Sunday, January 27, 2008

SUNDAY --- Movie Review

The team of Golmaal is back again , with some new members , at the box-office in the form of their latest offering - Sunday . The movie has explored a new genre that is comedy-thriller and that to in an almost perfect manner . Earlier Priyadarshan tried this concept with three of his movies Bhagambhaag , Dhol & Bhul-bhulaiya of which only the last one worked . Bhul-bhulaiya also lost track in between and turned into a psycho-thriller rather than pure comedy thriller . Well this movie doesn't do that . It is a pure comedy-thriller right from start till the end .

Talking of the movie it involves many characters and all are linked to each other in some or the other way . The central character is that of Ayesha Takia (as Seher ) who is a girl who Dubs for the Cartoon Characters and has a problem of forgetting things . She has a friend in form of Anjana Sukhani . There is a murder right at the start of the movie and the plot revolves around that murder . Ayesha meets certain people who she doesn't know yet they keep following her . One of those people is Arshad Warsi who is a Taxi Driver and his customer , a struggling actor , Irfan Khan . Both of them have a fantastic comic timing and they deliver their best along with Vrijesh Hirjee who is a Karate Teacher . Vrijesh is a fantastic actor who is very under-rated and unexplored . Ayesha is also chased by some killers who keep attacking her time to time . Getting confused she goes to Ajay Devgan who is a corrupt cop who does his job well but takes "hafta" for it . Ajay Devgan based on some clues starts the investigation and it turns out that Ayesha has forgotten one whole day and that days happpenings . Then starts the search for the Missing Sunday and what happened on that Sunday with ayesha involving one more Murder .

Rohit Shetty the Director needs to be applauded for his effort . He not only made a completely different movie from Golmaal but also kept the spirit of that movie alive in this one . The script of the movie is quite original and well written . The movie is said to be inspired by some south-Indian flick but anyways the script is a really well written . It is a pretty fast-paced movie without anything that is stuffed in without any reason . The movie has a lot of use of Frames in a single shot which was first seen in Nikhil Advani's "Kal Ho Na Ho" . The Interval of the movie is also done in an interesting and novel manner .

The cinematography is also good with Delhi shown on screen like never before . The whole movie is based in Delhi and explores the city . The music is also good with songs suiting the situations very well apart from the song "Loot Liya " which doesn't make any sense . The Movie has several surprise moments that will thrill you and also some fantastic Action sequences . Rohit has a love for Cars and Car chase sequences . This movie also has many car chase scenes with a lot of action like his earlier movie had . The comedy in the movie is also quite situational and original . Nothing stupid and over the top . The background score is also good .

Talking of Acting performances , Ajay and Mukesh Tiwary look like real Delhi cops with typical accents and behaviour . Mukesh is also under-rated and rarely used . Ayesha has given a good performance and she stands well with these fine actors . Arshad and Irfan are great and shared good chemistry . Tushar and Esha look great in their guest appearances and Anjana has very little to offer .

Overall the movie is almost a flawless product and keeps you entertained throughout.
The comedy is great along with the suspense . The screenplay is tight and grippy . The movie will work among the masses considering it has all the elements of an entertainer . The collections would be good as their is no good movie coming in few days ahead before Jodha-Akbar .

Movie Rating
: 3.75 out of five for a pure comedy-thriller in its element .

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