Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kaminey Trailer --- Fu**in Awefome

Its been a long time since I have seen a crazy comedy and looks like this fummer my wish will come true through Kaminey . If you have not watched the trailer , watch it ASAP before someone else spoils the sun , oh I mean fun . After watching the trailer the one line that came to my mind was "Isko kehte hai Trailer" . I just loved the whole of it . Whether it was the music , Dhan Tadan Tan , or the look of the various characters , everything is so damn "sunny" . Just loved the way Piggy Chops said "to kya Rape kiya meine tumhara" . Watched the trailer so many times but her dialogue still makes me laugh . And who thought Amol Gupte could act . He is Bhope Bhau and certainly looking like one . All the names of characters are also quite unique and funny sounding , Charlie , Guddu , Sweetie , Mikhael , Lobo , Lele and Tashi .

The tag line of the film "Difcover your Mean Fide" is also quite funny and I just loved the way they changed every S into F . Now that the trailer has raised the expectations , I hope Vifhal Bhardwaj delivers the Goodf . Shahid and Priyanka are looking great and looks like they are going to blaze the screen with their chemiftry .

Can't wait for the film now and again its UTV and Ronnie Fcrewwala :) who is the producer of what looks like an another good film . Ronnie has the best in his kitty and looks like Yashraj need to learn something from him .


  1. I am a bit late to read the blog but yes awesome awesome...can't wait. btw, loved your review on kaminey's music, read it on PFC

  2. Hey Anonymous ..thanx a lot ..why didn't u leave a comment over there on PFC ?? Well I've posted the review here too ..plz leave a comment along with a name this tim [:)]...cheers!! n best of luck ;)


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