Monday, January 26, 2009

Star Screen Awards 2008 --- What a waste ?

Last night I saw the star screen awards on television and since these shows are almost completely scripted , debarring the verbal heated exchanges , I thought why not rate the awards too . I must say it was one of the most boring award shows I've ever seen . First , the jokes of Saajid and Farah were quite dull and didn't quite make me laugh my heart out . And most of the times they were just overdoing it . Saajid has got a hang of himself and he now thinks that he can say anything on stage and get away with it . Most of his acts were the same old ones comprising of the cross dressing and Gay jokes . He during that heated exchange with ashutosh said that he works for the public and nobody other than his public can Shut him up . Well , I am a part of the public and Saajid you better get some new acts or get back to directing . Don't try to act as a big superstar just beacuse you got a hit in a lousy film such as Heyy Babbyy . I would like to remind you that the film succeeded only because of the songs and Akki factor . He made some very boring acts like the one with the Bhikari . Nobody was finding it funny as far as I could make out from the star's expression . And what was that remark on Neeraj Pandey's clothes . He spoke like as if he was a born king . Giving him nice company was his sister who should never ever consider again to host any show even if its theme is "GirlPower" . She also cracked some "Thakele" jokes and made some remarks on Anurag Kashyap which again were not at all funny .

And what was Shreyas Talpade doing there , hanging around like an extra . Lets leave aside the hosting part and talk about the awards . The awards were also some of the most biased and Diplomatic set of awards I've ever seen . Just take a look at this , Asin gets an award and Anushka gets to perform so that she doesn't feel bad . Priyanka gets best actress award and Aishwarya gets most popular actress award so that she doesn't feel bad and Katrina was already performing so she won't feel bad either . They would have given a huge sum to Katrina . The debut actor award goes to Farhan since he is not a cousin of Aamir Khan . Tushar Kapoor gets an award for best comic performance afterall its "STAR" screen awards , else his sister would kill them .Then they gave best actor in a negative role to Akshay Khanna and not Ila Arun for Jodha Akbar , afterall Race was also a big hit and it had to be given at least one award . Best actor in supporting role goes to Arjun Rampal who would have performed for them free of cost , I suppose . Sonu Sood wouldn't have felt bad since he was hosting the Red Carpet show fro television and made some money instead . And icing on the cake was most popular actor award to Akshay Kumar , and believe it or not he was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Singh is Kinng . He never took the award and passed it on to Aamir who I am sure would sell it to a Kabadi Waala . Its good that CC2C released after the awards happened else they wouldn't have probably even invited Akshay .

Seriously guys , what a waste . I wasted my three hours watching it on the television which I would never get back . Neither the awards were interesting nor the performances . Saajid kept on bragging about Recession and loss that Film Industry is facing . Well Saajid , it is beacuse of this diplomacy , hypocrisy and incompetency that the industry is losing . I mean why don't they just give an award to everyone on the Red Carpet itself including the hosts and the television crew too ?

I felt so bad looking at Shekhar Gupta , editor of Indian Express , who is one of the journalists that I hold in highest respect , sitting and wasting his precious time watching such crappy awards . He should rather disassociate himself from such awards .

The only positive was Katrina in that Red Hot dress and Kangana in that white saree .

And for the first time , Award Rating : "-5 stars out of Five" , I'll again say "What a Waste" .

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