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Hulla --- Movie Review

This week three small budget films have released together , Saas Bahu aur Sensex , Welcome to Sajjanpur and Halla . If you look carefully all of these films have been distributed by three big names in the industry like Big Pictures , UTV Pictures and the latest entrant , world heavyweight , Warner Bros . This coming together of three heavyweight production houses for very small budget and simple looking films gives a glimpse of Positive future of Film Industry where probably talent and content would be more important than Glitz and Glamour .

Well , talking of Halla which has been produced by Handmade films India which also produced the comic hit Bheja Fry last year . That one was by Sagar Ballary and this one has been directed by Jaideep Varma . Hulla as the name suggests concerns the noise that any Metro citizen deals with and in a way makes a point that how a small issue can cause so many big problems in our lives . The story mainly focuses on two characters Raj Puri who is a share broker played by Sushant Singh and a small trader which has been played by Rajat Kapoor who lives in the same building where Sushant also moves in.

Sushant is a share broker who makes some decent money as a share broker and lives a typical metro life along with his wife played by Kartika Rane who is from a rich family . They move into this new apartment and in this new building and there's a watchman that blows whistle at night which causes a sleeping problem to Sushant alone . Sushant asks the poor watchman to stop blowing the whistle at night so that he can sleep but he says to him that he can't do so because he has strict orders from the Head of the society . Then Sushant decides to ask the Chairman of the society Rajat Kapoor to ask the watchmen to stop doing so . But Rajat insists to him that it is important for the security of the building and only he is having problem in the entire building so he can't stop that just for the sake of one person . Sushant tries too hard to sleep but he is not able to do so . Every now and then he tries with all his efforts to stop the noise so that he can sleep but he fails . He psychologically gets affected due to the whole noise thing and even a little noise starts irritating him . Due to lack of sleep his work starts getting affected and he under performs at his office . His in laws being rich also don't consider him as a good professional person and always try to demoralize him . Kartika as a good wife supports Sushant in all possible ways but since his problem gets more psychological than an actual one she also starts getting irritated of him .

On the other hand Rajat who is a very small trader is a lower middle class person and he tries very hard and works on his principles but fails to generate a good income for his family . His wife having dreams like that of a typical house wife , keeps nagging him from time to time . Rajat invests in Shares also to earn some extra income but nothing much happens over there too . He is proud to be the Chairman of the society and his wife also gets a little happiness in that respect . He struggles too hard in life but is a person who has never compromised on his morals to get some extra wealth . But he too , as time goes by and under the pressure of doing well compromises on his principles and goes a little out of the way to earn some money . He earns money but still is not as rich or educated as Sushant is and hence has certain differences with him .

The third person that plays an important character in the film is a Watchman who is a very poor retired army man . He represents that section of society which is helpless and can't take any decisions on their own . They just follow orders and in a way their entire lives are in hands of their respective bosses . The poor watchman gets trapped between Sushant and Rajat and just has only one thing on his mind that he doesn't lose his job . His job is the only support in his life and he cannot survive without it . This character also depicts the poor condition of our soldiers and how they can not even generate bare necessities after their army life .

One small incident happens and the lives of all the three characters gets affected in a big way . The dreams of a happy family and high earning which are the dreams of any average Indian family gets shattered and the worst that gets affected is the Watchman . This is the case in our society from always . It is the decisions that a person above you takes and you are the one that have to pay for it along with him . The whole Whistle blowing incident is just the backdrop but what the Director mainly wanted to convey was the state of our society and its dreams and aspirations .

During the starting scenes of the film I observed that in Sushant's apartment you can clearly see a DVD of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro kept in the shelf . And Hulla is exactly like that one . In Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro also director Kundan Shah depicted the life of the common man in our society and showed his helpless condition . He also used Comedy as a backdrop to show the reality of our society and how people instead of fighting against the problems should learn to adapt themselves along with them to live a happy life because if you try to fight against it you are the one who will get affected the most . That movie released in 1983 and exactly 25 years later the situation is still the same in India . Hulla also uses Humour to show us the reality of our society .

Talking of Acting , Sushant and Rajat , both are fabulous actors undoubtedly and hence give a very fine performance . Just observe the way Rajat is sitting in his very first scene and you would realise how great an actor he is . He plays the role of a common man in a great manner and gets into the skin of the character . He is one of the best actors today in our Film Industry and he deserves an award if you ask me for his performance . He is always ignored when it comes to Awards . Sushant gets a complete role to play after a long time and he gives his best . He very well portrays the role of a person who struggles with his problems when nobody is supporting him and how things get out of his hands . There is a very small role of Gujju played by Vrajesh Hirjee which is quite funny and he also acts very well . The actor who acted as watchman has also given a very fine performance and he has done full justice to his character . You feel sympathised with his character all throughout . Kartika also plays her role quite well and she should act more often .

The script and Direction by Jaideep Varma is great but the screenplay is a little weak . The movie is much on the slower side and has no commercial elements in it so only multiplex audience will love it . The people at large won't watch it in the cinema halls but that doesn't take anything away from the film . It is a fine piece of Cinema that is also meaningful and at the same time also quite entertaining . Such films don't come often and people should appreciate such films . The Music by Indian Ocean is also great and suits the film . Overall , the film is a nice mixture of Humour and Realism and would interest only to a few cinema loving audience . Still , it is a fairly entertaining film and even general audience won't mind watching such a film .

Movie Rating : Three and a Half Star out of Five ; A Nice blend of Humour and Realism .

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