Friday, November 2, 2007

Khoya Khoya Chand -- Music Review

" Melody meets poetry " is the best line that can describe this album in one line . The magic of Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra works again after "Parineeta" . The feel of this one is similar to that of Parineeta . The duo got instant fame with Parineeta and now they are back with another similar album after long time .

The album starts with the Title Track "Khoya Khoya Chand " which is an excellent qawwali with voices from Swanand Kirkire and Ajay Jhingran . This one is the best track on album no doubt and after Himesh's "Aawan Ankhiyan -- Aahista Aahista " is the best qawwali I've heard in long time . The vocals in between the qawalli are just perfect and are recited by Lyricist himself so are done with best tone . This track will remind you of the qawwals who performed on stages with full on "Josh" . The track starts off a little slow but later gets into the qawwali mood soon . Both the singers have sung it beautifully and this one is bound to get popular .

The second track is "Yeh Nigahein " by Sonu Nigam and Antara Choudhury which reminds you of the Black and White era of Indian Cinema of Kishore and Geeta Dutt . Both Sonu and Antara have sung this one in typical 50's style . The music on this one is also very melodius and also has a club feeling to it with a little bit of Jazz feeling . This song would sound good even on an Old Radio with no Bass effect and Stereo sound .

The third song " Chale Aon Saiyaan "is by Shreya Ghoshal and is a typical Classical "Mujra" style song with lyrics also having the same feeling . Shreya being a hardcore classical singer pulls it of effortlessly . The music is also very classical with appropriate use of Tabla beats .

Then comes "Khushbu Sa " which is sung by Hamsika Iyer which is a very sensual and romantic in its feel . The music is also very club style and reminds one , of the Rekha's Item number in Parineeta sung by Alisha Chinoy . This one is also sung quite well by Hamsika and she sounds really good . She can sing songs like these in future also .

After this track is "O Re Paakhi " which is a soft romantic sad song which is sung brilliantly by Sonu alone . Sonu is the best and he proves this again and again . He has a great understanding of melody and he sings according to it . A good Sad song after a long time . This one would surely go down as one of the best tracks of this album . With minimal music in this one Shantanu has also given his best music sense into this one .

" Sakhi Piya " by Pranav Biswas and Shreya Ghoshal is also a good slow romantic song with good classical renditions by Pranav . This one is also very Melodious and Classical and it has probably the maximum classical input in the entire album . The song would sound very beautiful if used in Background in the Film . It is a treat for Classical Lovers and is must listen for them .

Then at last is " Thirak Thirak " which is a duet by Sonu and Shreya . This one is a little fast then others and its starting reminds one of the starting of " Honthon Mein Aisi Baat 's " starting . After one and half minutes of musical start the song starts off in a very different tone . The constant sound of Ghungru in the entire song sounds really good . In the entire song one can easily listen to the excellent chemistry between Sonu and Shreya's Singing . At the end of the song there is a line from the title track khoya-khoya which is sung very beautifully by both of them . This one is also one of the best out of this entire album.

The entire album is very Melodious and Lyrically Poetic and is a food for your soul and is a good change from usual Disco Beats of today's music . The album is one of the Best albums of year and is also very Nostalgic . This one for sure will leave you nostalgic and is strictly recommended for all music lovers .

Album Rating : This one gets " three and half stars " and is a must buy for everyone. Melodious and Magical .

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