Sunday, April 6, 2008

Love Story 2050 --- Trailer Review

The movie that is supposed to be the most expensive sci-fi flick of Bollywood ever , Love Story 2050 , will release this summer . The Teaser promo of the movie is out now and the visuals are exciting but the content is not . The movie stars Harman Baweja , son of Harry Baweja who has Produced and Directed films like Qayamat , Main Aisa Hi Hun , Yeh Kya Ho Raha hai , Girlfriend etc. If you look at the list of films closely , all are inspired from Hollywood Cinema , Qayamat from The Rock , Main Aisa Hi Hun from I am Sam , Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai from American Pie etc . So one thing is for sure that Love Story 2050 would also be inspired significantly from the west .

And the promo proves my point . It starts with Boman Irani being shown as a Crazy Scientist who works Hard to build a time machine and finally makes it . The
Time Machine shown in the promos is an exact copy from the film of same name and Priyanka uses it to travel to the future Mumbai . Then the movie takes a 42 year leap and goes to 2050 and the world changes totally . Then starts a series of visuals showing the glimpses of movie and in fast motion . But what appears from those visuals is that it is a mixture of all the sci-fi movies made till date with a little Indian masala in it . There also two kids in the movie so the movie will attract Kids for sure And since there is no big summer release it may attract audiences to a large extent . Even the background score is inspired from the west with inputs from Evanescence -Bring Me to life .

The movie no doubt would be focussed on Harman Baweja since its his home production . Harman has been kept under wraps since a long time so that people see him only on the big screen first . During entire trailer he has been not show
n clearly and only rushes of him can be seen . But at end of the trailer Harman is shown with a Tagline going this way -The Future is Here . He is been shown in the trailer as if he is already a big star and I hope his dad has not done the same in the entire movie . In my opinion his first impression wasn't that effective and the tagline that "Future is here" is too heavy for him . He looks good but not as good as Hrithik . But on the other side even SRK didn't look like a superstar in his earlier days . What matters is that how well one connects with the audience and that depends entirely on his Acting skills and overall personality , so nothing can be said just with a look . I hope he is the future because there are no young male superstars in Bollywood today apart from Hrithik .

Priyanka looks good and it would be interesting to see the on-screen chemistry between the two main leads as their off-screen chemistry has been quite in news .

Overall , the trailer is good but it didn't excite me as much because it is too much influenced from the west . Something original and of smaller scale would have excited me even more . One thing that will make this movie a success is its Scale . The movie has been made with a huge budget but still from the rushes it doesn't look at par with the west . Lets hope that the mixture of Hollywood Sci-fi is good and it can be great also .
Check out the trailer :


  1. Nice post.
    Liked your take on Harman Baweja.
    I have been waiting for this guy

    since like ages now.

    Saw this video - the newer promo for

    the film, and methinks he looks a

    lot like Hrithik Roshan.


    I think this film is a good mix of

    science fiction and lovestory, and

    moreover, with kids in it, it;s sure

    gonna attarct a decent fanfare.

    Whatsay ?

  2. hmmm.. I quite agree with you ..I've posted a comment on your blog


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