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Trailer Review --- Chandni Chowk To China and Fashion

The first teaser trailers of two upcoming movies of the year , Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C) and Fashion are out now and both the trailers show a glimpse of a promising film , one being pure entertainer and other being made for the classes . CC2C is Directed by Nikhil Advani who gave us films like Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam-e-Ishq , both being mega-budget entertainers and Fashion is by National Award wining director who gave powerful films like Page 3 and Chandni Bar . CC2C is one of the most awaited and mega releases of the year so we'll talk about it first .

CC2C as the name suggests is a film with two cultures and the two most rapidly growing nations China and India . The film is the first ever production of Warner Bros. in India who are one of the Biggest name in Entertainment Sector Internationally . The film Starr's Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone who are looking very different in the rushes and in a pleasing manner . The teaser starts off with two Chinese explaining something to Akshay in Chinese which he doesn't understand and gives a funny look which at once makes one thing clear that this one would be a comic entertainer with lot of jokes on Cultural Differences . Then starts off a series fast moving scenes from the film showing the rest of the cast and also some of the action sequences in the film . The teaser also features Ranvir Shorey and Mithun Chakraborty who also look very much Chinese along with deepika who is looking the best among all . Deepika is also shown doing some stunts so it won't be Akshay alone who would be doing the Martial Arts moves . The martial arts choreography is by Huan-Chiu Ku who has worked on films like Kill Bill and Lethal Weapon etc. in Hollywood . So it looks like we will get to see Akshay in his real avatar on-screen for the first time . The teaser also has a great music piece playing in the background which is a fusion of Hindi and Chinese Music which makes it sound even better . The movie is releasing around Diwali and it looks like the film will definitely have some fireworks for the audiences .

Overall , the teaser is a must watch and it has been attached with Dark Knight (which is a fabulous movie) or you can check the trailer at the official website of the film : . Watch out the trailer and leave your comments here on it .

Talking a little about the film , it has a budget of around 50 Crores so the quality of Production would definately be high . The film surrounds a cook from India which is played by Akshay who is mistaken as a re-incarnation of an ancient peasant warrior Liu Shengh by Chinese people . The story looks quite interesting and it has been written by Sridhar Raghavan who has earlier written film like Bluffmaster and Khaaki . Deepika plays a double role in the film , most probably one would be Chinese and other being Indian . She has been given a fantastic make-over which is visible in the teaser . Looking forward to a smash hit this Diwali . I hope it turns out to be full entertainer and better than Nikhil's last attempt .

Now lets talk a little about the trailer of Fashion which Starr's Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut . The trailer shows shows a glimpse into the Fashion world and the film will try to show whats behind the Glamour of the Fashion world . Madhur is known to make Women centric films and his films have Strong female characters . Fashion is Bhandarkar's most ambitious project with an estimated budget of 22 Crores .

The teaser starts off with a line which says that in Fashion World one has to give up more than one's Morals . The teaser shows Priyanka who is a wannabe Supermodel and Kangna Ranout who is already a supermodel showing their Modelling skills . Priyanka is from a modelling background so she knows a little about it so she would do some justice to her role and Kangna is a fabulous actor . Though she has no Modelling background but still she might end up acting better than Priyanka . I've seen Directors having an edge towards Darker characters and they sometimes make them even better than the Positive Characters . The film will show the fight between an established model and a rising model and the Game behind it .

The teaser has fabulous background music which is a typical Fashion Show music used brilliantly and the scenes also show the glamour of the fashion world . The teaser ends with Priyanka saying that you never know what can happen in Fashion World . The trailer definitely leaves its mark on the viewer quite strong and it does look like a promising film .

Ronnie Screwvala (UTV) is the Producer of the film and he has spend a good amount on the film . They are planning to release around 1000 prints of the film which makes it a big release of the Year . The movie looks good one and might turn out to be a surprise hit of the year like Page 3 did .

Check out the trailer at :

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