Friday, March 21, 2008

Race --- Movie Review

Its time now that Abbas Mustan should either retire or stop making Thrillers . I say so because race is one more disappointment which has been the case since last few movies of Abbas Mustan . The movie is not at all thrilling if you are a little bit smart . The plot of the movie is quite guessable and you can figure it out even before it happens . Abbas Mustan this time have been inspired from Hollywood Flick "Wild Things" . The plot is different from that movie but what is similar is the chase for money and double crossing . If you have seen Wild Things you may not like this one at all . The music is all inspired from west in the same way as the film is . But since it is quite popular right now so it would be liked by everyone .

Talking of the film , it has two brothers Ranvir (Saif) and Rajiv(Akshay) who are the owners of Horse Racing Club and are into Horse Racing Business . Akshay has a drinking problem hence his father doesn't leave him any property and names it all to his elder step brother Saif . The whole film revolves around saif and his insurance policy worth millions .

The small scene that was in Ajnabee where Akshay Kumar hurts himself just to get his mediclaim by foooling the insurance company so that they can use the money to go for a tour has been blown manifolds and a movie has been made out of that scene . So this time Abbas Mustan have stolen from their own movie and put something from Wild Things and wallah !!! Race is born .

Bipasha Basu is Saif's girlfriend and Katrina is Saif's loyal secretory . Then happens the entire sequence of Double Crossing each other to get the money which is to be given by Insurance company after Saif's death . There is nothing in the Plot that I can reveal because if I would do so the very small amount of pleasure that you would have got from movie would also get lost . Double Crossing is fun till you can't guess it . Once it becomes predictable it is just waste of time .

Anil Kapoor plays a Cop who investigates Saif's death and Sameera is his Dumb Secretory . They act like the Karamchand and Mini of the famous "Jasoos Karamchand " TV series which got real popular on DD . In fact Sameera's name in the movie is also Mini . What is irritating is the way Anil has played his character . A lot of adult jokes and mannerism that doesn't suit actor of his stature . Both Anil and Sameera's character are just a showpiece and put in just for Time Pass . The story could have been written even by an amateur writer who knows nothing about writing . At no point in the movie I felt shocked and the acting performances were pathetic . Akshay Khanna did this role probably out of unemployment because he has an image of a good actor and in this movie he has just put his image down . Nothing good for a great actor . If he had to do such roles then why is he selective in the first place ? He could have done loads of such movies .

Katrina Kaif has two good songs picturised on her , thank God for that because she is the only reason I went to watch this movie . Their is nothing new by Bipasha but she looks hot as usual . Sex scenes are a must if its an abbas mustan movie and Bips is in one of them . One big reason why Wild Things worked was that it had full frontal nudity in it by Dennis Richards and all the other leads to an extent of a Three-some . Well , the Director duo could not do that so they put in some adult jokes and a love scene to make up for it . This might attract some of the audience but it will leave even that kind of audience unsatisfied .

The Direction is just regulation stuff and the Script is very weak . The Cinematography is quite good and all the Actors look hot . Acting performances are just regular and nothing extraordinary . The action sequences are also amateurish and repetitive . The action sequences are all shown in trailers so if you are expecting a little bit more action then also you would be disappointed . The Director Duo should now watch some more Hollywood movies or read some more thriller novels , they might find something interesting for their next movie .

In all , the movie is a big disappointment and if you just want to do some time pass then only watch it . Don't expect it to be a thriller and you might like it . The songs are worth a watch and thats why it gets a little higher rating from my side . The movie is in no ways going to thrill you but you might enjoy it a little bit . Rather I'll refer Wild Things to you . Go out rent a DVD of Wild Things and you would also not only save some bucks but even would get entertained more than Race .

Movie Rating : Two out of Five for music and the cinematography . Below Average stuff.

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  1. I doesnt at all convince with the Race Review above. Race is one of the best movie i have ever seen afer Bazigar. Hats off to Abbas mastan.


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