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Dostana --- Music Review

Its been a long time since last film of Dharma Production has released and music from them is always great , no matter how the movie is . Their last film , KANK , though didn't do well but still its music is one thing that shows one quality of Dharma Productions that they have a great taste and knowledge of music and even if the movie is below expectations sometimes , music is always at par . So they are back with Dostana which will hit the theatres soon . This time though its Karan's assistant Tarun Mansukhani in the director's chair . If we consider that Karan didn't interfere in the Direction then as a producer he at least would have definitely sat in Music seatings for the film . The music this time though has been given by Vishal Shekhar instead of SEL and Lyrics are by Anvita Dutt Guptan and Kumar . The film as we all know by now is based on story of three friends with hopefully some pleasant twist .

Lets talk of the music now . The album consists of Six Original tracks and no Remixes(Thank God!!) . The first song on the album "Jaane Kyun" though is not the title track but very well puts up the entire theme of the film . The song very well portrays the feeling of friendship and has a very nice tune attached to it . The song has been sung by Vishal Dadlani himself and has lyrics by Anvita . Anvita does a good job and has put up a nice blend of Hindi and English Lyrics . Vishal also does a nice job in singing and the duo have also composed it quite well . The tune basically is pretty much western and so is the entire feel of the song . No Indian tunes or pieces in it . Vishal has also sung it in a different fashion . Overall , the song is a nice blend of music and lyrics and backed by good singing . This song would get most popular from the entire album and hence is my Pick of the album .

The second track on the album is "Desi Girl" which is a trademark Vishal-Shekhar track which has Desi-Videsi Cocktail . I am personally not a fan of such tracks and we already got a taste of such tracks in Tashan and Bachna Ae Hasino soundtracks . Such tracks are not meant to be listened , you can just dance on them without listening them . Still , the tune is not one of those that can make anyone and everyone sway to it . The lyrics by Kumaar are an average affair and quite commercial .Shankar and Sunidhi do their usual in Singing dept. I don't know how this song will feature in Miami where the whole film is set-up . I hope they don't have a situation where every Firangi is doing a Bhangra with our leads .

Next comes a Punjabi Track (one of the Four Pillars of a Bollywood Soundtrack) , "Maa Da Ladla " . This Punjabi track has some modern Bass Beats of a Disco and no Dhol in it . A modern Punjabi track with average piece of Lyrics . The lyrics in-fact have nothing to offer and neither they are that catchy . But you never know , if "Bhootni Ke" of Singh is Kinngh can work so can "Ma Da Ladla" of Dostana . Saleem who sings the song has a nice Punjabi voice and sings it well . Overall , a track that I would prefer to listen in the movie itself . Nice pacy tune for dance lovers .

The fourth song on the soundtrack is "Shut Up and Bounce " . If you have seen the first trailer of the movie then you would probably remember the groovy music it had . Well , that was from this song . I must say that when I heard the music in the trailer I was pleasantly surprised but I was quite disappointed when I heard the song on the CD . The whole music is really good but the lyrics have nothing good to offer . I can say that a very good tune probably wasted due to improper lyrics by Anvita . One more thing to notice is that apart from the piece that was in the trailer the whole song has very average music and some basic beats only . In any case , the song is good only to an extent and probably would be liked by people at large due to the bass in it . Another disco track and has some nice singing by Sunidhi Chauhan . Overall , the track is good but could have been much better .

The next track on the album " Khabar Nahin " is a little on the slower side and also on the romantic side . The song has very nice guitaring through out by Sanjay Divecha but apart from his guitaring the tune is pretty much basic and nothing so great about it . The lyrics by Anvita are good and Vishal again does a good job singing . He has been very well supported by Shreya and Amanat Ali . The song in all is a nice one and has some nice guitaring in it . The guitar lovers would like the guitaring in it .

The last rack on the album is again a slow soulful track "Kuch Kam" . It stars off with very less music on Piano and then later slowly some basic music beats are put in it . This one again is a Romantic track which gives a hint that the movie would start off with all the fun and masti and would finally end on a Romantic Note . This song has been composed well by Vishal-Shekhar and they have kept it pretty basic . Shaan sings quite well as usual and his fans would love this track .

If you have noticed , I've repeatedly used word "Basic" in the entire review . I don't know , the tunes and lyrics made me use that word . I found the entire album pretty much basic stuff and nothing extraordinary was there in the entire album . Only the first song "Jaane Kyun" is a winner all throughout . The two slow songs in the end are good but not extra-ordinary . The other songs are good for parties etc. I was expecting a lot since it is an album from a Dharma Productions film . Well , those of you who don't know , there is a special appearance of Shilpa Shetty in some song probably . I couldn't figure out which song it would be . But one thing I couldn't understand , what is Abhishek , the flabby , doing in between all these hot people (Piggy,John and Shilpa) ? No offence Abhishek , I like your acting but dude try to look like your contemporaries . Even your seniors (Shilpa) look much younger than you.

Overall , its a nice album and can be listened to . Jaane Kyun and Khabar Nahi are the pick from the entire album . Good part is that the album won't damage the film and would give it some boost only .

Album Rating : Three out of Five , Jaane Kyun being the best and all songs being good.

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