Friday, September 26, 2008

Golmaal Returns --- Music Review

The first thing that comes to my mind while listening to tracks from Golmaal Returns soundtrack is that it is an outright commercial album . The original Golmaal had songs that were written and composed by Vishal Shekhar and hence they were not only good on commercial scale but also had some nice lyrics and tunes to back'em up . This one though is composed by Pritam and has lyrics by the king of commercial lyrics , Sameer . Sameer if you don't know has written most of the songs of the 90's that had lyrics like " Teri Naani Mari to mein kya karoo " so don't expect anything in terms of lyrics . Then on musical terms we have the Great Thief himself , Pritam , so expect a tune that you would have definitely listened to , somewhere else.

Moving on , the first track on the album is "Tha Kar Ke" whose meaning I don't know . This one has been composed by Ashish Pandit and he grabs the popular tune of the Spanish song Gasolina by Daddy Yankee and mixes it with some strange lyrics by Sameer and creates a very commercial track . The lyrics are not that catchy and the tune and lyrics are bit of a mismatch . The track though is a commercial one yet it won't get popular as a "Kajrare" of BAB or "Beedi Jalayle" of Omkara did . The song is majorly sung by Neeraj Sridhar and some bits are by other singers . The singers do a decent job but it is the tune and lyrics that spoil the whole show . The song on a whole can be listened only once , the music though would sound better on a good music system . Still , I would any day prefer listening to Gasolina instead of this one .

The next track on the soundtrack is "Vacancy" which is also the title track and has a very groovy tune attached to it . Lyrics once again have nothing new and are quite commercial . In fact , it is the English Lyrics by Neeraj Sridhar that have done most of the job . He has also sung the song and as usual is good at whatever he does and such songs suit only him among male singers .He is also backed up by Suzie Q. in some parts where she also does a fine job. I can now identify her voice anywhere especially after recent hit "Jee Karda" in singh is kinng . The song on a whole is good but not as good as the title track of original golmaal was . Anushka Manchanda got instant fame with that one . That one in my opinion was much cooler and groovier than this one yet this one is also not that bad .

Next comes "Tu Saala" by Anushka Manchanda . This one is again a completely commercial track and has nothing much to offer . Anushka sings well but the the music and lyrics on this make it an average track . I can't write anything more about the track apart from the fact that it is a commercial track that would look bad even in the movie . Still , I don't how the video on this one looks and probably the video might pull it off a disaster . The good part though is that it is just 3.5 minutes long and also quite pacy so won't damage the pace of the film .

Next comes a song called "Meow" which is a little on the sensuous side so it would have a Hot video with one or all the leading ladies showing off their assets . This one again is a little different and not that commercial . Yet the lyrics and tune are not good enough to make it a popular song . The singing and lyrics by Suzie Q. are great and she does a very fine job . She can definitely sing English tracks with utmost perfection . She would have gone a long way if she would have been in West . Though she has sung many songs yet she has not got that perfect English track that could make her popular . This one has both Hindi and English lyrics and hence is a nice blend . Pritam does a good job but nothing extraordinary .

Then comes an English Version of Meow which is also almost same as the original one but has no Hindi lyrics in it . Suzie comes in full form in this one and gives a fabulous performance . In all , same as the original one with some extra English lyrics .

Then there are four remix tracks , the first one being the remix of Vacancy . The remix has been done K&G and they have not done much apart from just making it more pacy than the original one . The next remix is of Tha Kar ke which again is just a paced up version with some extra effects of the original one . This one has been remixed by DJ Amyth who has done quite a regular job and nothing new .Then there is a remix of Meow which has been done by DJ Nikhil and DJ Naved who have done a good job and given the song a different touch . This one is different from the original one and is also worth listening . The whole concept of remix is that it should sound completely different from the original and Nikhil and Naaved do a fine job in that respect .
The last remix is that of Tu saala which has been done by Bunty Rajput who does nothing but add some bass to the original one .

After these there are also some bonus tracks which are the original songs from the previous golmaal and are much better than these . That album was much original and had some very nice tunes and lyrics that made it a quite popular album . We can still see the songs from the original one being aired on Music channels whereas these won't even get one fourth of the airtime that those have got .

In all , the album is commercial one and has only two songs , Vacancy and Meow which are worth listening . The two that I have mentioned are also good comparatively and are just ordinary in general sense . The lyricist has not done much hard work and even the music director has done quite usual job .

Album Rating : Two out of Five Stars ; Commercial and quite a disappointment as compared to the soundtrack from the first golmaal .

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