Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mithya --- Movie Review

The "Bheja Fry" team is back with its latest movie in the form of Mithya . The unexpected hit of the year 2007 , undoubtedly , was Bheja Fry . The one big factor in its success was its unique sounding name and other being a dull week . The week is as dull as it was during the release of Bheja Fry with only one film in competition with mithya i.e. Superstar . The name of this movie is also quite unique and so is the treatment that the Director Rajat Kapoor has given to its story . The story is quite new because of its twists and end . Else it is just the same with a little bit of thrill and romance and comedy . The best part of the team of Rajat Kapoor is that all are intelligent and fabulous actors . I mean look at the list Naseer-uddin Shah , Saurabh Shukla , Harsh Chayya ,Vinay Pathak ,Ranvir Shorey etc. etc. They all are such fine actors and never scared to do any role no matter how long or short it is .

Rajat is an intelligent man and has great sense of cinema . None of his movies in past had bad or no script and neither does this one . Mithya has an average story with an unusual ending to which Indians are not accustomed to . Thats why I call Mithya "a brave attempt " because he (Rajat) didn't care of Audience's reaction and made a film exactly according to the story and didn't manipulate it so that it gets successful . It takes courage to make a movie with a style so different from the usual style of Indian cinema . I cannot reveal whats different because it will spoil the show . Till date I have not figured out that how did Bheja Fry got successful . It was a nice movie but it had a sense of humour that would not have matched with general audience .The same will happen with this movie . If the audience that loved Bheja Fry genuinely comes and watches this movie then it will succeed for sure .

Talking of story it revolves around this simple and down to earth guy Viren who is a wannabe superstar and tries his luck in acting . The entire story moves around him and how he gets trapped in the Underworld and how he ultimately pays for it with no fault of his own . During the entire process he meets another wannabe , Neha Dhupiya and falls in love with her . The entire movie has several comic sequences which are quite genuine and not forced into . The pressure of making another successful movie was there on Rajat , after Bheja Fry , but he didn't care about that and remained faithful to the story he chose .

Acting is top notch by all actors with Ranvir shorey giving his best in his career . I never thought when he came earlier that he would turn out to be such a fine actor . One more hats off to Rajat since he is the only guy who can take Ranvir as the lead actor in a film . Neha Dhupia also acted her part well and may be learnt a thing or two in acting from such great actors . Hope she continues to do such films . Direction was great and brave which needs to be applauded and the cinematography was also quite unique . I remember the Credits of Bheja Fry . They started off with something like this "Handmade Films Present" . This movie also appears to be "handmade" with minimal use of technology . Even the credits Graphics were kept as simple as possible . No money to spent on useless things such as credits . Who cares of the credits if the movie is not good .And if the movie is good the simple credits also get noticed more than the fancy ones .

Overall the movie is worth a watch if you are open to experiment and creative freedom . The movie has everything that a genuine entertainer should have and best of it all it sticks to a good script that has been given excellent treatment by Rajat Kapoor . The film would be loved by the critics and I hope it is appreciated to some extent by the cinema-lovers .

Movie Rating : Three and a Half Star for Brave Script and fantastic acting and Direction

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