Friday, November 9, 2007

Om Shanti Om --- Movie Review

A typical 70's style drama with the budget and technical skill of today is what best describes Om Shanti Om . Farah's second attempt to the MASALA Picture and a better one than the First . This movie has a better story than Main Hoon Na . SRK is as always fabulous and Deepika is a great prospective find .

The movie starts in the 70's where SRK is a junior artist Om Prakash Makhija who aspires to become someone like Rajesh Kapoor who is a superstar in the movie . He has a mom who also aspired to become actress in her days and she has full confidence that her son would one day become a superstar . Shreyas Talpade is a friend of SRK who also thinks the same . Apart from becoming a star Om also has another dream who is none other than Shanti ( Deepika ) who is a superstar herself . Arjun Rampal is a Big shot producer of that time . SRK saves Deepika from an accident on the sets of her film and thus becomes a friend of her . She is secretly married to Arjun who wants to keep this secret till his next movie gets completed . But Deepika being pregnant insists him of telling the truth to the world . But Arjun fears that his project would get scrapped once everybody knows the truth . Somehow Om learns this truth and when Arjun kills Deepika , he also gets killed in between because he tries to Save her .

The first half is in the 70's but it is not a spoof of it . It makes fun of the characters of that time but in a healthy manner . SRK very well portrays the struggle and aspirations of a Junior artist who dreams to be a Star . Deepika looks like a star and is very beautiful and graceful . She has very less dialogues but still leaves an impression which shows her Mattel . Farah has gone into very tiny details and presented the 70's very well . She has grown as a Director . The first half is very musical and also very funny and on the move .

The second Half starts with SRK as Om Kapoor aka OK who is a superstar and has got everything that he once longed for . He is Phobic to fire and his past life is somewhere at the back of his mind . The best part is that the way SRK makes fun of today's movies also . The guest appearances at the Filmfare awards are very funny by Akshay and Abhishek . The party after SRK receives the award has the song Diwangi which is a real treat for all the viewers . After the song , OK meets Mic who is a big producer of Hollywood who worked in India in the 70'S And is played by Arjun Himself . Om meets him and remembers everything about his past life .

Then starts the whole revenge sequence where SRK plots how to take the revenge of his and shanti's death . He plans to restart the Incomplete film which Arjun was suppose to make along with Shanti . SRK tries to find a girl who is look alike of Shanti and wallah !!! he meets Sandy who looks exactly the same as Shanti but is not a re-incarnation of her . She helps him to take his revenge and at the end somehow with a twist manages to take it . This whole revenge sequence is little slow and doesn't have the fun element that the whole movie had . It also doesn't have the creepy feeling that KARZ had . In all , this part is what the audience will not like that much .

In the Entire movie Shahrukh says that -- "
End तक हमारी filmon में सब कुछ ठीक ठाक हो जाता है , Happys Endings " . But looks like this " Happys Endings " is not as happy as it should have been . Still the entire movie has lot of मसालेदार मनोरंजन to offer and will make you smile this Diwali . Though the entire team of this movie has worked really hard and I would like to congratulate them on this but still a little disappointment in the end which kinda spoils the show a little bit . The movie would be loved by previous generations and also to an extent liked by today's generation . The movie is a treat for any person who ever dreamt to become an actor or aspired to get into the industry and there are lots of them in every city of India .

The Music is great by Vishal and Shekhar and the tune by Pyaarelal is just amazing and reminds us of 70's music . "Tumko Paaya " is the best song and maybe Vishal-Shekhar's best work . The music holds the movie very well and keeps it entertaining all throughout .

The problem this movie will face is the Publicity which had been done for it . When you do Publicity at such a large scale people's expectation tend to rise and maybe due to these expectations they may get a little disappointed . Still if you would expect a 70's drama and then watch the movie , then you would be happy .

For the fun filled first half and fabulous performance by SRK and Deepika this movie is still worth a watch and is expected to be a Hit . For good family entertainment this diwali , go and watch it .

Film Rating :::Three and Half Star bcoz I am a Die hard SRK fan and Deepika - " I Love You " !!!.

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  1. Good review Saurabh..
    I agree with most of the points you've made except for your opinion of the music. I simply love the music of OSO. It's phenomenal, in my opinion.
    You asked me to review your review. Well I don't think I am qualified to do that, but all I'll say is that a lil bit of creativity in writing goes a long way. Just try to break the traditional mold of reviewing.


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