Monday, April 28, 2008

Tashan --- Movie Review

Yash Raj couldn't go lower than this , this is what comes to my mind the moment I think of one line that could describe this movie . As I expected , Tashan is even worse than Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom . JBJ at least had good songs in it , this one doesn't even have that . There is no Script , no Direction and no specific theme . They (Yash Raj) have made a complete blunder attempt of Film Noire genre and have gone nowhere near that Genre of Films . This movie is so pathetic that I would rather refer you guys to watch movies of the 90's like Gundaaraj etc. which had more or less the same theme as this movie has but it had the actors that were meant to do such films . When I see great actors like Anil and Kareena Kapoor doing such pathetic film I really get disappointed . Why do they accept such films ? Just because its a Yash Raj film doesn't mean that it has to be done .

I don't want to waste my time talking on such a piece of crap and in short this film is a piece of shit and I am quite sure this piece of shit would be liked by several sections of audiences . This movie has just one line script and and Yashraj is lowering its standard day by day . Vulgar and cheap dialogues spoken by some of the most respected artists of our industry is what Tashan all about . The production house that has given films like Chak De India , Hum Tum , Salaam Namaste , Bunty Babli, Dhoom etc. should not even think of making such a low grade movie , but Yashraj have not only thought of it but even gone ahead and wasted a lot of bucks on it . Sad part though , is that people come to watch such a movie to theater because of the star cast in it and in the process the production house redeems all its production cost even though if people didn't like the film and this gives the production house courage to make some more like this . I am quite sure that though Tashan would not be liked by people at large but still it would recover all its production cost and on the other hand good films like Manorama - 6 feet Under and Johnny Gaddar don't even recover their production cost just because it didn't have the star power .

There is nothing to talk about the film thats why I am talking more in a general way and not Film Specific . The movie has some skin show by Kareena Kapoor who doesn't suit at all in a zero figure and some pathetic comedy by anil and akshay . And it also has some over the top action sequences that make no sense at all and the entire movie resembles a B grade film with a lump-sum budget . The music is pathetic and I could see audiences moving out of cinema halls during the songs . I also remember a guy sitting close buy saying that such movies were made 15 years ago . He is quite right and I must add to it that 15 years ago the times were different and such a movie would suite in those times but not today . But I still could see people hooting on some cheap and vulgar acts of the stars and it made me feel that despite the weak script and poor direction this movie might work beacuse of the vulgarity in it . I think that its high time now that people should stop watching Yash Raj films in such large numbers just beacuse of its star cast . I would rather donate the 100 bucks to some charity organization rather than wasting it on such a movie . If this is done by all of you imagine the crores that the charity organization could get and put them to at least some good use .

Seriously guys don't waste your precious time on this one . I did it and I am repenting for it .And if any of you liked this movie then I would refer you to go out to the DVD store and rent some more like this of the 90's , you would love them even more than this one . One advice for Yash Raj that money is temporary thing and if you have it today put it to good use or else it will end one day and then no one is gonna help you .
Short Term profit from such movie will become Long Term loss and will one day cost you your prestige . Aditya should appoint more people like shimit amin and stop wasting their money on guys like Vijay Krishna Acharya and Kunal Kohli etc. And as I always say work more on the script rather than star cast , sets and publicity .

Movie Rating : One out of Five Stars , pathetic script , direction and acting .

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