Sunday, December 16, 2007

Strangers --- Movie Review

This is probably the third Suspense thriller of the Year after Manorama & Johnny Gaddar , but is very Mediocre and Slow as compared to the other two . What came across to me as a surprise was that actors like Kay Kay and Sonali Kulkarni starred in such an ordinary movie . The entire experience of the movie was very so so and just excited me just once before interval .

The first half of the movie is very slow and goes about in a very unusual manner . The main characteristic of any suspense movie is that it should keep the viewer thinking about the plot and an unexpected outcome . But this one has neither of it . The suspense is not at all mind boggling and the end is also very expected one .

Talking about the story the movie starts off with two strangers meeting each other in a train to London where they talk to each other during the journey and tell each other the story of there lives and how both of them are fed up of their wives . Then Kay Kay decides that only way to get out of this is to kill each others wives . After this the first half ends with a scene showing Jimmy Shergill getting arrested and Kay Kay being bewildered , leaving the suspense right there .

Then in the second Half which I expected to better turned out to be even slow and nothing thrilling about it . While watching it I just expected some excitement but my wish wasn't fulfilled . The only thing best about this movie is that it does not have any boring song sequences otherwise I would have slept and is just 2 hrs long .

The acting performances are remarkable with Jimmy looking good . Kay Kay is one of my favourite actors and he was also one of the reasons that I went to watch this movie but the story and direction was just so mediocre . The two movies which I mentioned earlier set new benchmarks for suspense thrillers whereas this one is nowhere in comparison . The movie reminded me of Roman Polanski's "Bitter Moon"
a bit which is at least better than this one .

Overall the movie is just a waste of time . Better watch the other Kids Movies that have released . At least they would be a little entertaining . Go watch Air Buddies or Surf's Up instead of this if you are feeling bored . Don't waste 100 bucks on this one .

Movie Rating : One Star ; Not Recommended .

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