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Jaane Tu ...Ya Jaane Na --- Film Review

The first film from Aamir Khan productions in which aamir khan is not acting has released and the film has created a lot of buzz around it since it Starr's the new Khan on the block , Imran , who as everybody knows is the nephew of Aamir Khan . So is the new Khan as talented as the other three ? The answer is - Yes , to an extent . Before I talk of him lets talk a little about the film . Jaane Tu is directed by Abbas Tyrewala who has written screenplay of Brilliant Films like Maqbool and has given dialogues like "Maamu" for Munnabhai M.B.B.S. . The Films to his credit of writing either screenplay , story or Dialogues are wide range of film like Shikhar,Asoka,Darna Mana Hai,Salaam Namaste , Welcome etc. Now such a brilliant guy who has written so much earlier writes this typical Youth oriented Love Story for launching himself as Director .

One thing that came to my mind while watching the film is that Jaane Tu ... is a wisely made film . Why I say so ? because it has all the elements any young love story has to have . I'll start off by saying one line which has been used and abused by several writers and filmmakers all around the world . That line is "Hum Sirf Dost Hai" or "We're Just Friends " . Now this line has been used a Zillion times all around the world and around a million stories are based on that same line .

In India films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Tum etc. have already shown friendships turning into love and proving the fact that Men and Women can't be just friends , which itself is a very debatable line . This concept is used at regular intervals and probably would be used in future also .All movies made on this concept have worked well and some worked really well . So Abbas also uses it adding another dozen of concepts from different Love Stories into this . So throughout the film there is no part that surprises you and you never feel that wow ! this is something new.

The film starts off with a group of friends telling the entire story of film to a third person about the lead couple . This concept has been already used in Chalte Chalte which was Aziz's last film that did quite good . Then the entire film is in flashback while the story is told to that third person . The group of friends consist of exactly six friends , three boys and three girls . All the members of the group apart from the lead couple are typical weird characters so that audience is able to Identify those characters as one of their real life friends and imagine themselves as the lead actor or the actress . Any youth film works only and only if the youth Identifies itself with the character . And Abbas has succeeded here since he has created copy book characters which always exist . Nothing exceptional and new about them .

The story is the same old one . The guy and girl are great friends , always hang-out together but don't realise that they are in Love . The people around them say to them that they are perfect for each other and they keep finding others .Then , when they do find someone the jealousy comes in way and slowly after breaking a few innocent hearts they come and express their love for each other . That's it , no twists and turns , as simple as that . And where does it end ? make a guess. Yes , at an Airport where the hero fights the Airport authority and runs away from them to confess his love for the girl who is leaving for America and he reaches just in time . This ending should be banned and I am tired of seeing the Airport authorities just giving a smile when they hear that the couple are in true love and they do nothing and don't even say a word .

The above paragraph is used in several films and even T.V. serials and just the premise of the story changes and just the characters are little different . So if the film has such a simple old story then why does it work ? The biggest reason that I can think of is the pack of brilliant actors that were the supporting cast in the film . They make the film carry on and make it bearable .The pack includes great actors like Ratna Pathak , Naseruddin Shah , Paresh Rawal , Jayant Kriplani , Rajat Kapoor , Kittu Gidwani etc. These actors have quite small roles but they are so good at it that they are the ones at the end of the film that you would remember for long . Ratna Pathak is a great actor but she has acted very less , I don't know why . She should act more . Naseer is as usual best at whatever he does . He is the most funny character in the film .

As I said that the story is the same old one just premise has changed and if the premise would include such great actors then the film has to work . The film in my opinion would have got bad feedback if these actor's would not have been there . Rajat Kapoor who is one of my favourites is just brilliant . A very small role yet he delivers it in the best possible way . I don't know how he keeps himself from the temptation of becoming a full time actor since he is so good at it . He keeps doing these cameos even though he has the caliber of doing a lead .

One more thing that I liked in the film was cinematography which is by Manoj Lobo who has done a terrific job and shown Mumbai quite beautifully and in a different way . The Music is good but definitely not the best . Just enough to keep the movie going . The direction was good but the screenplay was a little loose and the movie seemed a little slow . The film could have been made a little smaller . The guest appearances by Arbaaz and Sohail are just hilarious and quite good . They do their job very well .

Now talking a little about the lead couple . The main protagonist of the film Jay Singh Chauhan which is played by Imran is a very simple character to play . Even simpler for Imran since it was exactly according to his image and age . He goes about it as naturally as possible which is a quite tough thing to do and he does it well . The girl Genelia is not new and she has a little experience in acting . She has a fabulous smile and has a charm . She has acted well and I hope her future is better . Playing a role like this is quite easy but the problem is that it establishes an image of you on the minds of audience which lasts for ever . We get to see a very small range of acting in Jaane Tu by Imran so I can't say anything about his future . I can just say that whatever he did in this movie was good but not in the league of the greats . Last year one movie came called Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar or MP3 which did well among the youngsters but now we can't even see the lead pair anywhere . The reason being that it was also a copybook love story and there was nothing new about it . That movie didn't have the brilliant actors like this one has so it didn't work that much . I hope Imran does better than Ruslan and Genelia does better than Hazel .

Overall , the movie is a typical young love story and would be liked by youth at large . The love story has nothing iconic so people are going forget it after sometime . The Direction is good and Abbas has established himself more as a commercial Director rather than an experimental one . Lets hope he comes up with a better and different story next time .

Movie Rating : Two and a Half stars out of Five , Good for only onetime watch .

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