Friday, December 7, 2007

Khoya Khoya Chaand --- Movie Review

Movies with the central character as a female lead are seldom made in our Film Industry . Sudhir Mishra is one such director who does it very efficiently . His past two films Chameli (*ing Kareena) and Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (*ing Chitrangada Singh) were also based female characters in lead . This one is also the same and the entire movie revolves around Soha who plays Nikhat in the movie .

Before reviewing I'll say that this movie is not for everybody and will be liked by only a selected group of people . The movie starts off with the main lead of the movie Nikhat whose mother is running around different directors and producers to get a role for her daughter . Nikhat plays small roles in different movies until she is spotted by Prem Kumar , the superstar . Prem is a complex and manipulated character which is played by Rajat Kapoor . Prem is more flamboyant in nature and has had physical relations with many co-stars . He works with a co-star Ratanbala who is also a superstar . Prem spots nikhat and makes her a star and Nikhat does everything that Prem says and even gets physical with him . Then comes Zafar (played by Shiney) who is son of a very characterless man with four wives . Zafar is introduced to Prem Kumar by Shaymol (played by Vinay Pathak) who is a good friend of Zafar . Zafar is a Writer and he impresses Prem Kumar by his writing and then Prem gets him on his film . Zafar meets Nikhat through Prem Kumar and he becomes a good friend of Nikhat . She slowly becomes a superstar and Prem goes on to marry an another girl who is selected by his parents . Due to this Nikhat gets sad and she slowly slowly gets attracted towards Zafar . When Prem comes to know about Zafar & Nikhat's affair , he tries to remove both Zafar and Nikhat from his next film but instead of them the Director removes Prem Kumar and signs a new actor . Then Nikhat becomes the biggest superstar and Zafar decides to Direct a film which revolves around his relationship with his father . He writes this story for Nikhat but she refuses to act in his film because she already gives a commitment to other films . Then , due to this differences start to creep in their relationship .

Zafar completes the film with Ratanbala and it bombs and he gets destroyed . He leaves the industry & Nikhat and goes to London . Nikhat being alone developes a drinking habit and also starts to fall from her star status . She lives with Shaymol and slowly becomes quite ill . Then after many years Zafar comes back from London and when he sees Nikhat he realizes his mistake . He writes another script which is based on their own lives and goes on to make it . Nikhat in spite of being ill works hard in his film and later the film goes on to be a success . Both Nikhat and Zafar marry each other but she dies soon and their movie " Khoya Khoya Chaand " becomes a classic film of all time.

Now talking about the acting , Soha Ali Khan is brilliant in her role as Nikhat . She perfectly portrays the Innocence perfectly in the starting of her career as an actress and later gets mature . She really fits in perfectly for Nikhat's role and performs her best . Her character is inspired by Meena Kumari and she matches the elegance of the great actress . Shiney is an amazing actor . He also plays Zafar really well and delivers his goods very well . Zafar is also inspired by Guru Dutt to some extent and he also plays it relly well . The other actors including Rajat Kapoor also act brilliantly and fit their roles.

The cinematography by Sachin Kumar Krishnan is also top notch . It does moves you into the 50's era and gives you a detailed look of the industry at that time .The story is slow in its pace but movies like this are always a bit slow . Sudhir knows his job very well and he delivers his best . He really shows the complexity of relationships very well .
The music is also according to the movie and really keeps the film going .

Overall the movie is about the complex nature of relationships that exist between different people working in same industry . The movie revolves around Passionate and Ambitious characters who live simultaneous lives at a time to get successful . The movie won't be able to attract good Box Office numbers because of its selected audience and it is not for people who expect entertainment and happiness from each film that is made . This movie has its moments and will stand high on critics list .

Movie Rating : The movie gets Three out of Five for fantastic acting and Direction .

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