Friday, February 1, 2008

Trailer review --- Krazzy 4

The first film as a full time producer for Rakesh Roshan has taken shape in the form of Krazzy 4 and the movie is all set to roll out in the month of April . The Movie stars Arshad Warsi , Irfan Khan , Rajpal Yadav and Suresh Menon as a group of 4 krazzy people . The first trailer of the movie is out now along with "Sunday" and it looks like another movie with ensemble cast is set to release . The trailer of the movie is also in a movie with ensemble cast . But the difference in the two is the presence of a solo star . While Sunday has Ajay Devgan as a solo star wheras Krazzy 4 has no one in it . The movie would have to be directed really well and the script would also play a big role in its success .

Talking of the promo it gives a brief intro of the krazzy cast . The first krazy guy is Arshad Warsi who is shown crazy for Anger , probably that means he gets angry soon .
Next on the list is Irfan Khan who is crazy for Cleanliness . Then comes Rajpal Yadav who is crazy for Freedom and last but not least Suresh Menon who is simply crazy . All of them probably run from some mental institute and start their crazy n funny activities in public . All of them are crazy yet not so crazy . Their is a series of crazy n funny sequences in the trailer to show their level of craziness . Then comes in the name of probably the most important of them all , that is , the director Jaideep Sen . Jaideep has earlier worked as an assistant director to Rakesh in Krissh and also in several other films . Do not confuse him with Jaideep Sahni of Chak De fame .

Apart from these the movie also has Juhi Chawla as a Doctor and Dia Mirza . It also has Rajat Kapoor who is now seen in many movies and is a fantastic actor .
The movie doesn't have the Big stars but it does have for sure two Item Numbers from two of the Biggest stars of Bollywood , SRK and Hrithik . Combined with brilliant music of Rajesh Roshan , the movie would pull the crowd for sure initially but then it would be upto the film . The Problem with Director Producers' is that they intervene in the film making and I know they can't help it . I hope such a situation wouldn't have created that Rakesh would have had to intervene . Because when two of the guys call the shots the projects goes somewhere else and loses direction .

The Promo looks good and with the coming few days we'll no more about the movie and its music which is a big factor for any movie's success .
Check out the Promo :

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