Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taare Zameen Par -- Trailer Review

The first promo of Taare Zameen Par is out now and to be fair it is quite simple & interesting just as the story of the movie would be . For all of you who don't know TZP is Directed by none other than Actor Aamir Khan himself who also stars in it . From the promo its quite obvious that the movie is about kids who dream a lot and are also creative and imaginative .

India is a country where Largest number of movies are made in entire World and it is also the Youngest Nation of the World yet the number of movies that are Genuinely Made for Kids can be counted on Fingers . On the contrary , in Hollywood some of the finest movies are made for Kids ( leaving apart the Animated ones ) . Aamir has been always known for making brave decisions and I am not surprised he decided to make this one all by himself . In past there have been a number of unsuccessful attempts of kids' movies ( like Raju Chacha ) but still I hope or rather I should say know that this one would not be the same .

Now talking about the trailer it shows some of the cutest kids in it yawning and gazing inquisitively like all kids do . Then there is a kid ( probably the lead ) who is looking at a painting and imagining something and behind him is sitting Aamir who is in same Innocent and surprised mood as the Kid is . The trailer very effectively brings out the Innocence of kids and in my opinion also their creative side . The Teaser Trailer doesn't reveal much about the story and just sends out the basic theme of movie .

I saw the poster very closely and I found a spacecraft drawn by child on which it is written "Ahmed in NASA " . I am not sure about the name though . But from this it looks like the main kid in the movie is interested in Space and probably wants to work in NASA and dreams of becoming an astronaut . This is just a guess not sure though.

The movie is out in the theaters from 21st December and I can't wait to see it .

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