Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taare Zameen Par --- Movie Review

There are some films that while watching you forget that you are watching a film and start feeling that what you are watching is something that was always at the back of your mind and it is just been taken out from there . Taare Zameen Par is one such film . Aamir Khan is known to be among the brightest man in the industry but what came out was an another Aamir khan that dreams and feels those dreams very passionately . Direction has brought out a piece of Aamir who has always been media shy . He kept on saying in the interviews that he felt for the story and hence decided to direct it , and after watching TZP I feel that he was damn serious about it .

Talking of the film , its an experience and you need to watch it for yourself to feel it . The movie is not at all for kids though it revolves around kids . It is more for the parents who groom kids and also for a little mature kids who can understand and feel what is shown . The best thing about TZP is that it is shown through the eyes of a kid . It very clearly puts across the fact that how creative the children are when they are young . They see things and think about it with a free mind , without any constrains . But today , parents are putting constrains to that free mind and soul . And it is this thought that whole movie brings out .

The film starts in a very unique and creative way . The title credits are itself a creative master-piece . All credit to Pankaj Khandpur of Tata - ELXSI & his team who worked on all the graphics and visual effects of the film . The special effects added to the creativity of film .

The film revolves around a child of third standard - Ishan Awasthy , who is very weak in studies and despite of all the punishments he doesn't study .He is very creative and makes beautiful paintings of whatever he sees and feels . He has an elder brother , Yohaan Awasthy who is very bright in studies and always stands first in class . Yohaan is a bright student but he is not very proudy about it and this very trait in his character is what moved me . He supports his brother throughout the movie whenever he is able to do so and doesn't make fun . He acts very maturely according to his age . After being fed up of complaints and failures , the angry father - Vipin Sharma , sends Ishaan to a boarding school so that he learns discipline and starts studying . Ishaan unwilingly gets admitted to the school and gets very sad . There he is constanly beaten by the strict teachers . He makes a very good friend over there who is himself suffering of polio yet he is brightest in his class. Ishaan shows no progress and the same story starts repeating , scolding and beating but no one understands him . Being lonely and sad he stops painting also .

Then comes a new art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir) who has a very different style of teaching . He sets children free and makes them think freely just like Robin William's character in Dead Poet's Society , only difference he deals with small children . His character has no similarity to Robin's except the distinct style of teaching and free thinking philosophy . He comes across Ishaan and gets concerned for him . He does a little bit of research onhim and realizes that he suffers from a disorder called Dislexia (unability of understanding alphabets and characters ) . He then undertakes Ishaan and grooms him and makes him get over his problems . He also teaches his parents a lesson or two and makes them think like him . Then slowly - slowly everything changes and Ishaan's love for painting gets recognised by evryone and applauded . The movie ends with the end of term and Ishaan showing remarkable iprovments in his Progress Report . His painting also gets published on cover page of school Year-book .

The acting by all actors is just top notch with Darsheel Safary (Ishaan) being the best . He has acted just like a child should and brought out the emotions perfectly . He deserves an award . Aamir is as usual perfect and all the other cast is also brilliant . Tisca (Ishaan's Mom) is beautiful and graceful .

The music is very good and melodious with the song "Maa" that can move any damn soul that exists on this face of earth . The music is very simple and sweet and melodious matching the movie's feel . Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Lyricist Prasoon Joshi do a great job .

There are many-many small moments in the entire film that will not only make you emotional but teach you a thing or two . It is these moments that make it so special and watchable . I am so glad that year has ended with such a excellent piece of cinema . I am more happy for Aamir who has delivered more than what was expected from him .

Movie Rating : Four Stars , for fantastic acting by Darsheel & excellent direction . If you want to end your year on a right note , go and watch it . Take your kid along .

Aamir if you read this then I would like to tell you that when I was watching this movie , there was a young couple sitting next to me who had a very small baby . I heard the wife say -" We will buy a DVD and keep watching the movie so that it reminds us that how we should be to our children ." Do you need anything more ?

One more thing Aamir , the scene where you make the small boy who works in a restaurant eat and drink from your cup , hit me the most . I don't know how many but there will be at least one preson who would copy that in real life and imagine how happy the kid would get . Great start to an exciting new career . This one surely stands a chance at the Oscar .

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