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Delhi 6 --- Movie Review

"It Happens only in India" , well this is the line that Govinda proudly danced to in some song in the Nineties but it is this same line that can very well make you feel ashamed if you can understand the sarcasm behind it . Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is one film maker who has never feared of experimenting and now he is back with his latest experiment , Delhi 6 , which again has a social message wrapped around all the entertainment . His last film created quite a stir and he suddenly shot into fame for his distinct style of film-making . This film is probably the closest to his heart because he explores Delhi in this film where he has grown up .

Delhi 6 basically has a simple story but what makes it special is the treatment and also its characters . Every and I mean every character of the film represents a different shade of our society and has a story of its own to tell . Looking a little deep into the characters one can find that every character deals with something which is directly or indirectly connected to our society . Right from the kids to the grandma and from a sweeper to a NRI , every one of them represent some or the other reality of our society . These characters are very real and can be found anywhere in a typical Indian locality . In this case Chandni Chowk is that locality which in a way represents the overall Indian society . Rakesh has very well picked up a real life instance that took place in Delhi around 2001 and using that he has shown a mirror to our society . The real life incidence is that of the Monkey Man that haunted the streets of Delhi in Night in summers of 2001 . Believe it or not it was also featured in Time magazine . Take a look here : Time

Rakesh has formed a great story using that incidence and has tried to show the biggest weakness of our society and how we need to look inwards before we look at others . This tendency of ignoring the self and blaming it on someone else is what the film focusses on . Finding a scapegoat to blame is easiest way out and this is what our society has been doing since like forever . Just like Danny Boyle came from somewhere and understood one reality of our country and portrayed it in his film , the lead character of this film , Roshan a NRI , comes to India and tries to understand one more reality of our society .

I won't talk of the story anymore and would just say that its a film that needs to be watched and needs to be discussed . The "Kaala Bandar" which represents a thousand things in the film is something that will make you think and make you laugh at the same time . Its a satire from start till end and Rakesh has clearly conveyed his thoughts through his film . I am not sure if the general audience can understand the Sarcasm in it which probably needs to understand it the most . The film thus would appeal more to the intelligent audience or the so called Multiplex audience . People expecting it to be usual entertainer would certainly be disappointed .

Rakesh has also very well used the Raam Leela sequence throughout the film to convey his message and this is not like the one in Swades . This one comes in small doses and probably leaves more impact . He needs to be applauded for using that sequence because in India people are more passionate about religion than the values associated with it . He has also very well used various other Indian practices that are followed since ages only in the name of religion and spirituality to represent the Hollowness ("Khoklapan") of our society .

Coming to performances , all the actors have been perfectly casted and each one of them gives in a stellar performance . Abhishek after a long time has done a meaningful film and has impressed throughout . His portrayal of a NRI trying to understand the Real India is praiseworthy . Sonam also very well portrays the middle class girl who dreams big . Sadly she has a small part in the film and most of it has been shown in the trailers itself . Still , she acts well and makes her presence felt among the other good actors like Om Puri , Roshi Kapoor , Atul Kulkarni , Vijay Raaz , Pavan Malhotra,Waheeda Rehman , etc. . Two of the performances that surprised me were that of Mamdu , a Jalebi seller , played by Deepak Dobriyal and that of the sweeper which has been played by Divya Dutta . Rishi Kapoor is getting good roles these days and his part though a small one is still good . Every other actor has performed as expected and one which stood out was that of Vijay Raaz's portrayal of a typical policeman .

The music of the film is also an integral part of the film and Rehman's music does its job . Without his music the film would have been a little difficult to digest . The writers of the film have done a pretty good job and the film moves at a fine pace . The special effects in the picturisation of "Dil Mera Gira Dafatan" are good and worth mentioning . The song has a very nice concept and the special effects add a whole new dimension to it . The cinematography by Binod Pradhan is also great and he shows the real Delhi in a real way . The background score by Rehman is also good and some of the stunts featuring Abhishek were also good .

Overall , the film is one of its kind and it holds a mirror to our society which needs a change that has to come from within each of us . Rakesh has made a brave attempt by making this film and he needs to complimented for it . The producers UTV and whole of the cast also needs to be applauded for supporting such a fine film . Watch it and try to find the Kaala Bandar within .

Film Rating : Four out of Five ; a film depicting our society in its most real form .

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