Saturday, July 19, 2008

God Tussi Great Ho --- Music Review

The Indian version of Bruce Almighty , God Tussi Great Ho , is all set to release after a long time . Salman's last film Partner was also based on a Hollywood hit Hitch and even this one is . The Indian version has to have songs and its the songs of such film that make the film a hit . We have seen it in Partner where a mediocre (pathetic if u ask me) film did well purely because of its smash hit songs . The music of Partner was given by Saajid-Waajid who did a fabulous job over there and they are now back with God Tussi Great Ho .

The album starts off with a party song "Let's Party" which is a typical party song with nothing new about it . It starts off in the same fashion as "Dupatta Tera" of Partner did and later takes a typical party tune . The song also resembles a little with "Its the Time To Disco " of Kal Ho Na Ho . Shaan and Sunidhi sing it in same old fashion and nothing new about the song . The lyrics by Jalees Shewani are also very typical and mediocre . Nothing catchy in it . Still , this song is better compared to others on the soundtrack .

Then comes a song "Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma" which reminded me of 90's when Mumbaiyya songs were on a high . It also reminded me of Devang Patel who became a instant hit because of his funny songs . His songs apart from being quite funny also had his typical singing style which made them even more funny . This song is also quite like that but neither the tune nor lyrics impresses the listener . The tune has basic hip hop beats in it and lyrics are not that funny either . The song is sung by Waajid and Amrita Kak which makes no difference since it would have been same if it would have been sung by any other singer .

Some title of films inspire the lyricist to write great songs and some leave the lyricist no where . The best example is that of Kal Ho Na Ho which has a great title track and then you get to see a complete opposite in form of God Tussi Great Ho title track . The title track is something that again reminds me of songs from the films of Govinda that had that same repetitive tunes and lyrics which made no sense at all . This song is of the same genre and I couldn't even listen it once . We are over such songs and we don't need them any more .

I was searching for that one good song that is there in every album and I thought that "Tumko Dekha" would end my search . My search ended but the results didn't satisfy me that much . The song starts off really well but the music pieces in between break the rhythm of the song . The song is slow and simple yet there are some irritating music pieces in between which break the mood of the song . Still this song is the best that the album can offer to listeners . Niraj and Shreya add to the beauty of the song and sing it quite well .

Then comes "Lal Chunariya" which is a song similar to "Laal Dupatta" from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi . That song was a great song and it had both good rhythm and lyrics . This one is of same genre but not as good as it was and people wouldn't want to listen to this apart from once in the film . The song has typical tune and has been sung in vintage style by Udit and Alka .

Then comes a series of three remixes of "Tujhe Aksa Beach" , "Lets Party" and "God Tussi Great Ho" respectively of which only the remix of "Lets Party" is good . In fact , the remix version of Lets Party is better than the original one and it would work in the discs .

Overall , the album disappoints hugely after a hit album like Partner from Saajid-Waajid . The tunes have nothing new in them and the music is not going to work that much . Salman's movie usually has good music that gets popular but this one has nothing like that . The album is not at all recommended .

Album Rating : One out of Five Stars ; Same old music and lyrics

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