Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NO SMOKING -- Music Review

Kudos to Vishal Bhardwaj , good soundtrack with an entirely new feel and some quite very smooth tracks . Vishal apart from Film Making also knows his Music quite well and no need to say anything about legends , I mean, Gulzaar Saab .

The first track "Jab Bhi Cigaret - Jazz " is really in my opinion the finest Jazz attempt in Indian Music Ever . The jazz in the song sounds like it is straight from the some jazz club of America . The song is sung by none other than Adnan Sami who I think is perfect for any Jazz Song . Jazz is all about "smoothness" in sound and both music and voice of adnan deliver it perfectly .

Then comes another great track "Phoonk De--Female" which is very stylishly sung by none other than Rekha Bhardwaj ( " Namak Isk Ka - Omkara " fame) . The song is sung in such a style and flow that it has to work among the masses apart from the splendid music in it . She has a different sound and style and so are her songs. The song has a unique combination of club beats and desi dhol beats.

There is another version of the same song by Sukhwinder Singh which is entirely different from this version and is also different on Lyrics part . The song can work in a rapid moving sequence in the movie . Sukhwinder has sung in his own style and is definately not a remix of previous version , yet Rekha's version is better .

After these there is "Kash Laga " which I think would work only if played
in background of the movie . I mean if the story would keep running along with the song then the song would work else it would fail and may prove to be a distractor while watching the movie. The song is sung by some new singer I believe. It has a sufiana-qawalli type touch in it which sounds a little good .

" Ash Tray " is a not appealing in any case . The only lull in the entire album .

At the end comes there is another fast version of " Jab Bhi Cigarette " by Sunidhi Chauhan who sings in typical sunidhi style but one thing is quite interesting is that the lyrics of the song are the same that are sung by male voice . I mea
n to say she says " Peeta Hoon " instead of " Peeti Hoon " which I think is done on purpose considering Cigarette being not so popular among the opposite sex as the male & the Director didn't want to put any Ideas in the head of Public .

On a whole the entire soundtrack is quite good with some great singing by Rekha & Adnan and a different feel to music is worth a "listen" . Here's Wishing best of luck to
Anurag Kashyap ( Black Friday ) . May his film be as good as the previous one & not a longer version of the short story of " Darna Mana Hai ".

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Music Rating -- ***

Best Tracks : Jab Bhi Cigarette (Jazz) & Phook De (Club Mix )

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