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Singh is Kinng --- Music Review

The next big film which is ready for release is "Singh is Kinng" , starring Akshay and Katrina . The music is out now and from the look of the Music Launch party which was attended by some high profile guests like Amitabh,Salman,Akshay and Katrina it looks like the producer are not going to leave any stone unturned for the promotion of the film . The big part of promotion of any film is its music , as I always say , and the music of Singh is Kinng is surely creating some buzz around the film . The film is no doubt going to be a hit considering it has the hit-jodi of Akshay and Katrina . Katrina has now definately became a lucky charm and she is part of all the big projects these days . She is on a streak of 5 hits and I don't think it wil break soon . Akshay's streak broke with his last film Tashan , but he would be soon back on track with this film .

Talking a little about the music , the album has 12 songs in total out of which 6 are original and rest are remixes . The music is again given by Pritam who is himself on a streak of hits . One line that can describe this album is "Fun all the Way" . Almost all tracks are dance tracks and have a club feel to them . The lyrics are by Mayur Puri who has done a fairly good job for the entire album.

The album opens with the Title track "Singh is Kinng" by famous International Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg . The track is a true Hip-hop track with Punjabi tadka . The track is a Fusion track and basically presents a trailer of the entire album which is a fusion of western and punjabi music . The track has been well composed by guest composer Calvin Broadus with inputs by Surjeet Singh and Manjeet and Kuldeep Rai . The song has a very nice rhythm and tune . It is very well sung by Snoop Dogg , R.D.B. and Akshay . R.D.B. has delivered in a good way and even Akshay has done his bit quite well . Overall , the song has a catchy tune and lyrics which will make it a hit in coming days . Mind you it is not the song that is featured in the trailer which is on air .

The next track on the album is Jee Karda which is sung by Labh Jan Jua and Suzie Q. The club feeling continues and again a nice fusion of Punjabi and English lyrics is there . This song is a little bit faster in its tempo than the previous one and has a nice tune attached to it . This song is again a Party song with pure Punjabi in it . The song is well sung by the singers and it will also work in the coming days . Songs like these are meant for enjoyment and lyrics don't play a big role , so don't pay heed to the lyrics .

The next track on the album is "Bas Ek King" which is on-air these days and is already a hit . The track is again a fusion hip-hop Punjabi Track . The track is composed very well by Pritam and is a hit for sure . The The song is sung by Mika,Neeraj and Ashish Pandit . It also has Rap by Hard Kaur which stands out in the track . She is the best female rap artist I know . She can work on an international track for sure . The catchy title Singh is Kinng is back again throughout the track which guarantees it it to be a hit .

If its a Punjabi Party all the way and there is no Daler Mehendi in it then its a no party at all . Well he also joins in the fun with his track "Bhootni Ke". This track is what they call a "Thenth Punjabi" or in other words a typical Punjabi track . It has ample use of Dhol Beats in it and is basically meant for the Marraige and would be used in the "Baraat" of the Groom . The track is a typical Daler track yet it lacks the catchy lyrics like "Kaala Kauwa Kat Khaaega" etc. hence it won't be as big hit as his previous tracks . Yet it will work .

The party stops for a moment with the next track on the album "Teri Ore" which is the Romantic track on the album . The song has avery nice lyrics and tune attached to it and has voices by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal who do their job like Pros . The song is completly different from the entire album hence stands out . Though the tune is not Punjabi yet the lyrics and accent used by singers has a little Punjabi feel to it . The song interestingly has an use of Rajasthani Folk in between and at the end which sounds really great . Throughout the song , the famous Rajasthani Instrument , Ek-Taara is used which sounds really great . The music directors should use contemporary Indian Instruments which sound really great and Pritam needs to be applauded for it . The last time I remember it was used was in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (Govinda-Sonali) in the hit song "Prem Jaal Mein Phas Gayi " . The last picture to use rajasthani music was probably Paheli . In all its a great romantic track and with the fantastic chemistry of Akshay and Katrina on screen it wold look even better .

The Punjabi Party resumes with next track Talli Hua by Neeraj Sridhar and Labh Jan Jua . The song sounded me similar to Neeraj's song in Goal "Ishq Da Qalma" in terms of singing style . This song again has a club feel to it which is always in case of Neeraj Shridhar . The song doesn't have good lyrics neither it has a unique tune so it is the weakest track on the album . Songs like these when included in a film makes the audience quite bore during the duration of song and they also break the link of the film .

If the club beats in the originals were not enough then there is also a series of Remixes . The song Talli Hua is anyways a weak track yet it has been remixed and even the remixed version appears the same . The songs already have so much of a Club feeling to it that it even doesn't appear that they have been remixed . Then there are two remixes Bhootni Ke out of which one is sung by Mika . The remix tracks are just a mere formality and nothing great about them . The next remix is of Bas Ek King which has some extra Rap in it by Hard Kaur yet it almost sounds similar . Next is the remix of Jee Karda which is mere faster version of the original with a little bit usual DJ bits in between . Then there is lounge mix of the Teri Ore which sounds good since the original itself is good .

Overall , the track is more of a Party album and the Remixes included it in are unnecessary . The whole trend of keeping the Originals and Remixed versions on same album was started by Himesh Reshamiya and it needs to be stopped . The remix version of the tracks are mostly useless and the money and effort put on them can be saved and rather the Audio CD must be made a little cheaper in Market so it discourages Piracy to an extent . Anyways , the album has songs which have the potential to climb the music charts and it would get popular in days to come .

Top Three Tracks :

  1. Singh is Kinng .
  2. Teri Ore.
  3. Bas Ek King .
Album Rating : Two and Half out of Five , Good Album yet the Remixes were unnecessary and I wasted my time listening to them .

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  1. Singh is Kinngh
    SuperHit SuperHit SuperHit
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