Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jana Gana Rann ...

The first trailer of RGV's Rann is out now and what an irony it would be when the film about media would be discussed at lengths on the media channels itself . The reason I say so is is because it makes use of our national anthem and India is a place where even a word like "Barber" can cause controversy , let aside the National anthem . I am sure by the time I am writing this , some group would have already started consulting their lawyers and would be all set to file a case against the film's producers . The demand for Effigies of RGV and Amitabh Bachchan would have risen by now in the market and the creative heads at media channels would have started writing scripts for their half hour specials . The thing that I am thinking right now is whether RGV purposely put such a song because he wanted to create such a controversy and use media or it was his genuine intent to put forth his point using our national anthem to make the point more prominent .

RGV is one smart fellow and he has never shied away from controversies but what makes me think is the fact that the film which will be targeting the sensationalising of News would be at the center of it . Amitabh would also be getting ready to face some heat once the trailer gets popular because of all the wrong reasons . I mean this is the best publicity that any film can have . The News channels which are anyways very content deficit would show the ad 15 times in their special programs without charging a single penny . RGV on the other hand would be very happy and give a statement which will go something like this - " We have made sure that it doesn't hurt the sentiments of the audience and it is just the Media that is sensationalising the whole matter . This is the reason I am making such a film , to bring out the truth about media ".

The trailer by the way did impress me and I have nothing against it . I am all up for creative freedom and also in favour of the point that the film makes . My only concern is the ironical situation in which the film will land up . The release would be stalled and they would have to finally edit the song and this fact is known to the producers . I don't know but probably they would also be ready with the edited version of the whole thing .

Of late , none of RGV's films have impressed me or for that matter anybody . The last film that impressed me was Sarkar (part 1) and after that one it has been a poor show all the way . I hope with this film he returns to the form and make some great films for us like he has in the past . I hope , for a change the media channels don't give the film the free publicity and charge for it instead .

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