Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tashan --- Music Review

My gut feeling is getting stronger day by day that Tashan might turn out to be the Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom(JBJ) of this year or may be even worse . JBJ at least had a decent music in it but this one seems to doesn't even have that . The Music of this movie is out now and it is not at all worth buying . There is no song in the album that will lead the charts . It seems to me as the bank balance of Yash Raj is growing day by day they are becoming more and more careless . They have tried in this album to bring back the senseless , melody-less and Lyrics-less Music of the times of Govinda & Akshay . The music is by Vishal-Shekhar and after OSO this one is a big disappointment . The songs in this Album have nothing to offer . The reason I speak so strongly is because if such a big Production house of India will behave this way then their days are limited . Well , its too early for me to say something like this but I hope they prove me wrong and at least the movie is Good enough to fade the bad effects of its music .

The Album has Five songs in total out of which only two are Good (comparatively) . There are also four dialogues by all the leading cast introducing their characters .

The first in the lot is Dil Hara by Sukhwinder Singh and has lyrics by Piyush Mishra . The music is what is played in the trailer of the movie . The song is well sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Lyrics are OK . The song is quite good but towards the end it suddenly becomes fast and from a desi track it turns into a hard rock song which has not been done well . Apart from its end , the song is good and probably second best track in the album .

After this comes the dialogue by Kareena , Pooja Ka Tashan . She introduces herself and gives a peek of her tom boy nature in he movie . What I am afraid is that Kareena would look really bad in this movie and she would not at all suit the character . But I can understand why Kareena said Yes to this role , just to get an entry into the Yashraj Camp .

Then comes Chaliya by Sunidhi and Piyush Mishra . The lyrics are by Anvita Dutt and I think her lyrics have not been given full justice . The tune is not at all good and just because of the music the song has suffered . The song might look good in the movie but certainly not for your music collection .

After this song a short dialogue by Saif introducing his character of a Playboy and may be Saif might pull of this role well since it suits his personality .

Then comes a song (Dil Dance Maare) that I couldn't figure out , what is it all about . The song is a pathetic mixture of Desi linguistics and English lyrics making no sense at all . The singing is decent by Sukhwinder , Sunidhi and Udit but lyrics are just so Bakwaas . Vishal , last gave lyrics of a beautiful song in Om Shanti Om (Ankhon mein teri ajab si) and now he has given lyrics to this song that makes no sense at all .

Then there is a Dialogue by Akshay Kumar who plays a "Chhora Ganga Kinare Waala"but delivers his dialogue like Punjabi Jatt which he is . So once more I don't think this role might suit his Jatt Personality . Probably Abhishek would have done it better .

Then comes which is probably the best song on the album " Falak Tak " by Udit and Mahalaxmi Iyer . It is the Romantic pic of the Album and is quite melodious and Lyrical . The Music is also good in this one by Vishal-Shekhar and the Lyrics are great by Kausar Munir . The Music in this one also is quite western influenced with little bit desi beats blended in between .

The whole concept of this movie is blending Western Film Noire Genre with the grassroot desi culture of India . But I don't think it would work that way . The audience won't be able to digest it and it would become a tasteless Cocktail of "Desi Daaru" and Western Wine .

After this comes a Dialogue by Anil Kapoor in typical Hinglish in which he states that he is an Old Style Villian , vulgar and cheap . Though Anil is quite good at doing this so his character might look good in the movie with much more Adult Nonsense after what he has done recently in Race .

Last Song on the Album is the Title Song Tashan Mein by Vishal and Saleem and having Lyrics by Vishal and Piyush . They have not at all done justice to the Title of the movie and the song is a dull affair . There is nothing new about lyrics also .

Still , if you like just dhoom dhadaka and don't care a bit about melody and Lyrics then you might Like the album

Rating :
One and Half out of Five . The Album is not at all worth buying and only one song that is Falak Tak is worth listening .

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Race --- Movie Review

Its time now that Abbas Mustan should either retire or stop making Thrillers . I say so because race is one more disappointment which has been the case since last few movies of Abbas Mustan . The movie is not at all thrilling if you are a little bit smart . The plot of the movie is quite guessable and you can figure it out even before it happens . Abbas Mustan this time have been inspired from Hollywood Flick "Wild Things" . The plot is different from that movie but what is similar is the chase for money and double crossing . If you have seen Wild Things you may not like this one at all . The music is all inspired from west in the same way as the film is . But since it is quite popular right now so it would be liked by everyone .

Talking of the film , it has two brothers Ranvir (Saif) and Rajiv(Akshay) who are the owners of Horse Racing Club and are into Horse Racing Business . Akshay has a drinking problem hence his father doesn't leave him any property and names it all to his elder step brother Saif . The whole film revolves around saif and his insurance policy worth millions .

The small scene that was in Ajnabee where Akshay Kumar hurts himself just to get his mediclaim by foooling the insurance company so that they can use the money to go for a tour has been blown manifolds and a movie has been made out of that scene . So this time Abbas Mustan have stolen from their own movie and put something from Wild Things and wallah !!! Race is born .

Bipasha Basu is Saif's girlfriend and Katrina is Saif's loyal secretory . Then happens the entire sequence of Double Crossing each other to get the money which is to be given by Insurance company after Saif's death . There is nothing in the Plot that I can reveal because if I would do so the very small amount of pleasure that you would have got from movie would also get lost . Double Crossing is fun till you can't guess it . Once it becomes predictable it is just waste of time .

Anil Kapoor plays a Cop who investigates Saif's death and Sameera is his Dumb Secretory . They act like the Karamchand and Mini of the famous "Jasoos Karamchand " TV series which got real popular on DD . In fact Sameera's name in the movie is also Mini . What is irritating is the way Anil has played his character . A lot of adult jokes and mannerism that doesn't suit actor of his stature . Both Anil and Sameera's character are just a showpiece and put in just for Time Pass . The story could have been written even by an amateur writer who knows nothing about writing . At no point in the movie I felt shocked and the acting performances were pathetic . Akshay Khanna did this role probably out of unemployment because he has an image of a good actor and in this movie he has just put his image down . Nothing good for a great actor . If he had to do such roles then why is he selective in the first place ? He could have done loads of such movies .

Katrina Kaif has two good songs picturised on her , thank God for that because she is the only reason I went to watch this movie . Their is nothing new by Bipasha but she looks hot as usual . Sex scenes are a must if its an abbas mustan movie and Bips is in one of them . One big reason why Wild Things worked was that it had full frontal nudity in it by Dennis Richards and all the other leads to an extent of a Three-some . Well , the Director duo could not do that so they put in some adult jokes and a love scene to make up for it . This might attract some of the audience but it will leave even that kind of audience unsatisfied .

The Direction is just regulation stuff and the Script is very weak . The Cinematography is quite good and all the Actors look hot . Acting performances are just regular and nothing extraordinary . The action sequences are also amateurish and repetitive . The action sequences are all shown in trailers so if you are expecting a little bit more action then also you would be disappointed . The Director Duo should now watch some more Hollywood movies or read some more thriller novels , they might find something interesting for their next movie .

In all , the movie is a big disappointment and if you just want to do some time pass then only watch it . Don't expect it to be a thriller and you might like it . The songs are worth a watch and thats why it gets a little higher rating from my side . The movie is in no ways going to thrill you but you might enjoy it a little bit . Rather I'll refer Wild Things to you . Go out rent a DVD of Wild Things and you would also not only save some bucks but even would get entertained more than Race .

Movie Rating : Two out of Five for music and the cinematography . Below Average stuff.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A look at The Year Ahead

Yash Raj Films (YRF) are no doubt the biggest studio based producers in India and they have all the big guns with them and also have the biggest releases of the year . Last year was quite unfortunate for them with all of their movies failing , apart from Chak-De India . Last year they had films like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (worst film in which all the big stars acted for no good reason) which had no script and films like Aaja Nachle and Laga Chunari .. which had the actors but didn't had that great piece of writing . A year before last , YRF had a decent year and that probably made them overconfident and all the directors and even the producers went at anything without any caution . The actors also thought that Adi and YRF can pull off anything . But welcome to today's world !!! You just can't pull off a blunder just because it had the bigshot directors and actors .

This year's YRF line up looks quite interesting from last year and I hope that Aditya doesn't act
as a ghost Director because two opinions on set are not going to do any good to the movie . Aditya needs to be congratulated for the fact that he is not making repetitive cinema (though he follows a formula) . This year would be Different than last as this year the owner himself has put a gun on his neck in the form of "Rab Ne bana di Jodi " . The movie would need no publicity since it has SRK in it so Adi please save some money and efforts there and put them in the Script . Honestly speaking Adi's only "good" work was in DDLJ . After that nothing good has come out of him . Lets hope for the best . DDLJ is a classic , hope this movie at least goes half the way .

Well , the YRF calendar will start with Tashan releasing on 25th April . Probably , YRF's first attempt on Film Noire . The film has a power packed cast of Akki,Bebo,Saif and Anil Kapoor , the bad guy . The film had given a whole new look to all the actors like YRF always does . We have seen uber cool HR (Hrithik Roshan not Himesh Resh.) and hot Ash in D2 . Both had looked quite hot n sexy in that movie . In Tashan also Kareena is going to wear a bikini and Saif would gawk at it . Akshay would be back to basics i.e. Action and Anil as usual would abuse verbally on-screen flawlessly .
YRF has the money to work on sets and costumes and look of the movie but they don't have the patience to work on the script . I am quite sure they
will get lost somewhere in this movie between western and eastern cinema . I just hope this movie doesn't do what JBJ did last year . All the glitz no substance .

The next on list is an untitled film from Kunal Kohli of Hum Tum fame who gave an average film in form of Fanaa last time he went behind camera . He is back to his original favourite cast of Saif and Rani . Rani plays an Angel in the movie if the reports are to be believed . It is also said to be roughly inspired by Mary Poppins
stories. This movie too seems to have a different look . The movie is targeted at Kids similarly to Tara rum pum and has four spoilt brats in it along with Saif .

This one will for sure have some fantastic special effects in it to attract the kids this monsoons .
The movie releases 27th June . Rani would also do something she has done very less that is make people laugh . A romantic comedy angle would be there for sure in it since it worked for kunal first time . The movie also has Amisha in an important role . Saif would create some comedy handling the spoilt brats and may be learn a lesson or two to handle his own son . The kids would no doubt be the USP of film . I again hope it has more of story than special effects and sets .

Next on list is Bachna Ae Haseeno having Ranbir romancing with thr
ee different ladies Deepika , Minissha and Bipasha . The very much hyped pair of Ranbir and Deepika would finally hit screens on Independence Day (like Chak De did last time ) . The movie seems quite interesting and this is the movie that will decide Ranbir's future because it is in this movie when he will create or expand his fan-base since nobody saw Saawariya . All the ladies in this movie also are looking quite stunning with Bipasha looking really coool in the stills .

Minissha Lamba has also shown her mettle in past and she is also looking gorgeous in the movie . Bipasha would be something to look forward to since she is quite elder to Ranbir and it would be interesting to see their chemistry on screen . She was made just a show-piece in Dhoom2 . I hope Yash Raj doesn't do the same to her in this film .

Then comes Roadside Romeo which will release around 24th October which will be first full fledged animated feature by Yash Raj in collaboration with Disney . This movie is again targeted at kids just like the Kunal Kohli's film . There are also voice overs of Saif , Kareena and Jaaved jaaferi . Here I put my entire money on Jaaved who would come out as a star since he has a mastery in voice overs .
The film is about Dogs so I am hundred percent sure that Jaaved willl play as a Rich and Healthy Breed who would act as Villian for "sadak-chaap" Saif . To give competition to Yash Raj's Roadside Romeo there is a movie by Karan Johar called as "Kuchi Kuchi Hota Hai " which would have voice-overs of all the original cast of Kuch Kuch hota hai . There is no competition between Jugal Hansraj (Director , Roadside Romeo) and Karan Johar . But since Karan is a good friend of Adi no doubt his movie would release after an interval giving no direct competiton to Roadside Romeo .

One thing that would be quite interesting to see would be the level of graphics since Roadside would be done by Disney professionals and Kuchi Kuchi ... would be probably done by SRK's Red Chillies VFX .

Last but not least by any means is the SRK's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which will release on 12th December . The movie is an unusual love story of a 40 year Old and a 16 year old . Earlier RGV made Nishabd with a ratio of 16-60 which didn't work . I hope this
one does . This one is much light hearted and has the King himself who would come back with Aditya Chopra after a span of eight long years . The 16 year old lucky girl would be played by Sonam Kapoor who would be on top of this world with a chance to work with SRK in her second film itself . The shooting would start soon .

So this year looks quite interesting and I hope , what everybody expects of Yash Raj i.e. an interesting film . I hope they don't waste out our hard earned bucks that we spend on them . One thing I would like to see in Yash Raj's calendar next year is a movie with smaller stars but bigger actors , somebody like Abhay Deol or Neil Nitin Mukesh paired with a new girl . Yash Raj needs to at least make one Experimental cinema a year with a creative director something they did in Kabul Express with Kabir Khan . They should have newer directors who have ideas but no budget . My heart goes out to films like Manorama Six Feet Under which was ten times better than any of Yash Raj's movie last year apart from Chak-De but it failed because it had no publicity .

But still Yash Raj gives the biggest films of the year so here's wishing a good year ahead for them and I hope people like me get entertained throughout the year .