Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mumbai Salsa -- Movie Review

Movies surrounding urban setup are now being made in lot more frequency than before , considering the new breed of Multiplex Audience . The same is the case with Mumbai Salsa . It is a movie about today's youth , which has a cosmopolitan lifestyle . The movie revolves around a group of 4 boys and four girls who are in different fields of work and are also very different from each other yet are very much depended on each other for all the emotional and mental support .

Movie starts with a brief introduction of each of characters of the movie and what are there principles in life . All of them are single and desperately want to have a relationship with the opposite sex . Both the lead actor and actress are dumped by their respective partners and hence they meet each other in a bar and then fall in love eventually , after some dramatic situations . All the other friends also hook up with the each other and eventually fall in Love and get Married.

This sounds quite usual as it happens with other movies also , but what is different about this movie is the treatment it has been given by Director . Manoj Tyagi the director has done his job excellently . He has stuck to the Hardcore Mentality of todays youth and has portrayed the lifestyle of young people very well .

All the leading actors and actresses have given a good performance and the Songs and Music is also decent . The director has very rightly casted the main actors of the movie with everybody suiting to its character . The advantage of taking new people in a movie is that you can present them in which way the story demands since the Audience doesn't have any preconceived image of the actors . They can very comfortably carry the image of character without thinking much .

Only one complaint , the end is a little bit stretched . The Director could well have cut it short . Even though it is just 2 hrs long yet the story kinda gets over by one and half hours so the last half hour is been just stretched a little .

In the end Mumbai Salsa is a Decent Movie with quite good comic scenes . Yet it would be liked only by youth of Indian Metros only .

Movie Rating : Two Stars ** for good natural performances and good direction .

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