Monday, December 24, 2007

SUNDAY --- Music Review

The Music of the upcoming film Sunday is out now and this album is also unique as the name of film is . The Album has music from not one , not two but Six Different Music Directors (probably one for each day of week except Sunday). The music is new in its feeling and so is the album . The film is directed by the director of 2006 hit "Golmaal - Fun Unlimited" , Rohit Shetty . The album of Golmaal was a huge hit and it also had completely groovy and new feel about it . Same would be expected out of this album .

The First Track of album is "Missing Sunday" and is sung by three singers Mahua Kamath, Suraj & Earl Edgar . The Music is by Sandeep Chowta (Company fame) .The title track of Golmaal was also sung by new singer Anushka Manchanda and her voice & style became a huge hit . This song is also pretty same in the feeling , a bit more cool and groovy . All the singers do a pretty good job yet it won't be as big hit as the Golmaal title track . Kajol listened to Golmaal's music and said that it was very cool and new . I hope she says the same for this one .

The Second track is " Pyar to Hona hi Hai " is by Pakistani Band " Suroor " and is sung by the lead singers of the band Kamran Bari & Mohammed Ali . It is the romantic pick of the album and is the only song of the album rich in Lyrics . The song has a Rock music feeling blended in Romance . This one is similar to the songs by another Pakistani Band - Jal . With good use of guitar and powerful vocals , this one would surely work in the masses .

Then comes " Loot Liya " sung and composed by Daler Mahendi along with Sunidhi Chauhan . This one is a typical Daler Mahendi track with his distinct singing style and punjabi music with dhol . Sunidhi Chauhan has given good company to him and has sung it like a Punjabi singer . This one would probably work in small town and also in Punjab where his die hard fans are . This song might look good in the film accompanied by some funny acting by actors .

After this comes " Kashmakash " which is sung snd coposed by Shibani Kashyap . This one is also a typical Shibani song with his distinct singing and music . She is a talented girl and I don't remember any other Female music director cum singer . This song has a Suspense element and feel in it and would work in mysterious situations .The music is good and lyrics by Virag Mishra are also according to the feeling of song .
The next song on album is "Manazar" , composed by Raghav Sachar , is much faster track than the earlier ones and is well sung by the trio who sung the title track Missing Sunday . There is a bit of rap in between by Earl which is cool . The song is short of lyrics yet it will be liked .

After Manzar is the Theme of SUNDAY which had been played in teaser trailers in the background . The music is by Amar Mohile with very new sounds and works for the theme of the movie . The Malaysian or Chinese renditions in the starting and throughout the song are a plus point and sound great . The english lyrics in between are sung by Joy and Clint add a good feeling to the music

After these there are three remixes comprising of a " Kashmakash-Remix" by DJ Suketu and the other two by Tanay and Gaurav comprising of remix versions of "Pyaar to hona hi hai" & "Missing Sunday" . The remix are quite fast and rocking and would work in Discos . The best among the three being of "Missing Sunday" .

Overall the Album is good but nothing very exciting . The songs are not boring neither are they catchy . The best in the entire album is "Missing Sunday" , "Pyaar to hona hi hai" and "Sunday-Theme" . The album would look good in the movie but probaly won't sell that much . In totality , it is a new experiment and can be heard once .

Music Rating : Two And Half Stars .

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