Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saas Bahu aur Sensex --- Music Review

The first official film to be distributed by Warner Bros. India , Saas Bahu aur Sensex , is all set to release and the music of the film is out now . The film itself has no major stars in it so no hype is surrounding the film . The only big name that surrounds the film is that of Warner Bros. The Soundtrack of the album also features some not so known names and overall is a completely new type of album .

The first song on the soundtrack is "Abhi Abhi Jo Tu Aayi Hai" which is composed by Randolph Correa and has been sung by Jaaved Ali . Remember Jaaved Ali who sang the superhit song "Ek Din Teri Bahon Mein" from Naqaab . He is back with this quite unique sounding song . The music and tone of this song is quite western and a little inspired from English songs that are featured in various Hollywood Movies in background . This song because of its different music and voice of Jaaved Ali sounds quite fresh and new . The lyrics by Raqeeb Alam are also good and have been used in a good way by the music composer . The Music composer has given it a very new and different feel and even though the lyrics are quite romantic sorts , he has put in a lot sound effects in the song which are present in usually faster tracks .

The next song on the soundtrack is the title track "Whats up India" and is a wannabe rap song . The track has been sung by Blaaze , the guy who sung the Bunty and Babli rap song . Personally I feel that Blaaze sings rap songs quite well but he doesn't write them quite well . This song having the lyrics and music both by him lacks that finish and is completely avoidable . Most probably it would be used in background and may be it might look good in the background .

The third song on the soundtrack is "Mujh Mein Nigaah Daal De" which again is composed by Randolph Correa and hence has a feel that is completely western . The music sounds like a bad mixture of music from various artists from the west . The song has been sung by Monica and her voice has been distorted by the music director completely so I don't know how does she sing . She might have sounded better without the distortion .It is a fast track and has a hip hop disco kinda feeling to it . The whole song again might be used in background .Overall the song is average in its music and singing . The lyrics are also average and have nothing to offer .

The next track on the album is a Punjabi track "Mithri Mithri" . Maybe one Punjabi track is made mandatory by the music companies . This one is a usual Punjabi track with dhol beats . The track has lyrics by Raqeeb Alam and Shona Urvashi and music is by Bipin Panchal . All three of them have done nothing new and out of the way . A very basic and old sounding Punjabi track .The track is also not full on Dance track so in general will not get any audience .

The next track is an English version of Nigaah Daal De which has been sung again by Monica . She sounds better in English and her accent suits more for English songs . The original itself wasn't that good how would this one sound good .This song is a wannabe Britney Spears track and goes nowhere .

The last track is again a remix of Whats up India and sounds only a little better than the original . The remix also has very less to offer and would be probably used in the ending credits of the film .

Overall apart from the first track 'Abhi Abhi' nothing is worth a listen and the album on whole can be avoided . They should have never released the album in the first place . The should have put it on the net to download for free . Then probably it might have drawn some attention and hype for the film .
Music Rating : One Star out of Five ; This is what Bad Music is all about , only one song is worth listening .

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