Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jab We Met -- Movie Review

The longtime real life couple Shahid-Kareena's last reel life appearance was a good farewell to them . Jab We Met is a good romantic comedy with a fabulous performance by Kareena and Shahid also did his part quite well . For the first time there Chemistry on screen was looking good .

The movie starts with shahid being dumped by his girlfriend who gets married to some other guy . Shahid gets miserable and goes away from his own life and then accidently meets very bubbly and lively Punjabi Girl , Geet , who makes him forget the past and live life the way she does. She is a blabber-mouth and even talks when she is sleeping . On the contrary Shahid is as very serious guy who is the son of very famous businessmen and is quite confused about his life . Geet ( Kareena ) doesn't hide anything from him & tells him about herself and how she wants to run away with the love of her life , a guy from Simla .

Kareena meets Shahid on a train and misses her train because of him . He takes her to her home back to Bhatinda and in the journey Shahid falls in love with her and also gets a new perspective of life . Kareena is a briliant actress with acting running in her blood veins. She looks very cute and surprisingly very much in shape .

In the second half the story turns the other way as the guy , whom Kareena loves , dumps her and she lives Nine months in misery in Simla away from her home , from where she runs away for him . Then Shahid comes to know about this and he teaches Kareena the same things what she tought him earlier about life . And after this strangely her lover comes back and apologises . She accepts her apology and takes him back to Bhatinda to marry him and Shahid supports them . What happens afterwards is left for you guys to watch .

I am big time fan of "Socha Na Tha" and I think it is one of the best Sweet-Romantic comedy film and " Jab We Met " has also been made with same spirit , yet it is not as good as the first one was . Director Imtiaz Ali has something for " Running away " from home as he uses the same situation in the second movie also . But he knows his job quite well and he has directed this one nicely . The Pace of the movie is good with some songs in between which were quite a disappointment . The second half is not as good as the first one yet it is bearable .

Pritam , stop stealing American Tunes and do something original . Only two songs were worth it and the rest were quite boring . Maybe Imtiaz should have stuck with Sandesh Shandilya who did a good job in "Socha Na Tha" .

Kareena is the best thing in the movie and Shahid was also good . Shahid should now get over his chocolate boy image and start doing roles with some serious nature . Like this movie , he should do the roles which are little serious because it suits him . He is a good actor but he needs to work a little more hard to change his image . Maybe he should take some Acting Lessons from his Dad who could polish him very well .

Overall the film is quite good and worth a watch . All the couples would enjoy it therefore I didn't enjoy it as much , as I am still single . Well I also want to say " Jab We Met " , is any body listening ?

Movie Rating : Two and Half Stars for Kareena's Good performance and
direction .

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