Saturday, January 12, 2008

Halla Bol --- Movie Review

Ajay Devgan's new year has begun with his first release of the year - Halla Bol . The film is a typical Rajkumar Santoshi flick with all the nationalistic qualities it should have . The film as the title suggests aims at motivating the people to raise their voices against all the injustice and corruption in the society . Similar attempt has been made by Mani Ratnam in Yuva and Rakeysh Mehra in RDB . Yuva in my opinion was better product than this one but didn't work because it lacked the dramatic sequences and the provocative dialogues that this one has . Halla Bol is an interesting blend of the intelligent cinema and the melodramatic crowd pleasing cinema . As a result it will leave the entire section of audience satisfied and generate a positive response . The movie though is suppose to deliver a message but it does so in an entertaining manner . There will be moments when the intelligent cinema goer would say what shit is this but also laugh and enjoy it . As I said earlier the movie won't disappoint you as the last two of Ajay's Flicks did .

Talking about the movie the major part of first half is devoted to show the build up of a mega film star from streets . The first half exposes the so called "Truth" behind the glamour industry as shown in several films in past like Page 3 . The film shows a how a good human being transforms into emotionless practical guy to get what he wants and how his inner conscience provokes him to change back to his original form .The movie has added some drama to Jessica Lal murder case and made a movie to motivate people and I appreciate the efforts of Rajkumar Santoshi as a common man wont give a damn of Jessica Lal's murder but listen and watch intently what their on- screen hero is portraying .

If you are reading this then you would be aware of Jessica Lal's case . If not then you should first learn to watch meaningful news and leave the bollywood gossip aside for a break . I know this sounds boring and this is what the director has done . He has turned a boring news piece into a 3 hour interesting movie with all the elements that any Tabloid News has .

Ajay has a guru of his street days , Pankaj Kapoor , who is a dacoit turned into a social activist who generates awareness through his street plays . After becoming a star Ajay changes and his relationship with his guru goes sour . But as soon as Ajay transforms back to his original avatar and takes a stand to fight injustice he is right there next to him to support him in his ventures . Together they fight the Neta's and the Vikreta's ( I mean rich businessmen ) who have sold themselves for money and have an over-confidence that they can do whatever they want (my language sounds straight from the movie ) . So they fight and get beaten and when they get beaten the audience realises their mistake and all of them just Halla Bol's .

Acting wise the entire pack of actors is a well known one and needs no comments . Each one has delivered their best . Ajay should take a break from such social movies and stop the dialogue-baaji . Still he is best in anything that he does . This movie would have reminded him of his days when the entire movie was filled with such melodramatic dialogues . Thank God the Director didn't include them in that quantity or else it would have been a disaster . The music is so-so , the best being "Is Pal ki Soch" and the background score and screenplay is also good . The movie would have looked better if certain dramatic scenes would have been chopped off . But still they are necessary for movie to work .

Overall the movie won't please the Critics very much but on the contrary it will please the general audience and the collections might rise with mouth publicity . I'll recommend the movie if you can handle a little bit of melodrama . The movie is good but could have been great with such a powerful star cast . I watched the movie for one reason and that is that no good movie is releasing before 25th Jan hence I watched this one and it didn't disappoint me . The sad part is that people forget the message as soon as they leave the cinema halls and all the efforts go waste .

Movie Rating : Three Stars for good acting performances and lesser melodrama .

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