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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi --- Music Review

One of the year's most awaited film RNBDJ starts its journey with the music hitting the stores and as usual I'll be talking a little about the film also along with the music . The music of aSRK film is always one of the main selling point of his film and call it a co-incidence or whatever his film's music has always worked irrespective of the film . TheAditya Chopra of Yashraj Production is back in the Director's chair after a long time and also after a very mediocre commercial film Mohabbatein which is supposedly a poor cousin of Robin Williams starrer Dead Poets Society . This one I hope is not inspired by any film from west and is a much better product than the last one . That one was a pure commercial film and this one sounds a little different but since commercial films run through Adi's veins it is a little hard to expect an off beat cinema . The film in any case has a lot on stake forAditya since it has been a below average year for his films just like the last year . Last year he got saved by Chak De India and I hope even this year he gets some relief . The music in this soundtrack is again by the Chak De Music Directors Salim-Sulaiman . If you don't know they started of with RGV providing Background music score and afterwards they turned into full fledged music directors . In Chak De also they not only gave a fabulous background score but also gave a very hit soundtrack .

This time though it is Aditya instead of Shimit Amin so the music has to be different from what it was in Chak De . The album has almost all the big names of Music world . The album consists of Six songs in total along with Five Originals and One Instrumental . The lyrics are byJaideep Sahni who also wrote the script of Chak De India .

The first song on the soundtrack is "Tujh Mein Rab" by Roopkumar Rathod who comes back to the house after the hit song "Tere Liye" from Veer Zaara . This song starts off with somewhat similar music that was their in the Veer Zara song and later it sticks to a very basic tune and there is nothing fancy about it . The lyrics though are the one thing that stand out and help the song to go about in a nice way . The lyrics make the song good and the music isGood enough to make it sound good . The main part though would be the on-screen chemistry between SRK and Abushka that could add a lot the song and increase its value much more . Roop Kumar Rathod does a decent job as a singer and the few inputs by the female singer are also good . Overall its a nice opening track with nothing fancy about it .

The next track on the album is "Haule Haule" by Sukhwinder Singh which is already on-Air with the snippets from the film . This one has a more commercial tune than the previous one and this song would definitely get popular . The song interestingly has a lot of use ofDafli and Harmonium which makes it sound quite different . The lyrics are good and are catchy enough to make the song a potential hit. The music also suits the lyrics and gives it a nice feel .The whole song is simple and different from usualYashraj Tracks that are more commercial in nature . Sukhwinder does a nice job singing and the songs that he sings for SRK always get popular . In all its a good track that would probably get a lot more popular in the coming days .

The next track on the album is a Dance track since the film is also about Dancing . The song "Dance Pe Chance" is a typical commercial dance track and has some lyrics that concern dancing . The lyrics and music in total don't have much to offer so the song has been offered toSunidhi Chauhan who for no good reason singing only bad tracks since past few films . This one though is not that bad because it again doesn't attempt to do something fancy and keeps it pretty simple and basic . The song has been purely made for film purpose and would make a little more sense in the film . The song though is a dance track yet its tune is not like those songs that make everyone dance along with it . The video of the song would probably feature some good dancing steps that might attract the dance loving people . The music is good and the track in all is much more film oriented so probably would look good in the film .

Next comes the best track on the album for me , "Phir Milenge" . When I heard it for the first time the starting gave me hint that it has music from some old song so I thought that they stole it and made it their own . Then after few lines everything became clear that it is in fact a mix of many old songs and their music . Even the Lyrics are very interestingconsisting of only Film Names and Lines from some of the Old Hits . There is only one line in the song that is original . The whole song consists of inputs from hits songs of all the eras like ,Aawara Hun , Pyaar Hua,Bol Radha Bol Sangam,Pal Bhar Ke Liye,Yaahooo,O Haseena,Badan Pe Sitare,Mere Sapno Ki Rani , Jai Jai Shiv Shankar , Bachna Ae Hasino,Dard-e-Dil etc. etc. All these great songs and music pieces from them have been incorporated in a brilliant way in the song . Here both the music director and the lyricist have done a fantastic team-work along withSonu Nigam who sings it in his Impeccable style . Some people might not like the whole changing the rhythm of the old classics and also remixing them a bit BUT I find it quite enjoying and in fact it is the Best Way to give a tribute to the Indian Film Music . A real treat for a music lover like me and probably the most enjoyable song on the album .

I hope Adi shoots it in a very nice way just like Farah Khan did in "Dhoom Tana" of OSO and I hope they reveal the song's video only in the film . It also feels like that this song might be a climax sequence song and would definitely play a huge role . Sonu Nigam as usual gets the best song on the album and he gives a very flawless performance . The whole concept is great and looking forward to see it on-screen and I hope it becomes a real treat on-screen too .

Next comes the Female and a little sadder version of "Tujh Mein Rab" by Shreya Ghoshal . In this song Salim-Sulaiman get a little inspired from their own flute music that they used as background music in some of the very important moments in Chak-De . That music features in this song in background less prominently . I liked it in Chak-De also and even it felt good in this one . This song is just an excerpt from the first song and is just roughly two minutes long .Shreya gives a fine performance as usual and impresses through her singing .

The last track on the album is an instrumental remixed version of Dance Pe Chance and it is a nice instrumental piece that has little inputs from some of the other songs also . Saleem-Sulaiman make a Techno friendly track almost like Bad Girls of Chak-De India . Just like music from Bad-Bad Girls was used in background in the film this would also be probably used in Background .

Overall , it is a nice soundtrack and a little different from the recent Soundtracks that Yashraj has released . The music and lyrics have been kept simple and nice . It can definitely be listened to and the songs would look great in the film . After the film gets released it will definitely add on some value to this album . It might get much more popular in the future if the chemistry works and the film gets successful . "Phir Milenge" is the best and "Haule Haule" is also good .

Lets hope for the best and I just hope Aditya doesn't come up with yet another commercial one and the SRK-Adi duo re-creates the same or at least a similar magic like they did in DDLJ.

Album Rating : Three and Half out of Five Stars ; Recommended for a change .

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