Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ghajini --- Teaser Trailer Review

The first teaser trailer of Aamir starrer much hyped Ghajini is out now on the Internet . The film has always been in news because of various reasons and has created some amount of Hype around it already . But , this trailer might slow down the hype to an extent. The trailer for me first of all was very "Thunda" and nothing except the music of it left me wanting for more .The first trailer of a supposedly Psychological Action Thriller shows the lead actor Dancing in some exotic locations of probably Namibia . The lead actor flaunting his six packs and the lead girl Shriya smiling her way into his heart in a fantasy land . If we leave the dancing part then there is very much less left in the trailer and that part also is very weak . We only get to see Aamir Khan throwing a punch at a person which is a typical South Indian film Punch that usually Rajnikanth throws in his flicks .

For all the guys that don't know this film is a remake of a south-Indian flick of the same name which in turn was majorly inspired by the Hollywood Psycho-Thriller "Memento" directed by Brilliant Director Christopher Nolan . You all might have seen The Dark Knight which is also directed by Nolan so you know his Brilliance . "Memento" is a very unusual film and if made in an exact manner as it is , would never work among Indian audience . It has a very non-linear Narrative style and something quite complicated for our audience that loves David Dhawan type of cinema . The story of memento is as such that there can't be any song sequence anywhere . It is an intense film with no light moments . I don't know how would the Director Murugadoss manage to break into a random song sequence in such an intense story .

I've not seen the Tamil version so can't comment on the film but I just hope that it does not turn out to be a south Indian commercial film with defiance of all logic . From the looks of the trailer it looks like the film would be more commercial in nature and would work amongst commercial cinema loving audience . The only thing that I loved about the trailer was the fantastic music by ARR and the humming by Sonu Nigam . I always expect something like Lagaan or TZP from Aamir , off beat yet entertaining . I hated Fanaa though it was a huge commercial success . Its just that I don't like to see Aamir in commercial cinema . One thing that goes against Ghajini is the fact that none of the Directors form South apart from Mani Ratnam have succeeded in Hindi film Industry . Ghajini won't have much of future in South also since they have already seen the film with their favourite actor .

In all , the trailer didn't work for me as I was expecting it to be something unusual . This turned out to be like thousands of trailers in the past and probably even worse . This trailer I am sure would be loved by Die-Hard Aamir fans since he is in a completely new look and also doing some good moves in the trailer . A very so so first trailer of a very much anticipated film of the year . I have huge expectations from this film considering the bad year this has been for films and I just hope Ghajini doesn't turn out to be a Rajni .

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  1. ghajani hindi version also a big hit in south,especially in i went to see the movie on its 4th day the whole cinema house was full before the movie begins and its running in two cinima halls in trivandrum all shows in two halls were full till today.


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