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2007 : The Year that Was

2007 was full of surprises some pleasant ( like Taaren Zameen Par, Manorama & Johnny ) and some not so pleasant ( like JBJ,
LCMD & Aaja Nachle) and though it was not as good as 2006 , still some new trends were set . The high point for year was no doubt , the never before media frenzy and publicity of the Diwali releases and low point was the acting of Mega - stars in Script-less movies like CASH & Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom .

Talking of stars , some were created (Deepika & Ranbir) , some were re-born ( SRK with 6-pack) and some got recognised ( Akki with 3 blockbusters ) . The year belonged to SRK with the Years two biggest hits Chak-De India and OSO . SRK's luck shined at anything he touched whether it is Hey Babby or the 20-20 Finals .Though SRK did not do much to publicise his better " Product ", Chak-De , it still stood up on its own . The Award Trophies are waiting for SRK's fingerprints .

Enough of SRK , the other Big star of the Year was undoubtedly Akshay Kumar with three Back-2-Back hits . He has proved that apart from SRK & Hrithik , he too sells big-time . Among female stars the year belonged to Katrina Kaif with three good films at box-office ( Namaste London , Partner & Apne ) . Rani's throne has fallen with LCMD and she would be seriously thinking of marrying and settling . And talking of partners both Salman & Ash found one . Ash got AB baby and Salman got Govinda ? The marriage of the year goes to Ash-Abhi with "Out-standing" performance by Media . Father in Law AB senior was more in news for wrong reasons ( Land Acquisition and Rifts with stars like SRK , Aamir and Hrithik & not to forget romancing young girls) . Hrithik took a break with no movie releasing this year and did only Ad-campaigns .

After stars come Directors & Producers . Mani Sir's GURU did better than his last movie and AB got something to cheer about . Two Big Directors ( both being one of my favourites) RGV and SLB got self absorbed and carried out " Mann-Maani " and paid the price . RGV got burnt in his own Aag and SLB didn't found his Saawariya . Over-confidence can kill anybody . Aditya made wrong decisions through-out the year and worked more on budget rather than scripts . SONY got peanuts for their first Indian Film and ADLABS & EROS bought films like vegetables. Vidhu Vinod Chopra made Eklavya with stunning visuals but again weak story killed it . He got happy with american reviews and comments . Brother-Sister , Farah - Saajid got richer and made dozens of stars dance in one song each . And before the year ended one more Director surprised in the form of Aamir Khan . He is also now a PDA ( Producer,Director & Actor) . Mahesh Bhatt rightly said in a recent interview that he pushed this decision too long , he should have gotten into it quite early . I wonder , if this movie would win awards who will take it , Aamir being the PDA , probably the kid.

For me the best part of year was the variety of cinema I got to see whether is it a sports movie in Chak - De or a gripping suspense-thriller in Manorama & Johnny Gaddar . Not to forget the movie based on kids - Taare Zameen Par
which is also one of the best in the year . Comedies like Partner & Bheja Fry both released in a year and did well . OSO with all the 70's drama and glitter and Khoya Khoya Chaand with all the Nostalgia .There was something for youth of today also , in form of Mp3 , Dil Dosti etc. & Mumbai Salsa . Nice to see movies like Jab We Met and Shootout doing well than Saawariya & Salaam-e-ishq. Big disappointments in form of Cash & Traffic Signal . Films like Aapka Suroor did better than excellent cinema like Black Friday & Manorama . I feel for the producers . Anyways the big releases of this year were not as good as last year but the small ones made for it .

Music wise the year was quite good with GURU in the beginning and Khoya Khoya Chaand in the end . Every album had at least one song worth listening and some albums had it all , like Metro & OSO . Tara rum pum 's songs did better than the movie . Saawariya's 11 songs made the movie fall even low and Partner's numbers didn't make sense yet minted money .

Aamir has got into Direction and Blogging ( like me ) and looks like he is going to do it all with utmost perfection . Hrithik has new agent in the LA and is ready to breach the international screens . Ash is doing Pink Panther and Mallika is also ready to go to the express way . Shilpa found Big-Brother and no husband yet . Oscar buzz surrounds
Irfan & Tabu and Indian films and stars knocking the world's door .

The final nail in the coffin is my list of the best & worst of year which has many categories just like any Indian award "show" . Here it goes :

Best Films (Popular) :

1. Om Shanti Om .

2. Chak De India.
3. Partner.
4. Guru.
5. Heyy Baby & Bhul Bhulaiyaa.

Best Films (Critical Acclaim & overall):

1. Chak De India.
2. Taare Zameen Par.
3. Guru.
4. Johnny Gaddar.
5. Manorama Six Feet Under .

Best Trailers (new category):

1. Saawariya - Teaser Trailer.
2. Bhul Bhulaiyaa - Teaser Trailer.
3. Gandhi My Father - Trailer .
4. Jodha Akbar.
5. Khoya Khoya Chaand & JBJ-teaser .

*Guru and Salaam-e-Ishq trailer not included because they released in 2006.

Best Songs (Popular):

1. Chakde - Chak De India.
2. Dard-e-disco-OSO.
3. Its Rocking - Kya Love Story Hai .

4. Soni De Nakhre - Partner.
5. Hare Ram - Bhul Bhulaiyaa.
6. Move Your Body - Johnny Gaddar.

Best Songs ( Lyrically):

1. Tere Bina - Guru.
2. Baatein Kuch Ankhahi Si - Life in a... Metro.

3. Maula Mere - Anwar.
4. Main Jahan Bhi Rahoo - Namaste London.

5. Jab Se tere Naina - Saawariya.

6. O re Pakhi - Khoya Khoya Chaand.

Rotten Eggs Of the Year :

1. Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom.
2. Cash.

3. RGV ki Aag.

4. Fool n Final.
5. Aapka Suroor - The Movieeee .

Some other films like Saawariya , Nishabd and Shaka laka Boom Boom gave good competition to these films .

That would be it for now , some more will come soon , keep checking .

Here's wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year . I hope the New-Year resolution for big banner producers would be to work on good scripts along with the commercial ones .

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