Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kidnap --- Movie Review

The much awaited Imran Khan starrer Kidnap released on Thursday this week with high expectations and competition from Abhishek starrer big budget film Drona . So does Kidnap provides as expected or disappoints ? The film also has Imran in a slightly negative character , so does he act well in this new avatar ? It is also the third film from Dhoom fame Sanjay Gadhvi , so does he come up with another blockbuster ? These questions will get answered only to an extent as Kidnap is a film that is good only in Bits and pieces .

The film starts off with some Manga animation in the starting credits showing a small boy suffering the tortures of a Jail life . He suffers all the physical tortures which are both cruel and unfair . The film in this way starts with quite a unique way and the animated credits are backed by some nice background music . As soon as the credits with such serious depiction of a Juvenile criminal get over we see Minissha Lamba in a bikini and excessive skin show trying to show you the exact opposite of what life a kid in jail has . She shows her freedom and carefree nature with a wannabe Britney Spears number and shows off not only her skin but also her life . Just after the song she has an argument with her divorced mother , believe it or not Vidya Malvade , over she wanting to meet her father , Vikrant Raina who left them because of the Divorse .

Then after the argument Minissha (Soniya) leaves the home to take a swim in the sea to calm her temper but instead gets Kidnapped by Imran . Imran's introduction shot shows him quite casual making some tea and minissha getting conscious after her kidnapping . The Director probably aimed at an Intense but still casual Kidnapper but instead got only a casual looking Imran in the end . Imran had no intensity in his voice and though her eyes tried a lot to portray the intensity his voice and body language conveyed just the opposite .This is the first short coming of the film where a kidnapper as intelligent as Imran looks more casual than intense . Then after this the whole Kidnapping game starts off where Imran makes Sanjay Dutt who is a billionaire do things that he never did in his life . Imran makes Sanjay feel powerless who otherwise boasts his power and influence in front of everyone . Imran purposely leaves a trail of clues for Sanjay that would lead him to his daughter . The clues that Imran leaves for Sanjay are quite easy and do not require a excessively intelligent man to figure them out .

The whole game that Imran plays is a result of all the trials and tribulations he suffers in Jail because of Sanjay Dutt . He takes a revenge of that torture and makes him realise his mistake . He makes Sanjay realise that how easy life is for a Rich powerful person and how difficult it is for an orphan like him . The film's story is just this much where Imran makes Sanjay realise his mistakes and he does that to make his own life much easier . The film is more like a collection of scenes inspired from here and there put into one single bundle and a loose story being made out of those scenes . The characters have many flaws and some of them being unimportant . The biggest flaw that I could see pretty clear was the fact that after every action packed thrilling scene in the film there was small emotional scene that almost completely broke the momentum of the previous scene . The emotions that were required for the film should have been kept limited to very few scenes .

The problem with Sanjay Gadhvi is that instead of making a nice pacy thriller he makes a commercial film having everything from an Item Number to a Love Angle in the end between Imran and Minissha . Most of the songs were not at all required and the most unnecessary were Mausam ye Awsome and Shaadi Barbadi which are just stuffed in to make the movie long . The intensity was missing from the entire film . The action chase sequence between Imran and Sanjay also comes into the film from now where and also ends in the same way . If you have seen Casino Royale then you would find this scene just a mediocre affair . A lot of things in the film were just stuffed in to make it look much better . Minissha has been just used to show some skin and has no other purpose as such . Imran's character has been shown quite light and such a character would never ever dare to Kidnap a girl single handedly in real life . The intensity is what was lacking the most . The screenplay had many flaws and goes quite lose at many moments .

Talking of Acting , Imran doesn't deliver in the way he was supposed to and his character doesn't appear to be negative for most of the part .His character doesn't play at the Psychological level which in my view is supposed to . He looks fit and good for action but not apt for negative roles . His acting is very limited and doesn't impress much . Sanjay Dutt is good as usual and he does some justice to his character . Minissha as I said earlier is just there for some skin show and nothing much apart from that . Vidya Malvade acts as usual and has not much to do . She suits as a wife of Sanjay Dutt but does not suit at all as a mom to Minissha . Then there is also a small unnecessary role of Rahul Dev as a security specialist .

Talking of Direction , Sanjay Gadhvi makes a very average film that basically has a very short and weak story which has been lengthened . He has put in some unnecessary commercial elements in the film and did no research for his film . It looks good in some parts whereas very amateurish in others. The writer Shibani Bhatija does a below average job and writes a very predictable and simple story . Screenplay as I said earlier has many flaws in it and is very lose . The music of the film is an average commercial track that doesn't impress much . The cinematography is quite nice and even the Art Direction is good .

Overall , it is just an average film that somehow manages to entertain for its length but would leave you unsatisfied in the end . The story won't impress you much and neither will the acting . You can go out and watch the film if you have nothing else to do . Some bits and pieces are good and might keep you a little bit of Interested in the film . The biggest problem being the weak script which is the problem even with previous dhoom . The film could have been much better if the Director would have had a clear mind in terms of what he wanted , a commercial film or a good pacy thriller. He gets trapped somewhere in between and the film turns out to be an average affair .

Movie Rating : Two out of Five Stars ; the film entertains only in bits and is a weak product on a whole .

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