Saturday, September 22, 2007

MANORAMA -- Six Feet Under

As they say pleasure always comes in small packages . So true for this movie , a very little publicised and hyped movie but a must watch for movie lovers . For me it is a great suspense thriller that has released after a long time . The movie for a change is not based in a metro but instead it is based in a small town of Rajasthan . The cinematography is Top notch for the movie bringing out the true beauty of Rajasthan .

Now talking about the script the movie revolves around a novel writer who writes a detective novel which gets flop . He gets a detective job considering there being no Detective agency in small town by a mysterious women who asks him to spy on the Minister of the state . Then starts the series of events in which the lead actor ( Abhay Deol ) gets entangled in a Power Game and is being trapped by the Minister ( Kulbhushan Kharbanda ) . The movie has a lot of suspense and twists hence I am not disclosing any details of the story .

Abhay fits perfectly in the role of Writer " Satyaveer ".

He is a brilliant actor & in fact quite lucky also . I say so bcoz he always got Movies in which there was a good story . Gul Panag makes a come back on big screen and plays the role of his wife well . Then there is Raima Sen who is also brilliant in her performance. The background score of the movie is also great with not even a single sound being missed . The two songs which are there in the movie suits the situation . I forgot to mention Vinay Pathak who plays a Police Inspector in the movie and as usual pulls it off very well . He should get better roles in which he could show his limits . His performance stands out very well among others .

The director Navdeep Singh does a fine job and should receive an applause . It is really a very Brave Attempt and comes out really well . The last suspense movie that I saw " NAQAAB " being " UTTER CRAP " I would like to say that we don't always need a Director Duo & an " Inspired " Script to make a good suspense Thriller .

The Movie gets Three Stars - - *** from my side & I would recommend it . It is a must watch especially for people who like Suspense Thrillers .

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