Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mukhbir --- Music Review

Well , this is what happens ..small films which have good music , comes and goes , unnoticed just because it doesn't have enough hype surrounding it and it doesn't even get good air time from the Radio stations whose primary job is to play good music . This thing recently happened with the Music of Aamir which in my opinion was amongst the best released this year . I regret not reviewing the music of that film so I am not gonna do the same for Mukhbir .

The soundtrack of Mukhbir consists of songs composed by four different Music Directors which itself makes it a quite diverse album . The film is Directed by Mani Shankar who gave us films like 16 December and Rudraksh , music of both being quite popular . Who can forget the soulful and melodious track "Dil Mera Ek Taara" from 16 december and the rocking yet a great track "Ishq Khudaai" from Rudraksh . So one thing is clear that Mani has good music sense and we can at least expect a good soundtrack . And our expectations are not denied , it is a very nice and fresh soundtrack . It has total 11 songs out of which 5 are original and 6 are from various albums released in the past .

The first song on the album is "Tu Salaamat" by KK and Pritam . This song has rock feel to it like the songs of Metro had . Again I don't care if Pritam steals all his tunes , until and unless the track has a great music and lyrics . I can now say for sure that KK can sing any song of the Rock genre . He is shining like a new born star these days and he deserves it . The song has both , nice rhythm and lyrics . In all , its a great track and Pritam delivers once again . If any of you guys find the tunes similar to any of the tracks from west Please leave a comment ..I wanna know it and listen it . This one is a male solo and completely belongs to KK .

The second track is "Jeena" which is composed by Sandeep Chowta and sung by
Sonu Kakkar. She , yep "she" is a great singer . We already have one Sonu who is one of the all time great and now we have one more of the opposite sex , great or not we'll come to know in future soon . This song is completely different from the first one and the singing style reminds of the Shibani Kashyap's hit song "Sajna.. aa Bhi Ja" from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai --Part II . This song has a very nice tune and rhythm and is very Western in its feel . It could even suit any English lyrics and singer . Sandeep works very less but has given hits like "Sab Ganda Hai Par Dhanda Hai Ye" in Company etc.
Sonu has a bright future and a name that she has to live up to .

The third track is "Dhoonde Dil" which is composed by Sashi Pritam , who is he or she I don't know but he or she definitely has given a great track . One more track of the Rock genre with a tune which has little Mystic feel to it . This song could look even better if put in a nice place in the movie . You won't believe it first but this one has been sung by Hariharan in a never before style . I am not sure if it is that same Hariharan or some one else . I didn't knew he could sing Rock songs. The song has great Guitar Pieces in between and it also has some Couplets in between which make it even better . Whose voice it is in those Couplets is not clear , yet the sound is quite Baritone to make it sound great . Overall , Rock music lovers would love this one and it is again a very nice track .

The next track "Tere Bina" is composed by Kartik Raja and this one reminds of "Dil Mera Ek Taara" from 16 December . The song is very melodious and of the same genre as the song from 16 December was .Kartik had composed that song also quite beautifully and even this one is of same level . The track is sung by Sadhna Sargam who strangely has sung very less songs in spite of such a sweet and soulful voice . She again creates that same old magic of hers and this one would really look romantic on screen if the chemistry works amongst the leads . The song from 16 December was shot beautifully with Milind Soman and Aditi Govitrikar with very nice on screen chemistry adding to its beauty .

The last track is again by Kartik Raja and has a south Indian touch to it . The lyrics have nothing new to offer in this one but overall the song is just OK . Probably not as good as others but still OK .

After this there are Six Hit Songs from past like In Dino , Alvida and O Meri Jaan from Metro and Yeh Tanhai from KK's album and Dhaani from strings .Out of which , Oh Meri Jaan is my personal favourite . Sony has put in some good old tracks to make the soundtrack even better . If you didn't buy the soundtrack of Metro then at least buy this one , you will get Mukhbir with great songs from Metro free .

Overall , the album is a must buy and the producers who are willing to pay back the Ticket Money if you don't like the film (really) have made good efforts on the album and the album certainly is worth a buy . Its very much better than the tracks from Yash Raj movies recently , yet Tashan is the second largest selling album after Race (I don't know why , and simply can't understand why ). Go out , buy the album , listen to it and support and appreciate the producers . If you are going to download it then at least leave a comment of appreciation here , they might read it and like it .

Album Rating : Three and a Half Stars out of Five , Go get it .

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