Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gomaal Returns --- Trailer Review

Last year was full of comedy flicks that ruled the box office . The long line up included Welcome , Partner , Heyy Babyy , Bhul Bhulaiya ,Dhamaal , Bheja Fry etc . All of them were box office success and everyone started believing that Comedy films are the roads to success . On the contrary this year very few comedies got released and the few that got released suffered at the box office . This year films like Sunday , One Two Three , Mr. Black Mr. White , De Taali , Ugly aur Pugly and Maan Gaye Mughal-e-azam released that were all rejected by both audience and critics . All of these films didn't have neither the script nor the star power . The only comedy film that worked this year is Singh is Kinng . In fact it is the biggest box-office success of the year . Well , trying to break the streak of bad comedies this year comes a sequel to a big comedy hit , Golmaal , with the entire team along with some new faces .

The first trailer of Golmaal Returns is out now and from the looks of trailer it seems that a potential comedy hit is on its way . This time though the Golmaal series gets a little more star studded with Kareena joining in the group along with the other girls like Celina , Amrita Arora and Anjana Sukhani . So this time every guy has his own girl to woo . One guy has also changed , Sharman has been replaced by Shreyas Talpade .

Talking of the trailer , it starts off with some flashback scenes of Golmaal . While these scenes are played a line comes on screen which says that all the fun and madness of Golmaal will return this Diwali along with the fools . After this we see Tushar in his typical voice communicating on a Phone . Then comes the introduction scene of Ajay standing on two Hummers this time instead of two bikes . After Ajay comes Kareena riding on a Honda Motorbike in her new born sexy avatar . After the two stars the rest of the group is introduced one by one doing their respective stunts , Arshad along with Amrita , Shreyas along with Celina and Anjana along with Tushar . Then the whole group is shown dancing to the new Golmaal song which also sounds quite groovy like the original one did . While the whole track is been played in background some more shots of all the leads are shown which keep showing them doing some stunts and comedy . Some of those scenes are quite funny and some them being quite old . There's a scene that shows a Goa Police Van which means that this one is set up in Goa . The entire trailer majorly focuses on the title track with some of the scenes from the movie inserted in between . The scenes made me believe that there would be all kinds of Jokes in this one . Some very old jokes and some quite new . All the stupidity and Gay Jokes along with some age old Sex comedy would be present there . Then at last come a few mindless action scenes that are always part of a Rohit Shetty film . He has a fascination for toppling cars , he did this in both of his films whether its Golmaal or Sunday . Then at last comes a line that says "Have a Blast This Diwali" .

Lets hope that we do have a blast while watching this film and this one turns out to be as good as the original . Expectations are quite high since Golmaal was big hit and that one was loved even by the critics . That film had situational comedy and the script in itself was quite strong . I just hope they don't create situations in this one and the scripts has them inherently . The whole chemistry between the actors is looking great but chemistry would do no good if the script isn't funny . This one though doesn't have Sharman who is basically very good at comedy and his absence would definitely damage the film a bit . He is replaced by Shreyas who is also a great actor but he would look good only if the character has been written well . His behaviour and acting isn't that funny so he needs a very well written character so that he can portray it well . His character in OSO was a strong one and he delivered it accordingly .Lets hope he fits in the boots of Sharman exactly like him . Kareena can also do comedy and her character is that of Saas-Bahu daily soap lover . She might turn out to be the funniest character in the film .

Talking of Director , Rohit Shetty , I hope he doesn't do what he did in Sunday . He should stop stuffing in mindless action that is not required in the script . This film would be a real test for him since his last film Sunday failed at the box office . Ajay also hasn't had the best year with Halla Bol and Sunday not doing well and his Directional debut U , Me or Hum also doing so so . The year has also been bad for Kareena with her Tashan not impressing anyone .

In all , the trailer looks good with usual funny scenes from the film and a very good sounding song in the background . The film is all set to release on October 29 on the Diwali's Eve . Check out the trailer (courtesy Youtube , not uploaded by me ) :

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