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Bhool Bhulaiyaa -- Review

First of all sorry for the late review ( I am saying just like the whole world reads it !!! ) But still . I couldn't watch the movie because it was Running House Full on the weekends and I couldn't get a ticket. Considering that by now a lot of you might have seen it or heard about it , for the first time I am giving a full review . Those of you who have yet not seen it you can skip some paras and go down straight .

*** SPOILER Warning --- Plot Details Under ***

Well the movie starts quite well and starts in Priyadarshan style with all the Fun and Frolic . It starts with Priyan's Favourite star Paresh Rawal and also his other favourite Asrani acting some quite funny sequences ( The third favourite Om Puri is missing in this one ) . Paresh Rawal renovates the King's Old Palace which is widely popular as
Haunted Mansion throughout the Village . The starting sequences very effectively shows that how some mistakes and co-incidents can take a shape of some paranormal activity just because of Fear and Imagination running wild . On this effort I would like to compliment Priyadarshan who tried to expose the so called paranormal activities and how they exist in our minds only . He has done this in his own funny ways .

Then comes the Prince , Siddharth Chaturvedi ( Shiny Ahuja ) from US along with his wife Avni ( Vidya Balan ) . He marries Vidya in US without saying anything back home in India to his Uncle Badrinarayan (Manoj Joshi ) , whose adopted Daughter Radha ( Amisha Patel ) was waiting since her childhood to marry the Prince . Shiny is supposed to be the next king after his fathers death and hence is subjected to
crowning ceremony . Well I forgot to mention the haunted palace is being renovated by Paresh on the orders of shiny because his wife Vidya wants to live in a old palace being a student of architecture herself . Hence without listening to all Haunting Stories of the Villagers they go and live in the palace . Then Vidya starts exploring the whole Palace and opens a room on the third floor which has been locked because of some Spirits of and Old Dancer and her lover which have been trapped inside by some great Tantrik Yagyaprakash Bharati (Vikram Gokhale) .

Since Shiny and Vidya being from US don't believe in all this crap and hence She
opens the room . Then start a series of strange things happening with every villager going paranoid and thinking it to be done by the so called spirits . Shiny still doesn't believes all this and some how due to some coincidences starts having a doubt on Amisha to be behind this due to jealousy . So Shiny decides to consult his Psychiatrist friend to help Amisha get rid of her psycho behavior . Then comes the Hero of the story Dr. Aditya Shrivastav (Akshay Kumar ) to set the whole situation straight . Akshay is best in his comic skills and he does create a laugh riot . He starts inspecting the whole situation and after a long series of events realises that Vidya Balan herself is the culprit behind all of this . He realises that due to a disturbed childhood she suffers from a multiple personality disorder and sometimes behaves as the Dancer who comes back to take revenge . He then with some help from Shiny and the Tantrik treat her in a strange way and recover her back to normal .

The most outstanding performance is delivered by Vidya Balan who at times scares you with her scary expressions ( reminds of Urmila in Bhoot ) and splendid acting performances . She is really not of her times , roles with some period element only suit her (considering Hey Babyy ) . She is no doubt among the best Female Actors in India today .

Akshay does what he is best in doing , Comedy , but with perfect acting and not by dialogues . There is nothing new by him but just the same old combo of Priyadarshan + Akshay at his best . Yet he makes you laugh the most .

Amisha has given her best because I think she can't do it better than this and Shiny is also good . He does look like a prince . Nothing much for him in it .

Paresh , Rajpal and Rasika Joshi all are tereffic actors and hen
ce deliver what is expected from them to perfection .

Neeraj Vohra has written a good screenplay except the songs which pop in between which were quite a turn off , considering the title track being played in end credits .
The Bengali track played in between the movie is catchy and creepy bo
th . Kudos for the background score .

The suspense behind the whole creepy things is well kept by Director and hence holds the interest of people in the story . Yet the whole flashback sequence of the Dancer and King in the end is quite boring . But during these scenes I realised how much he is inspired from South-Indian films and hence puts a little southern flavour in his movies .

I have only one complaint against Priyadarshan that he should have sticked to his Non Existence of Meta-Physical activities belief . He some how diverts from this belief and in the end makes the viewer confused that whether he/she should believe in these things or not . Instead of all the Multiple Personaliy Disorder thing he should have shown something like a Hidden Treasure being guarded by someone insider or something even more interesting . Maybe I expect a lot from him because I think he is one of the finest film-makers , its just that he is not pushing his limits .

*****Spoiler Ends Here *****

Yet it is a good Entertaining Film better than some of the last attempts of Priyadarshan . Packed with some good acting performances and tight screenplay and popular title track it is bound to work among the masses considering it is the festival season . After a long time a wholesome entertaining film has released so it will be a hit no doubt . Go for it , see a new side of Priyadarshan .

From my side it gets Two And A Half stars for good comic sequences and some good thrills in between .

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