Saturday, April 12, 2008

Krazzy 4 --- Movie Review

Filmkraft's latest release Krazzy 4 released this week with a lot of hype surrounding its title track and it seems that it is nowadays becoming a fashion to have some controversy during the release of a film . Anyways , the film has released along with its Title track starring SRK an HR . But in spite of the two tracks performed by them the film still has to connect with audience to survive at the Box office and Krazzy 4 fails to an extent in that department . The film is Directed by the assistant director of Rakesh Roshan , Jaideep Sen . Though he is a debutant Director but the commercial elements of Krazzy four remind us of the movie that Rakesh use to once make like Koyla and Karan-Arjun . The same Dialogues , filled with emotions and melodrama are in excess in this movie . And as a result the film will not go down well with the more practical and less emotional audiences of the Metros . But it can do quite well in smaller centers because it is a typical commercial film with a lot of Patriotism in it . Sounds strange isn't it ? A comedy film with Patriotism , that too releasing nowhere near Independence Day or Republic Day . But thats the truth of the film . It makes a remark on the society of today and shows that how crazy , people are getting today and how the people at a mental institute are much better than those roaming on the streets in crores like us .

The film as the name suggests has Four crazy yet not so crazy people - Rajpal , Irfan , Arshad and Suresh . They have a doctor (Juhi) who takes them out of the institute just to treat them as a normal human beings and how her whole plan gets messed up and in the process the not so crazy people make other people crazy and make us feel that how crazy are we that we are sitting , watching this film . Just kiddin , the film isn't that bad either but it still is not as it could have been . The people expect a good film from Producer after films like Koi mil Gaya and Krissh , but they get something quite low from their expectations .

Well , the story proceeds and their Doctor(Juhi) gets Kidnapped and how they not only catch the kidnappers but also expose the dirty nexus of Police , Criminals , Politicians and Businessmen . The businessman behind Juhi's kidnap being her husband itself Rajat Kapoor . The film is of only just over two hours but the still it moves so slowly that it kinda gets loose at several points . The basic film of the story is just this much -- 4 people who are not so crazy help catch the kidnappers of their doctor . And around this short story is the whole Patriotic and society addressing message has been wrapped up and a film has been made . People who are expecting a good comedy will get disappointed because it has comic moments but not that funny .

Overall , it has clean humour with a message for society which has been given in a typical melodramatic way . The message has not been delivered in the way movies like Munnabhai M.B.B.S. or Rang De Basanti did . The producers thought of the message first and then wrapped a story around that message . Whereas it was the other way round in case of Munnabhai and RDB . Both had a story first which had an underlying message in it . And everybody knows what impact these movie had on society in large .

The acting performances by all the actors are decent and Juhi Chawla is back in her typical "Crying" and pathetic dialogues that don't even suit her . I don't know why Directors make her cry when she is quite a bubbly girl in real life . She has nothing much in the entire film , yet she reminds us of her peak days when she used to cry in her movies like Darr and Daraar (starring Arbaz Khan ) . Rajpal is as always at his best and Suresh doesn't speak at all but still performs well . Irfan has also performed well and Arshad warsi looks good only as a second lead and cannot carry the entire film on his shoulders . There are few technical glitches in the film but overall it is quite OK and might be liked by emotionally patriotic audiences . The movie is bound to do well due to its family nature and the summer holidays being on , the kids will drag their parents to the cinemas . It has a lesson or two for kids .

One special thing about the film is that it has our National Anthem in it so guys remember to stand while you see it and don't shy away from your responsibility . When I watched the movie I was very proud to see every-body in the audi standing up to respect our national anthem . Don' wait for others , take a step and do it . Those who laugh at you are the real CRAZY people and let them laugh .

Overall , the film is not that good , as it has quite less content in it . But , if you still can digest the melodrama and are very emotionally patriotic , then you might like this movie and you can watch it once . Strictly guys if you are expecting an out and out comedy , forget it . Apart from the Title song and Rakhi's song the other songs are quite boring and make the movie slow to an extent . Rajesh Roshan has failed on his part and even Ashwini Dhir who has written the film has done quite less. Weak Script and the screenplay even weaker . Cinematography is good and the choreography is great . The set designed for SRK's song was a treat to watch apart from the song itself . So , the art Director has also done a great job .

Watch it if you have got nothing else to do and if " Khuda Kay lie " is still in the cinema halls then I would refer that one more if you like off-beat more than commercial .

Movie Rating : Two Out of Five Stars , weak script and Direction .

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