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Kambakkht Ishq Music Review

DISCLAIMER: I am not at all related to any bollywood stars and I am not conspiring against Akshay Kumar . My views are independent and unadulterated .

This year so far hasn't been so good for films as such and it has been particularly not good for Akshay who has already had two disasters and all his hopes are lying on his next release Kambakkht Ishq . I am personally not a fan of "Nadiadwaala" films (producer Sajid Nadiadwala) and most of their films are big budget crappy commercial cinema for me . Though their films work at box office because of their commercial nature and this is probably why stars don't say no to him . The only decent film coming from Nadiadwala's has been Jaan-e-mann which by the way didn't work on the box office . So one thing is clear that I don't expect much from their films but one thing that has been not so bad about their films is the music . Most films have had commercial yet decent bit of music which were an important factor in their film's success . This album has provided exactly what I was expecting from it , senseless crappy commercial music . Anu Malik who mostly doesn't work these days has been out of form n touch and it is quite evident in this album .

Lets get down to songs , first comes Om Mangalam . This one has been written,composed and performed by RDB , a regulation in all Akshay's films these days . RDB are a good bunch of kids and they do good with music and singing but certainly not with lyrics . They should leave the job of writing for some professionals . In terms of music though this one is amongst the better tracks on the album and would get most popular from the entire lot . I personally didn't like this song because it is mostly copy-paste job i.e. same part has been repeated over and over again in this song . Take a look at the lyrics "Meri Fasne ki nahi Chahat thi , lekin kismat ne mujhe rahat di " ; what the hell does this mean !! Anyways its just a commercial track and this is what is expected .

Next comes "Lakh Lakh" by Neeraj Sridhar . This one is a very average and mediocre kinda track . Nothing new about it . We've heard such commercial tracks in the past and such tracks will keep coming . The music is also pretty basic and Anu would have composed this effortlessly . The lyrics are also so so by Anvita Dutt Guptan who shot into fame after her work in Bachna Ae Hasino . The lyrics here are very commercial and make very less sense .

Then we have a track called "Bebo" by Alisha Chinoy . Anu always asks Alisha to sing a song in his album and this is probably why Alisha wouldn't have said no to this track . Again , this one is also pretty much mediocre and reminded me of the early Alisha tracks that she sung in the beginning of her career , the music was also from that era . This track would have worked 15 years back from now but it won't work at all today . Kareena would love this track as she loves herself probably more than anyone else and after this she wouldn't mind working again in Nadiadwala's next film too , even if this one doesn't work .

Then comes a second title track , this time by Anu Malik . One more disappointment . This one by KK and Sunidhi has even crappier lyrics than the previous one . "Sunidhi , I plead to you , Please stop singing songs like this !! Please , you wouldn't want people to remember you for songs like these ." And what happened to KK , when did he started singing such songs . Bad track and Anu needs to seriously think of retiring . This track might work by the way as there is an audience for such tracks too .

Then comes a decent track "Kyun" by Shreya and Shaan . This track is a little better than the previous tracks and when I heard this one , it reminded me of the Title track of Yaadein (Hrithik-Kareena Disaster) . If you don't remember , Yaadein's title track had a "Sargam" part in it which roughly forms the base of this track in some parts . Yaadein's music was also composed by Anu Malik so I cannot accuse him of stealing . Though inspired from here and there still it is a decent track and the lyrics are good . So in all it is a little different from the other commercial tracks on the album and provides a welcoming change .

Then come a series of remixes of the songs that we've heard till now starting from reprise edition of RDB's version of title track . Only a bit faster and extra bass beasts in it , nothing more . Then comes a "Electro Dhol Mix" of Lakh Lah which doesn't make it any better . Then comes a "club mix" of Bebo with some girl moaning in the background to make it sound sensual . Nothing more to it . Then comes a remix version of Anu's version of Title Track , this one remixed by K&G , a little different from the original version , not that good but better than other remixes .

Shreya sings a complete female version of "Kyun" next which again provides a necessary change after the series of needless remixes . This one is no different than the previous one and just Shaan is absent from this one .

At last comes "Welcome to Hollywood" composed by Salim-Sulaiman . By putting some tiny-winy guest appearances of Sylvester,Denise Richards and Brandon Routh , Sajid claims that this film will bridge gaps between Hollywood and Bollywood . He he what a joke !! As if he has casted Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise in a lead role for a Hindi film . Well anyways , this music by Salim-Sulaiman is certainly not their best and they have done better . The English lyrics in this one by Sabbir Khan are just there for the sake of adding a western touch . Anushka sings well and she strangely is absent from good songs even after giving a hit title track in the original Golmaal .

Overall , this album can be avoided and it has very less to offer if you are looking for some good music . If you like commercial music then buy it at your own risk . Anu Malik once again disappoints and I think he needs to forget that he is a big music director and needs to work like a new guy . Waise I am too small a guy in stature to give him any advice .

Album Rating : Two out of Five ; mediocre music with very few decent tracks .

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