Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome --- Movie Review

One of the last big releases of the year , Welcome is a tough competitor for TZP and probably would out-do TZP in terms of Box-office numbers . The movie is Directed by No Entry fame Anees Bazmee and produced by Firoz Nadiadwala . The movie is quite different from Anees's first offering No Entry in terms of comedy style and also actors . The main drawback of the movie for me was the fact that it was not at all situational based comedy and situations were created hypothetically , just like in any David Dhawan's film . If you are a big fan of David's cinema then you would for sure enjoy this movie a lot .

The movie is not meant for intellectual type of people and it may disappoint them . The film targets the common audience and hits a bulls eye . The Movie has many comic scenes that would tickle your funny bone for sure . But I am dissapointed because I expected more from Anees after his last film. But it is not his fault . All the movies made under Nadiadwaala's production are same because they interfere in the film for sure and hence Anees won't be having freedom . Once Saajid Khan rightly said that they are the Bruckheimer's of India and follow the same formula .

Talking of the film , it moves around Akshay & Katrina who want to get married but Akshay's uncle Paresh Raawal wants to get Akshay Married to some respectful Family people . But Akshay and Katrina fall in love and then starts the game of turning Nana & Anil into good honest people from goons . Though Akshay is suppose to play the lead role but in my opinion its Nana who stole the show and walks away as a lead of the film . Akshay and Katrina just perform the romance part of the movie with very few comic scenes for them . Nana is just outstanding as he is and has the best dialogues in the movie . Anil has done just regulation stuff and got laughs only for his abusing on screen . Mallika got to do more "Acting" than Katrina though her role was short . There is a whole Bhaagambhag in the end as there is in any comedy movie .

Just go out to watch this movie without thinking of story and other things . No Entry had a new story and great situations . This one doesn't , but still I would refer the movie for Nana fans and also David Dhawan's fans . It wont disappoint you . If you liked Partner then you would love this one . Akshay's and Paresh's fans may get disappointed for their small role in the movie and not much comedy from them .

The Music is average and looks good only in movie . Malaika does an item number in the movie which is so-so and only one thing was noticable in that song - Malaika's ugly Pregnancy Strech Marks . The make-up man failed over there . Cinematography is good and involves UAE like any other Nadiadwaala movie does . Overall it can be watched once if you want to laugh a bit and enjoy mindlessly . Considering Partner ,the Movie do very well at the Box-office and Akshay would have a perfect new year . This time probably he edited his own part by mistake .

Movie Rating : Two and a half Stars for fabulous acting by Nana Patekar.

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