these cameos even though he has the caliber of doing a lead .

One more thing that I liked in the film was cinematography which is by Manoj Lobo who has done a terrific job and shown Mumbai quite beautifully and in a different way . The Music is good but definitely not the best . Just enough to keep the movie going . The direction was good but the screenplay was a little loose and the movie seemed a little slow . The film could have been made a little smaller . The guest appearances by Arbaaz and Sohail are just hilarious and quite good . They do their job very well .

Now talking a little about the lead couple . The main protagonist of the film Jay Singh Chauhan which is played by Imran is a very simple character to play . Even simpler for Imran since it was exactly according to his image and age . He goes about it as naturally as possible which is a quite tough thing to do and he does it well . The girl Genelia is not new and she has a little experience in acting . She has a fabulous smile and has a charm . She has acted well and I hope her future is better . Playing a role like this is quite easy but the problem is that it establishes an image of you on the minds of audience which lasts for ever . We get to see a very small range of acting in Jaane Tu by Imran so I can't say anything about his future . I can just say that whatever he did in this movie was good but not in the league of the greats . Last year one movie came called Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar or MP3 which did well among the youngsters but now we can't even see the lead pair anywhere . The reason being that it was also a copybook love story and there was nothing new about it . That movie didn't have the brilliant actors like this one has so it didn't work that much . I hope Imran does better than Ruslan and Genelia does better than Hazel .

Overall , the movie is a typical young love story and would be liked by youth at large . The love story has nothing iconic so people are going forget it after sometime . The Direction is good and Abbas has established himself more as a commercial Director rather than an experimental one . Lets hope he comes up with a better and different story next time .

Movie Rating : Two and a Half stars out of Five , Good for only onetime watch .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rock On !!! --- Music Review

The music of first Rock Music oriented film is out now and the album is mostly a rock album with majority of tracks belonging to Rock music genre . Rock Music belongs to the west and it is their forte , not ours and this is what comes out clearly in this album . The last attempt at rock music was made in Metro by the "Metro Band" headed by Pritam . The songs of Metro were a huge hit and if you ask me they were no doubt the best of Pritam . There is one thing to take note from the songs of Metro and that is that they were Rock songs but the Lyrics of those songs were completely Indian with no western touch to them . Even the singing style was completely Indian . The album thus became a huge hit . But one thing is that Metro songs were not purely Rock and can be called Indian Rock instead . But again pure Rock songs would never work in India . We always want some Indian Flavour in the western dishes . Thus I am doing this review for people who are not die-hard Rock music fans because Die-Hard rock fans might love this album .

In the case of Rock On its a complete opposite case . Not only the tune is western but also the Lyrics are quite inspired from west and also the singing style being directly picked from them . The Album has Nine songs in total out of which Six are being sung by Farhan Akhtar which according to me was the biggest mistake . Farhan is just an average singer and he has not sung songs at a professional level . One Advice for him -- "Dude , Acting in a rock oriented film is still OK but singing six songs in it is just too much and you cannot do everything , leave something for professionals . " I know that Farhan would be the lead singer in the Band hence all the songs would have to be focused on him hence only one singer would have to do the job . He could have tried Shaan or probably Sonu who are terrific singers and a Born Singer can Sing to any genre of Music .

Next comes the music which is by Shankar-Ehsaan and Loy which again is quite inspired one . It looks like Farhan or the Director - Abhishek Kapoor gave some English rock songs to the Music Directors and asked them to compose songs accordingly . The songs don't have anything new to offer .

The first song on the Album is Socha Hai by Farhan which is a good track but the tune is a typical one and hence nothing new about it . The lyrics are quite interesting and asks many important questions to the listener . This song forces people to think about some issues that people usually don't care of . The lyrics of the song are very nice and hence this song would get popular "only" because of its lyrics and not because of its tune or singer . The songs on the album are very youth oriented and so are the lyrics . Nice track , lacks a great tune .

Then comes Pichle Saat Dino Mein which is again a song that has a complete western touch to it . The lyrics and tune both are western . These type of Lyrics are usually seen in songs by quite young boy bands in west just because they don't have much experience in writing . These lyrics might suit a a very young rock band of high school but would not suit to a Grown up band . The song has a fun feel to it and might be liked by youth at large . But that liking would be only for short period of time and not evergreen.

Then comes the title track which is on air these days and getting quite popular . I don't know how many of you remember this but the main Music of this song has been directly picked by the Background score of Lakshya . If you remember there is a scene in Lakshya where Hrithik and his team climbs the Cliff and during that entire sequence a great background score is played . That background score is used in this song and a full fledged song has been made out of it . Though Music of Lakshya was also by SEL so we cannot say they stole it . Yet , the tune is a great one and hence the song is also "rocking" . It has been sung in typical western fashion by Farhan and the lyrics are also typical western in their feel . The lyrics are not made in Poetic fashion and are more oriented towards language that we use in daily life . Though the lyrics are by Jaaved Akhtar but I am sure here also Farhan(and probably his wife too) would have given some inputs here and there . Overall , the song is the best on album and would be most popular one .

Then comes Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein by Dominque Cerejo which is a nice slow track that usually a girl singer sings at the restaurants etc . Simple lyrics and tune and nothing great about it . Dominique is good singer and probably can sing a better song than this . These type of tracks can be used in background in a film .

Then comes Zehreelay by Suraj Jaggan which is again inspired from some song of west . The song has a tune like a Metallica song or a Greenday song . I know that Metallica and Greenday are from two different genre of Music but this song I feel doesn't belong to either one . It is a mix of little bit of both .
Fast Rock song with excessive electric guitar in it . A treat for Hardcore Rock Lovers and who like to play music at full volume . Again nothing new about it and would look good only in the film . One positive is that at least Suraj sings better than Farhan .

Then comes a slow track Tum Ho Toh which is a sad song and again has a western feel to it . At least they could have made this one better and little Indian . A sad and slow song yet it has a rock feeling to it . An average track again and doesn't have a great tune or lyrics in it . Regular stuff . Farhan continues .

Then comes Sinbad The Sailor again by Farhan . I had once attended a rock concert where a local band played the title track of famous Duck Tales cartoon series and it got a great crowd support considering all of us have sung that song in our childhood . The same concept has been tried over here where the track focuses on Sinbad The Sailor and tells his story . Again nothing new about it , same old tune that can be composed by any Local Band for sure .

The next track on the album is a "STUDIO" made Live version of Pichle Saat Dino Mein . The Live version is supposed to be live 100% but I don't think this one is . It has been recorded in studio and Live effects have been inserted . The song is good track but has same old western feel to it and nothing new in it .

The last track is Phir Dekhiye by Carlisa Monteiro who tries to sing the song like Celine Dion , slow and some parts at high pitch . I am tired of saying this but the tune has nothing new again and we have heard several English songs like these .

Overall , the album has use of typical tunes and nothing new about them . Still , the songs are not that bad and can be listened once in a while . The album is more of an experiment which I think won't work . It lacks creativity and definitely some good singers .

Te tag line of film is Live Your Dream and though the film is based on Music yet it will send out a message to everyone having a dream in their life , hopefully . The movie might work in the Young Audiences like me and I am looking forward to it . The music though has disappointed me since it is quite average and nothing great about it . A great music can only make a great film .

Album Rating : Two out Five Stars ; Good for one listening .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bachna Ae Hasino --- Music Review

The next movie from Yashraj after the disastrous movie Tashan,Bachna Ae Hasino, is all set for release and the Music is out now . The rushes of the film are getting positive feedback and it is visible that Yashraj have again spend a good sum of money for this one . But one thing that Yashraj always forget is to put some efforts on script . The director of this one is Siddharth Anand who gave films like Salaam Namaste and Ta Ra Rum Pum , both of which did quite well at the box office and were also appreciated by the critics . Interestingly music of both these films also got more popular as compared to other films from Yashraj . So we can atleast expect and hope for a nice film if not an exceptional one . This film is also very important for Ranbeer since very few saw him acting in Saawariya . This one would be seen by all and then he would be rated by people at large , as an actor .

The first track on the album is a romantic Track "Khuda Jaane" which is a nice track and quite melodious . The song is sung by KK who has a speciality in singing love ballads , his last one being "Ankhon mein Teri" from OSO . The song is at a higher pitch and we get to hear a different KK from that in OSO . He has the company of Shilpa Rao who also sings quite well . Shilpa got popular from the song in Salaam-e-Ishq - Saiyan Chod Ke na ja . This one has been sung in completely different style by her . She sounds quite soulful in this one . Overall the song has a nice blend of both good lyrics and Melody . The lyrics are by Anvita Dutt who does a decent job .

The next track on the album is Lucky Boy by Sunidhi and Hard Kaur . This one is from the league of Tashan , melody less and lyrics that are so so . Commercial track and might look good in the movie . These type of songs look good in the movie but not meant for Listening purpose only . The tune and lyrics aren't that catchy and overall the song is meant for listening once only . Hard Kaur is a regulation these days and she does her job well as usual . Sunidhi is good but nothing unique . Just regulation stuff .

The third track on the album is Ahista Ahista by Lucky Ali and Shreya Ghoshal . When was the last time that Lucky Ali had sung a song ? And he chooses to come back with this song which is so not at all Lucky Ali style . He usually sings slow and soulful songs with great lyrics . But this track is just a regular track with excessive use of Bass which gives it more of a Club feel . Both Shreya and Lucky are known to sing Great Tracks only but out of the blue they sing this so normal track . Vishal-Shekhar have done almost nothing for this track apart from the starting music piece. This song could have been composed by any DJ in this way . The lyrics are good but get wasted due to lack of melody . The song might work in the movie .

Then comes Jogi Mahi by Sukhwinder, Shekhar Ravjiani and Himani Kapoor . The song has a quite old tune of Dhol and it is suppose to be a Punjabi track . Punjabi Tracks are usually fun filled but this one has a different feel to it . It has been tried to incorporate a sad song into a commercial tune . The attempt has failed to a large extent and the blend has not worked . The song again is like a commercial type of track of the 90's . There is no newness to it and neither the lyrics are that good . The song would definitely slow down the pace of the movie and it would remind you of the movies of 90's . I don't know why Yashraj is doing this Hybrid thing of Mixing the Old with the new . There movies now look like the typical commercial movies that people saw for quite long in the 80's and 90's . They have no new story at all . Though this film has three heroines and one hero which gives it a look of a modern film yet it might end up like a typical commercial movie .

Coming back to Music , the next track is Small Town Girl , one more hybrid track with pathetic lyrics . This one is sung by Shankar Mahadevan who himself is music director and this one sounds a little similar to Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom Title Track and is of the same league . Yet Jhoom Barabar Jhoom had catchy lyrics and tune and this one has none . Those who like just plain noise with no rhythm and lyrics might like this track . One more useless track of Tashan genre with no meaning and feel to it .

Then comes another REMIX version of version of Khuda Jaane which has been done in a nice way and is a faster and has more club feel to it . The original itself is such a good track that even this one rocks . The track has been remixed in a nice way by Abhijit Nalani and has a newness to it . It is not a typical remix and it would definitely work . Abhijit has put some effects which have added some more beauty to the track .

Then comes the title track which is just a remixed version of the older song with some extra lyrics . The Rap in it by Vishal is quite good and he deserves credit for it . Apart from that the entire rhythm and Lyrics are from original which are already a big hit . This song belongs to R.D. Burman and Majrooh Sultanpuri completely so Vishal-Shekhar don't get any credit for this one .

In all , the album is just a regular soundtrack that would just come and go and won't leave its mark . Apart from Khuda Jaane there is no original track that is worth listening twice or more . Vishal-Shekhar have a very limited talent and they are getting repetitive . They should take a break and Yashraj should look for some new talent to bring to their Production house .

Album Rating :
One and Half out of Five stars ; one for Khuda Jaane and Half for not including unnecessary Remix tracks on the album .

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Singh is Kinng --- Music Review

The next big film which is ready for release is "Singh is Kinng" , starring Akshay and Katrina . The music is out now and from the look of the Music Launch party which was attended by some high profile guests like Amitabh,Salman,Akshay and Katrina it looks like the producer are not going to leave any stone unturned for the promotion of the film . The big part of promotion of any film is its music , as I always say , and the music of Singh is Kinng is surely creating some buzz around the film . The film is no doubt going to be a hit considering it has the hit-jodi of Akshay and Katrina . Katrina has now definately became a lucky charm and she is part of all the big projects these days . She is on a streak of 5 hits and I don't think it wil break soon . Akshay's streak broke with his last film Tashan , but he would be soon back on track with this film .

Talking a little about the music , the album has 12 songs in total out of which 6 are original and rest are remixes . The music is again given by Pritam who is himself on a streak of hits . One line that can describe this album is "Fun all the Way" . Almost all tracks are dance tracks and have a club feel to them . The lyrics are by Mayur Puri who has done a fairly good job for the entire album.

The album opens with the Title track "Singh is Kinng" by famous International Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg . The track is a true Hip-hop track with Punjabi tadka . The track is a Fusion track and basically presents a trailer of the entire album which is a fusion of western and punjabi music . The track has been well composed by guest composer Calvin Broadus with inputs by Surjeet Singh and Manjeet and Kuldeep Rai . The song has a very nice rhythm and tune . It is very well sung by Snoop Dogg , R.D.B. and Akshay . R.D.B. has delivered in a good way and even Akshay has done his bit quite well . Overall , the song has a catchy tune and lyrics which will make it a hit in coming days . Mind you it is not the song that is featured in the trailer which is on air .

The next track on the album is Jee Karda which is sung by Labh Jan Jua and Suzie Q. The club feeling continues and again a nice fusion of Punjabi and English lyrics is there . This song is a little bit faster in its tempo than the previous one and has a nice tune attached to it . This song is again a Party song with pure Punjabi in it . The song is well sung by the singers and it will also work in the coming days . Songs like these are meant for enjoyment and lyrics don't play a big role , so don't pay heed to the lyrics .

The next track on the album is "Bas Ek King" which is on-air these days and is already a hit . The track is again a fusion hip-hop Punjabi Track . The track is composed very well by Pritam and is a hit for sure . The The song is sung by Mika,Neeraj and Ashish Pandit . It also has Rap by Hard Kaur which stands out in the track . She is the best female rap artist I know . She can work on an international track for sure . The catchy title Singh is Kinng is back again throughout the track which guarantees it it to be a hit .

If its a Punjabi Party all the way and there is no Daler Mehendi in it then its a no party at all . Well he also joins in the fun with his track "Bhootni Ke". This track is what they call a "Thenth Punjabi" or in other words a typical Punjabi track . It has ample use of Dhol Beats in it and is basically meant for the Marraige and would be used in the "Baraat" of the Groom . The track is a typical Daler track yet it lacks the catchy lyrics like "Kaala Kauwa Kat Khaaega" etc. hence it won't be as big hit as his previous tracks . Yet it will work .

The party stops for a moment with the next track on the album "Teri Ore" which is the Romantic track on the album . The song has avery nice lyrics and tune attached to it and has voices by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal who do their job like Pros . The song is completly different from the entire album hence stands out . Though the tune is not Punjabi yet the lyrics and accent used by singers has a little Punjabi feel to it . The song interestingly has an use of Rajasthani Folk in between and at the end which sounds really great . Throughout the song , the famous Rajasthani Instrument , Ek-Taara is used which sounds really great . The music directors should use contemporary Indian Instruments which sound really great and Pritam needs to be applauded for it . The last time I remember it was used was in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (Govinda-Sonali) in the hit song "Prem Jaal Mein Phas Gayi " . The last picture to use rajasthani music was probably Paheli . In all its a great romantic track and with the fantastic chemistry of Akshay and Katrina on screen it wold look even better .

The Punjabi Party resumes with next track Talli Hua by Neeraj Sridhar and Labh Jan Jua . The song sounded me similar to Neeraj's song in Goal "Ishq Da Qalma" in terms of singing style . This song again has a club feel to it which is always in case of Neeraj Shridhar . The song doesn't have good lyrics neither it has a unique tune so it is the weakest track on the album . Songs like these when included in a film makes the audience quite bore during the duration of song and they also break the link of the film .

If the club beats in the originals were not enough then there is also a series of Remixes . The song Talli Hua is anyways a weak track yet it has been remixed and even the remixed version appears the same . The songs already have so much of a Club feeling to it that it even doesn't appear that they have been remixed . Then there are two remixes Bhootni Ke out of which one is sung by Mika . The remix tracks are just a mere formality and nothing great about them . The next remix is of Bas Ek King which has some extra Rap in it by Hard Kaur yet it almost sounds similar . Next is the remix of Jee Karda which is mere faster version of the original with a little bit usual DJ bits in between . Then there is lounge mix of the Teri Ore which sounds good since the original itself is good .

Overall , the track is more of a Party album and the Remixes included it in are unnecessary . The whole trend of keeping the Originals and Remixed versions on same album was started by Himesh Reshamiya and it needs to be stopped . The remix version of the tracks are mostly useless and the money and effort put on them can be saved and rather the Audio CD must be made a little cheaper in Market so it discourages Piracy to an extent . Anyways , the album has songs which have the potential to climb the music charts and it would get popular in days to come .

Top Three Tracks :

  1. Singh is Kinng .
  2. Teri Ore.
  3. Bas Ek King .
Album Rating : Two and Half out of Five , Good Album yet the Remixes were unnecessary and I wasted my time listening to them .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Half Way Through ...

Well we are half way through 2008 and the first half was a little dissappointing in terms of fim content this year . The same was the case in last year when only three films Guru , Life in a Metro and Namaste London faired well both on the box office and audience expectations . One surprise hit was Bheja Fry . There were some great dissappointments in the first half of last year in form of salaam-e-ishq , eklavya , Nishabd and Ta Ra Rum Pum . Then there were also some of the most pathetic films like Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom , Shaka-laka boom boom , Just Married and Good Boy Bad Boy etc. But last year some great movies released in first half that didn't do fair at the box office yet deserved much more than they got like Black Friday , Parzania , Namesake and Ek Chaalis ki last Local .

This year it has been even worse where not only did movies failed on the box office but also lacked creative content . The only two movies which were rich in creative content and a good script were Aamir and Khuda Ke Liye amongst which the latter came from other side of the border . So in all only one film i.e. Aamir was a good film in all aspects of Film making yet it was a disaster at the box office . The team that gave Bheja Fry last year gave Mithya this year which was an excellent attempt at off-beat cinema considering it didin't have the usual happy ending that we always have . Even the Direction and Style was very european . This film did average as it is the case with such films . Jodha Akbar which released in the begining was a very brave attempt by the Director Ashutosh Govariker which did well at the box office but didn't get that much appreciation from the audience . The other two films(Race and Sarkar Raj) that did well at the box office were mere commercial films and the quality of cinema was not up to the mark . I don't know how did films like Jannat and Race did well at the box-office . Small budget films like Woodstock Villa , My name is Anthony... and Superstar were a disaster . Not even the small budget films but even the Big Budget films like Tashan and Krazzy 4 were like rotten eggs .

The Biggest rotten egg came from the biggest production house of country , Yashraj , in form of Tashan . At least Yashraj have some consistency , they had given the rotten egg last year in form of JBJ and this year they have gone ahead and given even more smelly and pathetic one in form of Tashan . I thought only Emran Hashmi did bad films but now even stars like Kareena,Akshay,Anil and Saif are doing so . Bad streak for poor Abhishek and RGV continues , with even Sarkar Raj not doing well on both box office and neither on people's expectations .

The films were a disaster in the first half of the year but one thing that did really well was the Blogging which was an instant hit and provided much more entertainment than the films . The blog has all the elements of a typical commercial film but with real emotions of Jealousy , Revenge and Stupidity . The Blog fever is catching on big time in Bollywood with Aamir,Big B,Salman,RGV and many more using the next big medium to reach their fans .

The biggest hit in terms of Entertainment came from the Cricket Fields in form the Indian Premiere League or the IPL . The biggest show in India , with a lethal combo of Cricket and heavyweight people like the SRK and Ambani's etc and a whopping budjet of around 4000 crores . Set Max rightly called it the "Manoranjan Ka Baap" . For 45 days every producer feared to release any film . Some used it for Promotion of their films (Tashan) and TV Shows (Dus Ka Dum) but neither did well . You see , promotion and hype can guarantee you a good opening but nothing can save the project if it doesn't have a good script or say no script in case of Yashraj .

The second half looks more promising this year with films like Love Story 2050 , Jaane Tu , Singh is Kinng, Kismat Konnection , Bachna Ae hasino , Dostana , Ghajni and Drona . There are also some small budget films like Rock On , Ugly and Pagli , Ashayein , Fashion and Maan Gaye Mughal-e-azam which may attract the multiplex audience .

The second half last year gave excellent films like Chak De India , Manorama Six Feet Under , Johnny Gaddar and Taare Zameen Par . Well , lot of money and expectations are at stake in the second half of this year and lets hope the second half would be much more interesting and entertaining and most important "Paisa Vasool" .