Monday, July 21, 2008

Drona --- Trailer Review

The second Superhero to hit the Bollywood scene , Drona , is all set to please the audience after the very successful Krrish . The first trailer of the film , which has been into making since a long time , is out now and the rushes look just usual . The film has been Directed by Goldie Behl who is husband of Sonali Bendre and this is his biggest project . The film starrs Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra in the lead . Priyanka probably has a thing for superheroes and she would be the only common thing between them . I hope we get to see a combined version of Krrish Vs. Drona fighting it out for Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) . lol .

Anyways the trailer starts off with a Blue Petal flying into the windows of some apartment (poor graphics there , in terms of international standards) and then there is a dark locality shown which continues in the trailer for some time . Then we get to see Abhishek getting trapped between some Demons made of sand and a line like this goes - " When the survival of mankind will hang in the balance one man will rise and realise his destiny " . There is also a dark look of the Bad Guy which is played by Kay Kay in the starting of the trailer . Then at the end of the trailer we get to see the real Drona in his outfit riding on a horse . The already fat Abhishek looks even more fat with the strangely made costume . This is supposed to be a Indian Superhero so probably he won't wear the Nylon Skin-tight Suit . Instead he will wear a loose and fat looking Cotton Costume . Abhishek also carries a Sword which has some inscriptions on it and the sword is very much similar to the sword that his Dad AB Senior holds in the trailer of Talisman (CGI loaded next film of Amitabh based on Chandrakanta) .
Then at last the name of the film comes "Drona" in a golden colour font which is similar to the Font that was used in the title of Rangeela , the only difference being the colour . You might wonder what difference does the font make , but guys it does create an impression . The name of Krrish was presented in a never used before Font on screen and it looked great . Even the first Teaser of Krrish gave me Goosebumps to a little extent in the theater , this one didn't even excite me visually .

Krrish didn't work because of the special effects but it worked on the story and direction . This is one thing that Rakesh Roshan realised as a wise Director that he cannot spend a huge sum on VFX so he worked hard on the Story and background score . The background score that features in this trailer is very much Spiderman Superman type just with strange sounding Hindi lyrics . The background score that was used in this trailer was not at all good if you ask me . The Visual Effects also didn't please me that were present in this trailer . The sand creatures have been already shown on-screen with utmost perfection in Mummy Returns and Spiderman 3. The effects that are used here are of much lower level than what was used in the hollywood flicks . So why use same sequences that require top notch VFX that any Indian film can't afford and can't produce on its own ? Do something original and which is within the reach of Indian Special effects company .

Overall , The trailer didn't excite me at all and neither did Abhishek's look . The trailer isn't sufficient to create the interest amongst the audience , they might need something more . I hope the story and Direction are better than the first trailer of the film . The film set to release on October 2 . Check out the trailer :

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