Monday, April 28, 2008

Tashan --- Movie Review

Yash Raj couldn't go lower than this , this is what comes to my mind the moment I think of one line that could describe this movie . As I expected , Tashan is even worse than Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom . JBJ at least had good songs in it , this one doesn't even have that . There is no Script , no Direction and no specific theme . They (Yash Raj) have made a complete blunder attempt of Film Noire genre and have gone nowhere near that Genre of Films . This movie is so pathetic that I would rather refer you guys to watch movies of the 90's like Gundaaraj etc. which had more or less the same theme as this movie has but it had the actors that were meant to do such films . When I see great actors like Anil and Kareena Kapoor doing such pathetic film I really get disappointed . Why do they accept such films ? Just because its a Yash Raj film doesn't mean that it has to be done .

I don't want to waste my time talking on such a piece of crap and in short this film is a piece of shit and I am quite sure this piece of shit would be liked by several sections of audiences . This movie has just one line script and and Yashraj is lowering its standard day by day . Vulgar and cheap dialogues spoken by some of the most respected artists of our industry is what Tashan all about . The production house that has given films like Chak De India , Hum Tum , Salaam Namaste , Bunty Babli, Dhoom etc. should not even think of making such a low grade movie , but Yashraj have not only thought of it but even gone ahead and wasted a lot of bucks on it . Sad part though , is that people come to watch such a movie to theater because of the star cast in it and in the process the production house redeems all its production cost even though if people didn't like the film and this gives the production house courage to make some more like this . I am quite sure that though Tashan would not be liked by people at large but still it would recover all its production cost and on the other hand good films like Manorama - 6 feet Under and Johnny Gaddar don't even recover their production cost just because it didn't have the star power .

There is nothing to talk about the film thats why I am talking more in a general way and not Film Specific . The movie has some skin show by Kareena Kapoor who doesn't suit at all in a zero figure and some pathetic comedy by anil and akshay . And it also has some over the top action sequences that make no sense at all and the entire movie resembles a B grade film with a lump-sum budget . The music is pathetic and I could see audiences moving out of cinema halls during the songs . I also remember a guy sitting close buy saying that such movies were made 15 years ago . He is quite right and I must add to it that 15 years ago the times were different and such a movie would suite in those times but not today . But I still could see people hooting on some cheap and vulgar acts of the stars and it made me feel that despite the weak script and poor direction this movie might work beacuse of the vulgarity in it . I think that its high time now that people should stop watching Yash Raj films in such large numbers just beacuse of its star cast . I would rather donate the 100 bucks to some charity organization rather than wasting it on such a movie . If this is done by all of you imagine the crores that the charity organization could get and put them to at least some good use .

Seriously guys don't waste your precious time on this one . I did it and I am repenting for it .And if any of you liked this movie then I would refer you to go out to the DVD store and rent some more like this of the 90's , you would love them even more than this one . One advice for Yash Raj that money is temporary thing and if you have it today put it to good use or else it will end one day and then no one is gonna help you .
Short Term profit from such movie will become Long Term loss and will one day cost you your prestige . Aditya should appoint more people like shimit amin and stop wasting their money on guys like Vijay Krishna Acharya and Kunal Kohli etc. And as I always say work more on the script rather than star cast , sets and publicity .

Movie Rating : One out of Five Stars , pathetic script , direction and acting .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Krazzy 4 --- Movie Review

Filmkraft's latest release Krazzy 4 released this week with a lot of hype surrounding its title track and it seems that it is nowadays becoming a fashion to have some controversy during the release of a film . Anyways , the film has released along with its Title track starring SRK an HR . But in spite of the two tracks performed by them the film still has to connect with audience to survive at the Box office and Krazzy 4 fails to an extent in that department . The film is Directed by the assistant director of Rakesh Roshan , Jaideep Sen . Though he is a debutant Director but the commercial elements of Krazzy four remind us of the movie that Rakesh use to once make like Koyla and Karan-Arjun . The same Dialogues , filled with emotions and melodrama are in excess in this movie . And as a result the film will not go down well with the more practical and less emotional audiences of the Metros . But it can do quite well in smaller centers because it is a typical commercial film with a lot of Patriotism in it . Sounds strange isn't it ? A comedy film with Patriotism , that too releasing nowhere near Independence Day or Republic Day . But thats the truth of the film . It makes a remark on the society of today and shows that how crazy , people are getting today and how the people at a mental institute are much better than those roaming on the streets in crores like us .

The film as the name suggests has Four crazy yet not so crazy people - Rajpal , Irfan , Arshad and Suresh . They have a doctor (Juhi) who takes them out of the institute just to treat them as a normal human beings and how her whole plan gets messed up and in the process the not so crazy people make other people crazy and make us feel that how crazy are we that we are sitting , watching this film . Just kiddin , the film isn't that bad either but it still is not as it could have been . The people expect a good film from Producer after films like Koi mil Gaya and Krissh , but they get something quite low from their expectations .

Well , the story proceeds and their Doctor(Juhi) gets Kidnapped and how they not only catch the kidnappers but also expose the dirty nexus of Police , Criminals , Politicians and Businessmen . The businessman behind Juhi's kidnap being her husband itself Rajat Kapoor . The film is of only just over two hours but the still it moves so slowly that it kinda gets loose at several points . The basic film of the story is just this much -- 4 people who are not so crazy help catch the kidnappers of their doctor . And around this short story is the whole Patriotic and society addressing message has been wrapped up and a film has been made . People who are expecting a good comedy will get disappointed because it has comic moments but not that funny .

Overall , it has clean humour with a message for society which has been given in a typical melodramatic way . The message has not been delivered in the way movies like Munnabhai M.B.B.S. or Rang De Basanti did . The producers thought of the message first and then wrapped a story around that message . Whereas it was the other way round in case of Munnabhai and RDB . Both had a story first which had an underlying message in it . And everybody knows what impact these movie had on society in large .

The acting performances by all the actors are decent and Juhi Chawla is back in her typical "Crying" and pathetic dialogues that don't even suit her . I don't know why Directors make her cry when she is quite a bubbly girl in real life . She has nothing much in the entire film , yet she reminds us of her peak days when she used to cry in her movies like Darr and Daraar (starring Arbaz Khan ) . Rajpal is as always at his best and Suresh doesn't speak at all but still performs well . Irfan has also performed well and Arshad warsi looks good only as a second lead and cannot carry the entire film on his shoulders . There are few technical glitches in the film but overall it is quite OK and might be liked by emotionally patriotic audiences . The movie is bound to do well due to its family nature and the summer holidays being on , the kids will drag their parents to the cinemas . It has a lesson or two for kids .

One special thing about the film is that it has our National Anthem in it so guys remember to stand while you see it and don't shy away from your responsibility . When I watched the movie I was very proud to see every-body in the audi standing up to respect our national anthem . Don' wait for others , take a step and do it . Those who laugh at you are the real CRAZY people and let them laugh .

Overall , the film is not that good , as it has quite less content in it . But , if you still can digest the melodrama and are very emotionally patriotic , then you might like this movie and you can watch it once . Strictly guys if you are expecting an out and out comedy , forget it . Apart from the Title song and Rakhi's song the other songs are quite boring and make the movie slow to an extent . Rajesh Roshan has failed on his part and even Ashwini Dhir who has written the film has done quite less. Weak Script and the screenplay even weaker . Cinematography is good and the choreography is great . The set designed for SRK's song was a treat to watch apart from the song itself . So , the art Director has also done a great job .

Watch it if you have got nothing else to do and if " Khuda Kay lie " is still in the cinema halls then I would refer that one more if you like off-beat more than commercial .

Movie Rating : Two Out of Five Stars , weak script and Direction .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shaurya --- Movie Review

The second film of television host turned Director , Samar Khan , released this week and I must say that it is worth a watch if you are tired of watching same movies every week with a typical formula . The first movie of Samar was Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye which nobody remembers . I only remember one song of that movie featuring Arshad warsi . The remarkable quality of that movie was that it was so damn dull and had no energy in it even though it was a love story . And I must say that this movie also has shades of that dullness in the first half because the first half of shaurya moves too damn slowly . The story is somewhat quite small but it has been blown to make a full length feature film out of it . The story is good and since the casting is top notch the audience won't feel bored but what lacks in this film is its loose direction .

The story is of an army officer , Javed Khan , who kills his senior for some reason . Then there is a court case in which Rahul Bose defends Jaaved Khan and Jaaved Jaffry who is a dear friend of Rahul is the advocate of opposition . Rahul is an easygoing guy who doesn't like army but he still joins army on his Dad's wish . His dislike increases even more
because he loses his dad in War . He is never serious in life and Jaaved who is his best friend insists him to become serious . Rahul lands in this case as an advocate to Jaaved Khan on the recommendation of Jaaved Jaffry . Everybody believes that the case is an open and shut case but Rahul doesn't think so and he defends Jaaved reaching to his motive for killing his senior officer . The regiment to which jaaved belongs is headed by RP Singh (Kay Kay) who is a very powerful and disciplined army officer . Kay Kay loses his family because a Muslim guy, who was a servant in his house , rapes and murders all of his family . Since then Kay Kay develops a deep seated hatred against Muslims and hence thinks every Muslim to be a criminal and hence makes all his officers of his regime think the same way and also makes them sick to such a large extent that they kill innocent people in the valley just beacuse they are Muslims . Due to this unjust approach of officers Jaaved Khan who is a junior officer kills his senior who causes a lot of hate massacres . When Rahul realises that how sick Kay Kay is , he defends Jaaved with his full strength and in the end manages to prove Kay Kay guilty .

The story is very short and has been en-longed just by putting in characters of Minissha Lamba who is a reporter and Love interest of Rahul . Even Jaaved Jaafry's character as a friend of Rahul is a minor character and has been put in just to waste some time . The entire first half consists of introduction of Minissha , Rahul and Jaaved and the story moves very slowly in the first half . If a person omits the entire first half even then he would enjoy the movie to same extent .

What is the strong point of the movie is the pacy second half and powerful acting performances by Kay Kay and Rahul . The climax of the movie where Kay Kay confesses all his crimes is a treat to watch and Kay Kay has given one of the finest performances in those scenes in his entire career . Though the role of Rahul was strange in many ways and lacked the finesse in terms of an Army officer but still it was quite good . Kay Kay plays negative roles quite good but he should now look for some more positive roles or else he will get type casted as villain . There is a very small part of Amrita Rao but even in that small part she leaves a mark and displays her acting skills to the max . So much so that even with few minutes on screen she overshadows the role of Minissha completely . Minissha's role is quite different and even she is a fantastic actress . She has the mettle to become star of both commercial and off beat cinema . Jaaved Jaffry's role is just pure time pass and it has got nothing to offer . Still it has been well played by him .

Cinematography by Carlos Catalan is top notch and he has shown the valley quite beautifully . Full marks to him . The background score is not that good with repetitive sounds that don't even fit the situations that well . Thank God , the movie has no songs or else it would have got longer with story still moving slowly . The film is well written and the writer's have done a good job .

Overall , the movie has got a good script but what it lacked was the inefficient direction and unnecessary blowing up of the plot . The director Samar Khan still needs to learn a lot in Direction . Still , it was way much better attempt than his last movie . The reason why you should watch this movie is that it has got some message and it even has some great acting performances by Kay Kay and the entire remaining cast .
It is not at all a court room drama and has got way much more important message than a typical courtroom drama .

Movie Rating : Two and Half Stars out of Five , for great acting performances and different script . Go watch it and support off-beat experimental cinema .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Love Story 2050 --- Trailer Review

The movie that is supposed to be the most expensive sci-fi flick of Bollywood ever , Love Story 2050 , will release this summer . The Teaser promo of the movie is out now and the visuals are exciting but the content is not . The movie stars Harman Baweja , son of Harry Baweja who has Produced and Directed films like Qayamat , Main Aisa Hi Hun , Yeh Kya Ho Raha hai , Girlfriend etc. If you look at the list of films closely , all are inspired from Hollywood Cinema , Qayamat from The Rock , Main Aisa Hi Hun from I am Sam , Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai from American Pie etc . So one thing is for sure that Love Story 2050 would also be inspired significantly from the west .

And the promo proves my point . It starts with Boman Irani being shown as a Crazy Scientist who works Hard to build a time machine and finally makes it . The
Time Machine shown in the promos is an exact copy from the film of same name and Priyanka uses it to travel to the future Mumbai . Then the movie takes a 42 year leap and goes to 2050 and the world changes totally . Then starts a series of visuals showing the glimpses of movie and in fast motion . But what appears from those visuals is that it is a mixture of all the sci-fi movies made till date with a little Indian masala in it . There also two kids in the movie so the movie will attract Kids for sure And since there is no big summer release it may attract audiences to a large extent . Even the background score is inspired from the west with inputs from Evanescence -Bring Me to life .

The movie no doubt would be focussed on Harman Baweja since its his home production . Harman has been kept under wraps since a long time so that people see him only on the big screen first . During entire trailer he has been not show
n clearly and only rushes of him can be seen . But at end of the trailer Harman is shown with a Tagline going this way -The Future is Here . He is been shown in the trailer as if he is already a big star and I hope his dad has not done the same in the entire movie . In my opinion his first impression wasn't that effective and the tagline that "Future is here" is too heavy for him . He looks good but not as good as Hrithik . But on the other side even SRK didn't look like a superstar in his earlier days . What matters is that how well one connects with the audience and that depends entirely on his Acting skills and overall personality , so nothing can be said just with a look . I hope he is the future because there are no young male superstars in Bollywood today apart from Hrithik .

Priyanka looks good and it would be interesting to see the on-screen chemistry between the two main leads as their off-screen chemistry has been quite in news .

Overall , the trailer is good but it didn't excite me as much because it is too much influenced from the west . Something original and of smaller scale would have excited me even more . One thing that will make this movie a success is its Scale . The movie has been made with a huge budget but still from the rushes it doesn't look at par with the west . Lets hope that the mixture of Hollywood Sci-fi is good and it can be great also .
Check out the trailer :