Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue --- Music Review

"Blue" is the first soundtrack from the Double Academy Award winner Rahman Sir after his famous win and his second for this year after "Delhi 6" which got both public and critics appreciation . Though his genius needs no approval but Delhi 6 just show-cased it once more to the whole world why Rahman deserves the Academy more than anyone else . For Fans like me expectations are always high from his every album but after such a win the spotlight on him has just got much more brighter . Now Rahman itself is an international name but with names like Kylie Minogue associated with the album , it would certainly have a much more international focus and speculation too which would be a new experience for him too .

Coming to the first track on the album "Chiggy Wiggy" by Kylie Minogue . Though the track is not bad but its neither brilliant and what disappointed me was that Rahman Sir took a very safe approach and didn't try to experiment which is not a typical feature of him . Pressure?? Can't Say but certainly not his best . Kylie sings it effortlessly in her style and there's something about her voice that always manages to please me . The song also features Sonu Nigam towards the end who sings the Punjabi part with Urdu lyrics , sounds strange , but that's the case . Nothing much for Sonu in the song but I guess it had to be done by one of the best Singers from the country considering it was Kylie . Sonu would be more than happy . Lets be frank , he would not have even be approached for such a small part if it wasn't for singing along with her . But one thing I loved was the way Sonu pronounced "Chiggy Wiggy" in the song in true Indian style and has not given it a western feel even though he could have easily . Lyricist Abbas Tyrewala hasn't done a great job either and has just managed to get a decent song . Listen how cleverly he plugs in the word "Khiladi" in the song for obvious reasons . In all , as I said, its not a bad track and would work to an extent for sure . Though I expect much more from each one of them .

Then comes "Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai" which is a nice fast paced song with a bit of Jazz feel in it to add that sensual feel to it . The video of the song is already on air and Lara is looking hot (and also beautiful) but a bit odd with Sanjay Dutt . Though the music here is interesting but the lyrics didn't quite work for me . Shreya Ghoshal has done a good job singing it and she is good at singing songs with a bit of sensual feel in it . It has worked for her in the past but in those songs the lyrics were also good . Here the lyrics are not that good to match up to her singing . Mayur Puri who last worked on "Love Mera Hit Hit" and got popular with "Singh is Kinng" has done a so-so job and I guess writing sensual lyrics is not that easy and that too if you have to write it for a girl . Sukhwinder Singh is also there and he as usual has done a good job . Overall , its a disappointment according to Rahman standards and might just work in the film only .

"Fiqrana" comes next which again is a very basic track and didn't quite impress me . The vocals are by Vijay Prakash who sings it in Rahman style of singing and supporting him is Shreya Ghoshal . The lyrics by Abbas are not good here too . They have nothing to offer as such and they just go along with the music with nothing standing out . The whole song actually goes about in a very average way with nothing standing out in it .

Then comes "Bhula Tujhe" by Rashid Ali who became famous with "Kahin To Hogi Wo" of Jaane Tu.. That track became popular at a much later stage after the film got released and lets hope the same happens with this track . A slow symphonic track and Rahman sir has done a good job here . This track is a bit better than the previous tracks but still falls a bit short . Rashid has done a good job and even Abbas has done a decent job with lyrics .

The theme track of the film comes next which I think would feature Katrina Kaif in it . It is more of a song though and cannot be called a Theme Song and has some bits of lyrics in it by Raqeeb Alam . It is more on a slower side and a much faster version of the track was featured in the theatrical trailer . This one is also not that bad and would look good in the film . There are many singers on this one and they have done a good job together . Don't pay any attention to the lyrics here .

The sixth track on the album is Rehnuma which again has a bit of Jazz , Club kinda feel and seems to be a lot inspired from the James Bond soundtracks . With rumours of Danny Boyle making the next bond film doing the rounds , I guess Rahman sir has started warming up for it . It seriously sounds like a track from an espionage thriller and that too a Bond only . Nice song though , I liked it , has a signature Rahman style music in some places . A lot depends on how it is used . Sonu and Shreya have done a good job as usual, especially Shreya .

The Last track on the album "Yaar Mila" by Udit Narayan and Madhusree gives a disappointing end to the album . The lyrics have been weak throughout the album and here they are no different . The music is also pretty average and nothing good about it .

Overall , it is a pretty average soundtrack and a lot more is expected from an A.R. Rahman album . Director , Anthony D'souza , lost a great opportunity and couldn't quite get what other Directors manage to get from Rahman sir . Usually when I dont like a Rahman album and i write about it , most people comment and say that Rahman's music grows with time . I just hope that happens this time and I start liking the songs after some time . I wasn't impressed with Jaane Tu.. also in the beginning but afterwards it caught on me too , especially after the film . The lyrics are the weakest part of this soundtrack in my opinion and it falls well short of expectations .

Album Rating : Three out of Five ; a bit disappointing .

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