Sunday, September 30, 2007

Johny Gaddar ---- Movie Review

Two Movies in two consecutive weeks , both Suspense Thrillers and both being very Different from each other , yet fantastic entertainers . My last review was on Manorama .... & that one was a surprise package and now this one is on Johny Gaddar which is another surprise package coming from a director who has made only one movie i.e. Ek Hasina Thi ( Urmila & Saif Starrer ) .
Johny Gaddar as the name suggest involves a Traitor & the whole movie surrounds It ( I am not mentioning the sex bcoz that's the secret ) . Well the movie involves a gang whose leader is Dharmendra (as Sheshadri ) and it involves four other members
Star Cast
Neil Mukesh...... Vikram
Zakir Hussain
...... Shardul
Vinay Pathak
...... Prakash
Dayanand Shetty ... Shiva .

The movie revolves around a Drug deal worth Rs. 2.5 Crores and how things happen dramatically around this deal . The movie is inspired from Old Classic Thrillers like Parwana (*ing Amitabh Bacchan & Naveen Nishchal ) and Johny Mera Naam ( *ing Dev-anand ) . The storyline is a typical Pulp Fiction Novel type involving Sex , Crime & Violence yet it keeps the Viewer bound to it due to the Suspense element in it . The movie is shot in Film Noir genre , much like Quentin Tarantino's (Kill Bill fame ) Movies . This seems to first of its kind yet there have been similar attempts in the 70's and 80's in Bollywood itself .

Apart from everything , the movie is a worth a watch and will be liked by suspense and action lovers . The new boy Neil Mukesh ( Son of singer Nitin Mukesh ) performs quite well & makes his presence felt among other great actors . The movie is well shot and well directed . Sriram Raghvan comes out of the Shadow of RGV and proves his Mettle as a director . Considering Ramu's movies going nowhere maybe he should appoint him ( Ramu ) as an assistant . Rimi Sen plays her part well and the remaining cast also does well . The common factor among Manorama.. & Johny Gaddar , Vinay Pathak , again proves that he is more than a mere comedian .

On a whole the movie is one of its kind & worth a watch , go for it , you'll love it . After this I hope Sriram Raghvan will get some courage to make another of this kind , perhaps on a bigger scale . The movie gets three Stars ( *** ) from my side for its distinctive style & fast paced storyline .

Rating : *** Worth a watch .

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