Monday, July 21, 2008

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam --- Music Review

The third film of Sanjay Chhel as a Director , Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam is all set for release and the music of the film is out now . The Music of the film is by Anu Malik who is kinda a second choice these days since Pritam has taken his place of Lifting tunes and making popular music out of it . The last film by Anu Malik was Love Story 2050 whose music wasn't blockbuster but still wasn't that bad either . One thing that I have noticed that Anu Malik has given his best in the movies where SRK was in lead . Otherwise his albums were average package of some hits and some flops .

This time he has been opted by Sanjay Chel for his movie who himself has been a writer on several good projects but his last two films as director didn't do well , Kya Dil Ne kaha (*ing Tushar & Esha) and Khubsurat(*ing Sanju and Urmila) . This film has the hit jodi of Rahul and Mallika who gave a hit film together (PKSE) . The lyrics of this album are also from the Director himself . Now lets talk about the soundtrack.

The album starts off with "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya" which is on air these days . The song is a good blend of the original super hit song and some new lyrics and singing style . The song has been sung well by Anushka Manchanda , Ishq Bector and Mahalaxmi Iyer . The tune didn't impress me that much but still it is not that bad either . The song has some nice DJ Beats and would sound good on a good speaker system . The lyrics aren't that impressive and it is expected in such a song .

The next track is the best track on album "Marmari Baahein" which is a nice Romantic and sensuous track by Kunal Ganjawala and Mahalaxmi Iyer . The tune again didn't impress me much and it is a typical one but the beautiful singing by Kunal and Mahalaxmi make it one track to hear again and again . The Lyrics of this song are also the best on the album . This song has a similar feeling as "Tere Bin" of Bhagam-bhag had . Anu didn't work that hard on this track as he could have since the Lyricist and Singers did more than half of the Job themselves .

The next track on album is a ghazal by Pankaj Udhas - "Ek to sharab Kum" . Pankaj Udhas has returned after after a long time with this Ghazal . The Ghazal is good but it is not one of those popular Ghazals so it won't work in the people at large . The Hardcore Ghazal lovers might love it but not general public . The tune is a typical Ghazal tune and nothing new about it with a little bit bass in it .

The next track "Ishqaiyaan" is by Sunidhi . The song can be called a "Modern Mujra" song . The song hasn't come out that well as it could have . The lyrics aren't that strong , neither is the tune . Of late Sunidhi is not getting good songs and she has been type casted even though she has sung beautiful songs like "Bhaage Re Mann" in Chameli .

Then comes a remix version of Marmari Baahein which has Anu Malik holding the mic . If its a anu malik album then one song has to have him . At least he has featured in a remixed version . The song is sort of a Lounge Mix more than a remix and sounds good .

After this comes a second part of to Ghazal "Ek to Sharab Kum" , frankly speaking , which I didn't listen to so can't say anything about it . Didn't like the first part , why would I listen to the second part .

Then there is a remix of Ishqaiyaan which is good but since the original is not that great , I didn't like this one either .

Overall , the album has only one song that's good i.e. Marmari Baahein . Both Anu Malik and Sanjay Chhel , the lyricist , have disappointed me . They didn't put their best efforts in .

Album Rating : Two out of Five Stars ; not recommended only one song is good .


  1. Rito Saurabh...they did well with the title track but thats all they did well with. Too bad the songs arnt gud, i was looking fwd to the movie. The combo of mallika-rahul is kinda gud and the makin looks promising.

  2. Thanx "Silent Melody" ...even I was also expecting a good movie from Rahul-Mallika after PKSE but it seems the people apart from them are working less hard on the project . Still it also has big names like Kay Kay and Paresh Rawal so I have still kept my fingers crossed . I think the director should remove the songs from the movie else they are just gonna slow the movie down and degrade its quality .


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