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Tashan --- Music Review

My gut feeling is getting stronger day by day that Tashan might turn out to be the Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom(JBJ) of this year or may be even worse . JBJ at least had a decent music in it but this one seems to doesn't even have that . The Music of this movie is out now and it is not at all worth buying . There is no song in the album that will lead the charts . It seems to me as the bank balance of Yash Raj is growing day by day they are becoming more and more careless . They have tried in this album to bring back the senseless , melody-less and Lyrics-less Music of the times of Govinda & Akshay . The music is by Vishal-Shekhar and after OSO this one is a big disappointment . The songs in this Album have nothing to offer . The reason I speak so strongly is because if such a big Production house of India will behave this way then their days are limited . Well , its too early for me to say something like this but I hope they prove me wrong and at least the movie is Good enough to fade the bad effects of its music .

The Album has Five songs in total out of which only two are Good (comparatively) . There are also four dialogues by all the leading cast introducing their characters .

The first in the lot is Dil Hara by Sukhwinder Singh and has lyrics by Piyush Mishra . The music is what is played in the trailer of the movie . The song is well sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Lyrics are OK . The song is quite good but towards the end it suddenly becomes fast and from a desi track it turns into a hard rock song which has not been done well . Apart from its end , the song is good and probably second best track in the album .

After this comes the dialogue by Kareena , Pooja Ka Tashan . She introduces herself and gives a peek of her tom boy nature in he movie . What I am afraid is that Kareena would look really bad in this movie and she would not at all suit the character . But I can understand why Kareena said Yes to this role , just to get an entry into the Yashraj Camp .

Then comes Chaliya by Sunidhi and Piyush Mishra . The lyrics are by Anvita Dutt and I think her lyrics have not been given full justice . The tune is not at all good and just because of the music the song has suffered . The song might look good in the movie but certainly not for your music collection .

After this song a short dialogue by Saif introducing his character of a Playboy and may be Saif might pull of this role well since it suits his personality .

Then comes a song (Dil Dance Maare) that I couldn't figure out , what is it all about . The song is a pathetic mixture of Desi linguistics and English lyrics making no sense at all . The singing is decent by Sukhwinder , Sunidhi and Udit but lyrics are just so Bakwaas . Vishal , last gave lyrics of a beautiful song in Om Shanti Om (Ankhon mein teri ajab si) and now he has given lyrics to this song that makes no sense at all .

Then there is a Dialogue by Akshay Kumar who plays a "Chhora Ganga Kinare Waala"but delivers his dialogue like Punjabi Jatt which he is . So once more I don't think this role might suit his Jatt Personality . Probably Abhishek would have done it better .

Then comes which is probably the best song on the album " Falak Tak " by Udit and Mahalaxmi Iyer . It is the Romantic pic of the Album and is quite melodious and Lyrical . The Music is also good in this one by Vishal-Shekhar and the Lyrics are great by Kausar Munir . The Music in this one also is quite western influenced with little bit desi beats blended in between .

The whole concept of this movie is blending Western Film Noire Genre with the grassroot desi culture of India . But I don't think it would work that way . The audience won't be able to digest it and it would become a tasteless Cocktail of "Desi Daaru" and Western Wine .

After this comes a Dialogue by Anil Kapoor in typical Hinglish in which he states that he is an Old Style Villian , vulgar and cheap . Though Anil is quite good at doing this so his character might look good in the movie with much more Adult Nonsense after what he has done recently in Race .

Last Song on the Album is the Title Song Tashan Mein by Vishal and Saleem and having Lyrics by Vishal and Piyush . They have not at all done justice to the Title of the movie and the song is a dull affair . There is nothing new about lyrics also .

Still , if you like just dhoom dhadaka and don't care a bit about melody and Lyrics then you might Like the album

Rating :
One and Half out of Five . The Album is not at all worth buying and only one song that is Falak Tak is worth listening .

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  1. I understand your viewpoint on Tashan. But as I say in my review, I think the value of Tashan's soundtrack lies in combining it with the content of the film, i.e. the plot, the characters, the marketing initiatives, etc. From that standpoint, I think it does its job well.

    Agree completely on the lack of [lyrical] sensibilities in most instances in the album, but then again, that's not what the film seems to demand. And yes, Falak Tak is by far the most well-written song in the album.


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